Interview: Microchip Decides to Take the Reins of Leadership of the Alt-Right


Have we found a leader?

I’m not sure how seriously to take this interview.

Excerpt from Anime Right News

The right is desperately looking for direction. They’re in luck, after a few days of soul searching Microchip has decided he is uniquely available to undertake this task.

I sat down this morning to discuss the journey through his transformation and his plans to start winning.

The Change Of Heart
AnimeRightNews: Micro in the past you have always refused to be a leader. Why are you willing to lead now?

Micro: Before I’m formally doxed, I want to come out in part to begin building a coalition so we can move past this mess and help Trump win in 2020.

AnimeRightNews: Was there a specific event that drove this decision?

Micro: Not specifically, the right has no focus. We have people doxing each other, following magical phantoms off a cliff, and hanging on the every word of date rapists and stupid motherfuckers who fuck their stepmother.

The latter is a reference to Matt Heimbach, as you should recall. The doxing refers to Paul Nehlen and Chris Cantwell doxing Rickey Vaughn.

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“White Lives Matter” Called Racist by Parents and School (Video)

A TV news station reports on the horrible racist slur “White Lives Matter.” There is a also a blurred (by the station) final word that may be “Nigger.”

Most people believe that a black hoaxer wrote the message you’ll see in the video.

As usual, the dumb whites never consider the possibility that there’s a hoax going on. Pathetic!w

A little over one minute. Posted by Microchip.

Read comments at Reddit.

More discussion at 4 chan

Rawstory Profiles Microchip: How an anti-trans, anti-immigrant troll built a pro-Trump Twitter army by duping ‘moron’ baby boomers

This puff piece on Microchip explains how the Trump Train rolled to victory last year with the help of Twitter’s group message feature.

This year, Microchip’s project is to turn Speaker of the House Paul Ryan out of office in favor of someone pro-Trump. I’ll keep you posted on tactics and strategies as they unfold. The Tweets at the bottom of this post sketch the outlines of the strategy.

Microchip’s White House petition to have the Antifa declared a terrorist group has already totally switched the narrative by deflecting attention away from alt-right violence (Nazis, tiki torches, etc.) to Antifa terrorist activities.


Trump supporters have seized upon one of Twitter’s little-used features to create a propaganda-pushing machine, but they were coached by a user who calls himself a “liberal” who thinks “most conservatives are morons.”

Politico said on Wednesday that the “group message” feature — which Twitter rolled out in January of 2015 — has enabled President Donald Trump’s small but vocal group of supporters to synchronize their message and strategically amplify the White House’s talking points on any given day.

One user — identified only as “Microchip” — was an early mover in optimizing Twitter rooms and gaming the site’s algorithms using a combination of bots and “retweet accounts.” He is actually not a typical right-wing conservative — he calls himself an “atheist liberal” — but saw a chance to mobilize Trump’s “moron” followers.

Microchip has been repeatedly banned from Twitter and from many of the rooms he helped promulgate for his “wild claims” and anti-Semitic remarks, but since November 2015, he has been remarkably successful at getting Trump supporters to retweet his content.

“Conservatives are generally morons,” he told Politico. “It’s like herding cats.”

A “die-hard” user of pro-Trump news quoted Microchip as saying, “You know how I know they’re spreading lies? Because I do the same thing, it’s fake news and spin.”

Trump’s social media army — aided by Russian propaganda bots — enables the embattled president’s fans to carry out attacks on public figures who cross the president, giving him a unique kind of clout.

“Other political leaders fear his ability to shape the news cycle and flog his critics before millions of voters who may not receive news from any other source,” wrote Politico’s Shawn Musgrave.

Analysts and media-watchers have been baffled for months as to how Trump’s angry online army seemed to pivot and maneuver on cue, which led to the discovery of the first automated phony accounts retweeting and reinforcing articles praising the president.

“My hypothesis was always that these accounts were organizing somewhere,” said data scientist Gilad Lotan to Politico. “They were clearly organizing in some private space. It makes so much sense that it’s within Twitter.”

