California Senate Leader: Trump Immigration Crackdown ‘Based on Principles of White Supremacy’


A big shot beaner lectures the President of the United States on American values.


His kind are soon to be thrown upon the scrap heap of history. Culturally speaking, he would be a better fit with Mexico than with the USA.


California senate leader Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) has claimed that the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement crackdown is based on the “principles of white supremacy,” after the federal government threatened to withhold $20 million in criminal justice grants from the state of California.

“It has become abundantly clear that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration are basing their law enforcement policies on principles of white supremacy — not American values,” de León said in a statement. “Their constant and systematic targeting of diverse cities and states goes beyond constitutional norms and will be challenged at every level.”

Sen. de León’s comments come after the Department of Justice warned the state of California that it could lose $20 million in criminal justice grants should it fail to enforce policies under the new administration’s immigration crackdown.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly warned localities protecting illegals from deportation, known as “sanctuary cities,” that they risk losing federal funding should they fail to comply with federal immigration law. The administration is also publishing a weekly list of crimes committed by illegal aliens residing in sanctuary cities.

On a visit to the southern border on Friday, Sessions described de León’s claim as “kind of extremist statement that I totally reject,” urging jurisdictions such as California and New York to “reconsider” their position.

Meanwhile, Californian Assemblyman James Gallagher (R-Yuba) ridiculed it as a “ridiculous statement.”

“Nobody here is talking about the state becoming an immigration agency or doing ICE’s job for them. It’s about whether you comply with federal law,” Gallagher told The LA Times.

In February this year, de León revealed that “half [his] family are here illegally” under false documents and would be eligible for deportation under government policy. He then went on to push legislation making California a “Sanctuary State,” which prohibits state law enforcement agencies in California from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

Now that we know that de Leon’s family members are illegals, let’s get on the ball and deport them all.

750 Illegals Detained by ICE Go on Hunger Strike to Pressure Trump

In a gesture of goodwill toward their Norte Americano amigos, prisoners at an ICE detention facility in Seattle, Washington have decided to stop eating.

“We want to save zee taxpayers heez money,” said an inmate who identified himself as Juan.

Juan has also made an offer to Los Estados Unidos that few would refuse. He has promised that if released from prison that he will come to the homes of American citizens at 6 A.M. every morning for the next year, armed with his leafblower. Juan promises Americans a leaf-free future to show his love and loyalty to America.

Meanwhile, he promises not to eat a bite.

Let’s hear it for Juan in a million and his generosity.

Daily Beast

A massive hunger strike at the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma, Washington, entered its fifth day on Friday, with more than 750 immigrants detained at the facility joining the effort.

The detainees are demanding an improvement in quality of food, clarity and speed in their immigration proceedings, improved access to medical care, and the lowering of commissary prices.

The strike began at noon on Monday, when one hundred prisoners refused to eat their lunches. Maru Mora Villalpando, a spokeswoman for the activist coalition NWDC Resistance, told The Daily Beast that the current climate is the worst since President Donald Trump was elected.

Trump has announced stringent deportation policies and actions since his inauguration, including one national raid at the end of March that detained 367 undocumented immigrants in five separate operations, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal agency in charge of border security.

The Tacoma facility currently holds more than 1,400 immigrant detainees—almost at full capacity—all held under varying charges.

Although exact figures are unknown, one prisoner told The Daily Beast that the majority of inmates had no criminal record and were instead detained as a result of expired visas or illegally entering the country.

ICE would not confirm exact numbers regarding the NWDC’s current population.

Detainees in the facility receive only $1 per day for cleaning, cooking, and operationally running the prison. Strikers called for more in a letter that was circulated throughout NWDC prior to the strike, as well as demands that included expedited hearings, improvements to food and medical care, and price cuts to the commissary, where the cost of some items recently doubled.

One detainee, only identified as Christian, spoke to NWDC activists in a recording for their blog on Monday.

“The food they serve, they serve beans and rice seven days a week, three times a day,” Christian, who is about to turn 26, said in a conversation from inside the facility. “Commissary is very expensive and my family always gives us a little bit of money, and sometimes… spends hundreds of dollars.”

The following day, Christian was one of several detainees who were transported from NWDC in a two-bus transport to be deported to Mexico, according to Villalpando.

Even as more immigrants are deported, the facility’s population continues to grow, as indicated by a Facebook video posted by NWDC Resistance showing buses entering the prison grounds.

According to posts on the same Facebook page, another hunger striker, Johnathan Guzman, said “I am doing the hunger strike not just for me but for everyone out there in the future.”

Mestizo Boxer Makes Pathetic Effort to Taunt Trump


In a show of strong racial solidarity, Mexicans in my location (San Antonio, Tx) follow every move made by Oscar de la Hoya, both in the ring and out of the ring. He’s a real hero to the Texican. He was in the local paper all the time when I subscribed.

Wikipedia offers an outline of his less than exemplary life. For sure, he’s NOT a Mexican Tim Tebow, but a bad boy, born in Los Angeles while holding dual American and Mexican citizenship. Like most Mestizo males, he has a taste for white meat, having had a kid with Shanna Moakler. He has plenty more offspring, fathered with a variety of women fame whores.

His latest insult hurled at Senor Trump is truly not grounded in reality and is quite childish.

