“German” Muzzie Beheads Wife, 1 Year Old Daughter in Train Station


In April of this year a beheading incident in a train station took place that the German government has allegedly done its best to cover up.

The knifeman is alleged to be the nigger immigrant seen in the picture above, Mortala Mordou.

I am unable to embed the video showing the aftermath of the incident since youtube has removed it. However, you can watch by clicking here to visit Liveleak.

Abrupt Earth Changes

A one-year old baby and the mother were brutally stabed to death on the train station Jungfernstieg.

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Migrant Rescue Vessel with 200 Black Invaders Aboard Given Permission to Dock in Malta

A so-called rescue ship has docked in Malta after being forced to remain at sea for five days.

It would be more accurate to call the Lifeline a garbage scow since the material on board, plucked from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, are black as coal Africa parasites.

It’s about damn time that a “final solution” is worked out to solve the problem of black and brown invaders.


The captain of a German humanitarian ship that spent nearly a week searching for safe harbour before being allowed to bring 234 migrants rescued at sea to Malta on Wednesday declared during the odyssey: “Saving people is not a crime.”

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Hungarian Foreign Minister Shuts Down Enraged Jewess BBC Reporter Over EU Migration

My Jewdar went off when I saw the above photo of the clash between Hungary’s Foreign Minister and BBC reporter Emily Maitlis.

Confirmed! Emily Maitlis is a Jew.

Who else would lose it because Hungary wants to stay Hungarian.

Watch the Twitter video of the clash between common sense and Jewish degeneracy at the bottom of this post.

Muh Jewess gets shut down with one short sentence.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

The newly emboldened populist wave sweeping Europe has begun to clash with establishment EU “open border” advocates, as governments opposed to illegal mass migration dig their heels in and resist the influx of mostly North African migrants.

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Italy’s Salvini Vows to DEPORT 100,000 Illegal Migrants Quickly


Wishful thinking?

The press says that Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini can’t achieve his goal of deporting 100,000 illegal migrants from Africa.

That may be wishful thinking on the part of the liberal press. Or it may that Salvini has failed to reckon with the difficulties of kicking out the parasites who are bleeding Italy dry.

It’s getting interesting. We’ll keep watch and pray for Salvini’s success.

Excerpt from Yahoo

ROME (AP) — Barely a week in office, Italy’s populist interior minister lost no time in bringing home his message: His government will make good on a campaign pledge to swiftly deport 100,000 migrants from the Mediterranean nation.


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ANOTHER Migrant Rescue Ship is Stranded at Sea, as Italy and Malta Refuse Docking Privileges


It’s starting to look like the Italians have the real deal in Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. For now, he’s the alt-right’s new hero. And boy do we need a hero.

Salvini sent away Acquarius and now he’s barring the Lifeline from making port in Italy with its cargo of worthless Naggers from Africa.

Excerpt from Sky News

Just five days after the migrants aboard rescue ship Aquarius finally disembarked in Spain, another rescue boat is at sea with nowhere to dock.

Malta and Italy have both refused to take in Lifeline, which is carrying more than 200 rescued migrants.

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The Final 48 Hours of Merkel?

The wicked witch of the West must go.

All we in the States can do is keep an eye on Germany and hope that a savior emerges when (and if) Angela Merkel is sent into retirement.


The era of Angela Merkel may be coming to an end as longstanding disagreements on migration policies between her and her Bavarian allies threaten to come to a head and potentially unseat the German leader, who has been at the country’s helm since 2005.

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“Axis of the Willing:” Three European Countries Unite to Defy Merkle’s Open Door Policies


Angela Merkel’s open invitation to invasion by Muslim scum from across the Middle East is being attacked from within her own government and by a new breed of European leader who says he’s committed to keep Europe for Europeans.

The three politicians from Germany, Italy, and Austria who have formed an alliance to impede illegal immigration call their partnership the “axis”, evoking memories of Hitler’s axis (Germany, Italy, and Japan). Deliberately provocative? I hope so.

Daily Mail

The hardline interior ministers of Austria, Germany and Italy have formed an ‘axis of the willing’ to combat illegal immigration, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Wednesday, escalating a Europe-wide row over the issue.

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