It’s difficult, Lotan explained, to determine the overall size and reach of these private “rooms” — and users like it that way.

“As Trump’s presidency barrels forward, this network continues to evolve and even splinter. But its infrastructure, largely invisible, remains a powerful tool for the administration and its supporters to broadcast their messages and help dictate media coverage,” Musgrave said.

With names like “Trump Train” and “Patriots United,” many of the groups are invitation-only and include a wide range of slogan-chanting, Make America Great Again hat-wearing Trump supporters, from midwestern housewives to Florida businessmen.

“When he Salutes you…He means it. I never seen a President as Patriotic as Donald J. Trump! We Love him! I stand with my President!” wrote user “Debbie” in one tweet that fellow group members retweeted thousands of times after it was posted in a group called “Trumps WarRoom.”

Microchip told Politico that the types of memes and disinformation he spreads would previously be relegated to sites like 4chan, but given that he needed to net a number of older users, Twitter proved to be the optimal venue because “the boomers will not go to 4chan,” Lotan said.

“Most of this is contrived to force outrage and trigger new MSM journos to cover shit because they buy the meme,” Microchip said. “They should have already figured this out and stopped covering us.”

CNN Reporter Told Off by Hysterical Houston Negress (Twitter Video)

Hahahahaha. Nice job CNN. #fakenews

LOL! @AnonFuckTrump Thinks I’m Microchip

To AnonFuckTrump: My real name is Marlin Bagfrump. I’m 17 and I live in Rapid City, South Dakota. Everyone knows me. Just ask around.

I look nothing like Microchip. This is me:

Since I’m self-doxxing, might as well show you my girlfriend too. I love her very much:

I’m a nice guy. I live in Mom’s basement. I let my friends come over and use my computer to fap to Internet porn:

I’m such a richly complex person. There’s so much more to tell, but I have to get to work now.

White House Antifa Petition Explained by Microchip in Nice Politico Writeup

The alt-right Internet saboteur who calls himself Microchip was interviewed by a Politico reporter recently. The outcome of that interview was the article that is the focus of this post.

The true identity of Microchip is not known. For an anonymous Tweeter to shift the national conversation from “Nazi” violence in Charlottesville to Antifa terrorist activity in a week is a remarkable accomplishment.

Here Microchip explains what he’s doing and the basics of how we can win via smart thinking.


A popular online petition to designate as domestic terrorists leftists known collectively as the “antifa” was written by a well-known pro-Trump troll. The petition gathered enough signatures this week to require a response from the White House.

The petition asks the Pentagon to designate antifa groups — the term is short for anti-fascists, including some of the leftists who confronted white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, Virginia — as terrorists, “just as they rightfully declared ISIS a terror group.” It was posted last week to the “We The People” website, a forum that allows anyone to submit and vote on petitions, with the goal of proposing homespun policies to the White House.

The petition’s viral dissemination on social media is a tactic aimed at focusing conservatives on a common enemy, the petition’s writer, who goes by the moniker “Microchip,” told POLITICO.

Even if the petition fails to yield policy changes — the most likely outcome, Microchip himself predicts, since the Pentagon does not designate terror groups — he said the submission has already done its job: help shift the narrative toward decrying “leftist violence” and galvanize conservatives.

The last time I checked the petition was around 300,000 signatures and had garnered third place among all-time most signatures on a White House petition.

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Breaking! White House Petition to Have Antifa Declared a Terrorist Group Hits Required Threshold

Kudos to Microchip, who created the petition urging the government to declare the Antifa a terrorist organization. With the required 100,000 signatures, the government MUST respond.

Mitt Romney, John McCain, et. al. will be taken down when they defend the Antifa as social justice warriors.

The (((Deep State))) has wanted the Antifa to thrive to shut us down. We just called them on it. And don’t forget that it was Obama who started the White House petitions. This is going to come back and haunt him.

The Antifa were established to hurry along the campaign of white extermination in America. As Microchip advises, keep signing the petition. Make it so big that they MUST declare the Antifa a terrorist group.