Rumored Mike Cernovich, Laura Loomer Sex Tape Alleged to be Released Soon

OMG! Watch Laura Loomer hitting on an Aryan guy who’s uncomfortable as hell with her attention. It really defines Jewish chutzpah.

First, I don’t believe that there is a Cernovich sex tape with Laura Loomer because I don’t believe the two of them had sex.

Second, if there is a tape … yawn!

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Trump Brags, the Alt-Right Gags

Michael Savage puts it this way: Trump bombed his base. It’s the biggest mistake of his administration. I’m watching Savage live now.

Trump bragged about abandoning his America First platform, putting the (((globalists))) first.

Mission Accomplished? Like Shrub:

OK, none of the coalition personnel were killed or injured, so there’s an element of success–a small one.

The Hill

Prominent supporters of President Trump are expressing skepticism over his decision to launch airstrikes against Syria, slamming the move as overly aggressive and unnecessary.

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New Leader of Democrat Party Stormy Daniels Describes Embarrassing Trump Whore Hole Encounter on 60 Minutes


Porn prostie Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, described her alleged sexual relationship with the POTUS in a much awaited interview tonight on CBS.

Since I don’t have TV, I haven’t watched, but I am reading the immediate reactions on various websites.

Link to full transcript at the Daily Mail.

What’s the Gorilla Mindset have to say?

Cernovich is doing a poll on the scandal and it’s effect on the public. Vote if you’re logged in to Twitter. If you’re not in Twitter, at this point the results show 68% unchanged and most of the rest just wanting to see the results.

Which vindicates Bill Mitchell, Trump loyalist.

That 10-second mp4 above is at the top of the Daily Mail’s homepage tonight. The tabloid is giving the interview top billing.

Short excerpt from the Daily Mail

Stormy Daniels says she had unprotected sex with Donald Trump and spanked him with a magazine that had his face on the cover, even though she wasn’t physically attracted to him.

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Repulsive Daily Beast Doxes Conservative Jew Pamela Geller’s Children, Now They’ve Been Fired


The girls’ lives have also been put in danger. Pam Geller is an outspoken critic of Islam. Now the Muzzies know where to find her children and kill them.

No matter what you’re feelings about Jews, including conservative Jews, the absolute hatefulness that darkens the hearts of liberals is on full display in this story.

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Publishing Platform Medium Bans Cernovich, Posobiec, and Loomer



Several days ago I saw a Tweet from Mike Cernovich in which he claims he is suing Medium for banning his articles from the site. Cerno is suing on the grounds of viewpoint discrimination, which may be against California law.

None of the banned people are “extremists” (whatever that means). They’re just alt-light, not on board with open borders.

The alt-right calls them the “merchant right,” because they have something to sell. Alex Jones is also merchant right, and he’s in danger of being banned by youtube, a story featured prominently today on the Drudge Report.

The Hill

The online publishing platform Medium has suspended the accounts of prominent far-right figures Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer.

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Mission 2018: Destroy the Merchant Right

In the last few months the term “Merchant Right” has come into vogue among the alt-right.

The first Tweet using the #MerchantRight hashtag is dated August 5, 2017, but the next Tweet with that hastag wasn’t published until October 22. Since then, there’s been a steady use of the hashtag.

The problem with the people on the MerchantRight is that they suck up our energy and deflect attention away from racial issues, including the Jewish Question.

The MerchantRight is explained concisely in this Tweet:

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Cernovich: Advertisers Demand that Youtube Do Something About Its Pedophile Problem


Alt-light Twitter celebrity Mike Cernovich is drawing attention to child sex predators who get their jollies via youtube, among other means.

Cernovich, like Laura Loomer, is widely mocked by the alt-right. It really is counterproductive to mock those whose positions are partly in line with ours so long as they do not try to take over our movement.

He’s obviously a self-promoter, trying to make a living as a journalist and an author. Gorilla Mindset is his claim to fame at this point in his career. It’s rather silly but not dangerous to us that I can see.

Although Cernovich has his weaknesses, he does use his influence on social media to good effect from time to time. This post reveals something that most of us would otherwise be unaware of, which is the presence on youtube of a certain type of fetish video that allegedly gives pedophiles an outlet for their expression. Cernovich

“Guess her age — She’s 9!” is the title of one video, which features an image of what appears to be an adult woman. Racking up tens-of-millions of views, the Guess Her Age genre of videos sexualizes young children.

When I brought this vile trend to YouTube’s attention, they responded: “Appreciate you sending this search term to us, we take this very seriously and have passed along the video results for review. Also, please flag any videos that violate our policies as that’s the best way to get them reviewed. Thanks!”

YouTube allowed pedophile and child abuse videos on its platform for years, and only took action once BuzzFeed ran a report on the vile content marketed to children.

YouTube censors conservatives while allowing pedophiles to run child an open ring on their platform.

For example, YouTube censored my journalistic documentary on rape culture and Sweden. My film does not contain any violence or foul language.

By age-restricting my journalism, no one is able to see it on YouTube.

Somehow YouTube found my documentary, which at the time had around 150,000 views, while not finding pedophile channels with tens-of-millions of views.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has taken note of YouTube’s policies, writing on Twitter: “YouTube’s heavy-handed censorship of political ideas will not be tolerated much longer. Such power plays give credence to the call for making YouTube a public utility.”

For its part, YouTube is claiming to take its pedophile problem seriously.

We’ll see if YouTube will monitor pedophiles with the same vigilance as they monitor conservatives.

As good liberals, youtube had to be pretty happy that the promotion of pedophilia was under the radar screen for so long. Normalization of pedophilia is one of the core values of the left. Silencing the right is another core value. I predict that youtube is going to continue to cause trouble for conservatives when it can get away with it.