Governor: Louisiana Won’t Do Business with Companies that Boycott Israel


Israel can murder people at will and still be supported by politicians (Israeli stooges) in Louisiana.

In what is hopefully an unconstitutional executive order, Governor John Bel Edwards is cutting off businesses who in good conscience believe that Israel should be boycotted.

The power of the Jew in American politics is exposed once again.


Gov. John Bel Edwards issued an executive order Tuesday night (May 22) prohibiting Louisiana state government from doing business with companies that boycott Israel.

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Trump Goes Soft on Muslims

Donald Trump is a bullsh*tter. We knew that. We loved his politically incorrect words during the 2016 campaign.

However, Tuesday’s message of praise for Muslims in America was not a happy moment for the base.

Actions speak louder than words, so we’ll have to see what happens next.

The Hill

President Trump on Tuesday wished Muslims observing Ramadan a “blessed month,” and praised the holiday as a reminder of “the richness Muslims add to the religious tapestry of American life.”

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Marvel Says Muslim Superhero Film is on Their Agenda

Marvel’s effort to produce pro-muzzie poopaganda may not make the muzzies happy at all since Ms. Marvel is a female muzzie superhero.

That would be an insult to muzzie manhood, wouldn’t it? Will she change out of her burka into her superhero suit in a flash? It’ll probably be OK so long as Ms. Marvel is beating and killing white Christians (and maybe a Jew or two).


Marvel have a new film “in the works” in the shape of Muslim superhero Ms Marvel.

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CBS News Poll: Americans Love Israel, but Split on Trump’s Policies Toward the Jewish State

Conservatives and white evangelicals especially love Trump sucking up to Bibi.

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Jews Mass Murder Protesting Palestinians Over U.S. Embassy Opening in Jerusalem


Imagine the howls of protest if American troops killed dozens of Mexicans and wounded hundreds more, firing across the border into Mexico.

Or how about imagining American troops doing the same at the border with Canada.

Germans, Hungarians, Poles, etc. doing what Israeli forces have done would result in a huge crisis and a change of government. Trump would immediately be impeached unanimously if the Americans wiped out Mexicans.

Excerpt from NBC News

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — At least 52 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces and almost 1,960 others were wounded Monday after thousands of protesters converged on the razor-wire fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel as the U.S. Embassy opened in Jerusalem.

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Criticizing Israel is Now Hate Speech as Result of New South Carolina Law

South Carolina has given the world the despicable Senator Lindsey Graham and the vile UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

What’s wrong with South Carolina?

The love of Jews expressed by the SC legislature has taken an anti-American, Israel First, turn. Criticizing Israel is now a crime. Shills for Israel Graham and Haley are jumping with joy.

Excerpt from UNZ

I have a number of times discussed how the U.S. and other governments have legislated and otherwise promoted Jewish and Israeli interests in ways that most people would find unacceptable if they were aware of what exactly has been going on. Here in the United States, special Medicare coverage and immigration status have been granted, often concealed in other legislation, to benefit holocaust survivors and Russian Jews seeking to emigrate. State legislatures and the U.S. Congress have meanwhile been working hard to pass legislation that blocks and even criminalizes the non-violent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) protests against Israeli behavior while universities have been banning anti-Israel demonstrators and groups on campus because they apparently are offensive to the sensitivities of some Jewish students.

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Trump Pulls Out of Iran Deal as Liberals Go All Out with Scare Tactics

The leftist narrative on Twitter is going great guns.

Trump is an evil bastard who is canceling the Iran deal, negotiated by the brilliant and charming Barack Obama and John Kerry.

War is now guaranteed and oh by the way, gas prices will go up too.

Since studies have shown that 90 percent of Trump’s press coverage is negative, it doesn’t matter much which news organization we look at. They’re going to be at it all day and longer in predicting dire consequences for Trump’s bold move.

The Chicago Trib, for your reading enjoyment.

Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday the U.S. will pull out of the landmark nuclear accord with Iran, dealing a profound blow to U.S. allies and potentially deepening the president’s isolation on the world stage.

“Today, we have definitive proof that this Iranian promise was a lie,” Trump said in a televised address. “The fact is, this was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. It didn’t bring calm. It didn’t bring peace, and it never will.”

“The United States does not make empty threats,” he said.

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