New York Times

President Trump has long been known as a boxing fan. But a former world champion is using an ad to promote a coming fight to taunt the commander in chief over his proposal to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

Oscar De La Hoya, who won titles in several weight classes, is broadcasting an ad to promote a Cinco de Mayo weekend match between boxers of Mexican descent, Saúl Álvarez and Julio César Chávez Jr. The spot, being shown on DirecTV and Dish Network, shows both men barreling through a concrete wall.

“The idea of a wall was a direct hit to Donald Trump,” De La Hoya said in a telephone interview, “obviously, given what’s taking place, and given the comments that Trump has made had really impacted many people and have rubbed many people the wrong way.”

He added: “This is letting him know that not every Mexican is what he’s stated they are. Mexicans are hard workers.”

De La Hoya is among the most prominent Mexican-Americans to denounce the president’s comments about immigration and his proposal to erect a wall to prevent Mexicans from entering the United States illegally.

It is another instance of Mr. Trump’s political statements filtering into popular and sports culture. Mr. Trump began his presidential campaign in June 2015 with a speech in which he described Mexican immigrants as bringing “in crime, they’re rapists,” before adding that some, he assumed, are good people.

Yet boxing is a cultural milieu that Mr. Trump knows well. A former casino owner in Atlantic City, he has attended bouts and was even invited by De La Hoya to a Cinco de Mayo match last year.

But around that same time, De La Hoya suggested that Mr. Trump cheated at golf, and there has been a rift between the men since. “He said, ‘I would love to go,’ and he was actually ready to attend the fight, but then a few minutes later some comments that I made about him cheating in golf came out,” the boxer said.

Early last May, De La Hoya said he would vote for a candidate who did not cheat at golf. Mr. Trump, who owns several golf courses, took the slight angrily, and denied he had ever golfed with the boxer.

A video later emerged of De La Hoya watching Mr. Trump at a promotional golf event in 2010.

The White House declined to respond to an email seeking comment.

Be aware there’s a soft paywall at the New York Times. After you’ve read your ten free articles a month, you are required to pay for access. Like most hard news stories, this one is being covered at other sites if you run into the paywall.

Wetback Posing as a Doctor Pleads Guilty After Performing Dozens of Surgeries


Carlos shouldn’t be trusted to wield a leaf blower much less a surgeon’s scalpel.

CBS News

DENVER — A surgical assistant posing as a cosmetic surgeon in Colorado pleaded guilty to felony charges in court Friday, CBS Denver reports.

Carlos Hernandez Fernandez, 37, pleaded guilty to second degree assault and criminal impersonation — both felony charges — along with unauthorized practice of physician, a misdemeanor.

Hernandez Fernandez was arrested in August 2016 and accused of impersonating a doctor and performing procedures on unsuspecting women.

“This was a man who was holding himself up to be a licensed doctor and he wasn’t, and he was performing surgery and procedures without a license,” Lynn Kimbrough with the Denver district attorney’s office said at the time of his arrest. Kimbrough said at least four women had “suffered serious bodily injury because of the procedures.”

In a plea deal with prosecutors, Hernandez Fernandez agreed to pay approximately $175,000 in restitution to the dozens of victims on whom he illegally operated.

The charges to which he pleaded guilty were just three of the 126 counts with which he had been charged. Prosecutors will dismiss the remaining counts.

“No comment,” Hernandez Fernandez said to a reporter in Spanish as he walked out of the courtroom after his plea hearing.

The fake doctor will return to court in June when a judge will decide how much prison time to hand down.

Under his plea agreement, Hernandez Fernandez faces a maximum prison sentence of six years, followed by three years of parole upon his release.

A sentencing hearing scheduled for June 2 is also the deadline by which Hernandez Fernandez must pay the court-ordered restitution to be split among his 37 known victims.

“I think it is a small amount,” said Antonio Lucero, one victim’s attorney, of the restitution amount. “But it also has to be tempered by the fact that he may be going to prison, and it’s better to get something than nothing.”

Lucero represents one of the victims who underwent a cosmetic procedure at Hernandez Fernandez’s clinic prior to his August arrest. Since then, the clinic had been shut down.

Some of the victims have ongoing medical costs from the damage caused by the fake doctor’s scalpel, Lucero said.

“When they found out he was not a doctor, many of them felt violated,” Lucero added.

His client previously told CBS Denver about her painful experience with the mini tummy tuck that Hernandez Fernandez performed without anesthesia.

Through Lucero as an interpreter, the victim said that the lesson learned was to investigate surgeons’ credentials prior to moving forward with cosmetic surgery.

It looks like Carlos is a Mexican-American rather than a Mexican-Mexican. Too bad. He can’t be deported unless we change our laws to allow deportation to ancestral homelands.

Incest and Murder Follow Mexicans Wherever They Go


Mexicans are winning the demographic war. That’s why if you live near them, you see so many pregnant 13 to 15 year olds. By the time they’re 18 they sometimes have three rug rats. Of course, these family values often don’t include marriage.

New York Post

A pregnant Texas teenager who was killed last month by her step-father – who was also the baby’s father – was fewer than two weeks away from giving birth to their second child together, reports said.

Recently released police documents revealed that the unborn baby of 15-year-old Jennifer Delgado still had a pulse when first responders arrived at the San Antonio, Texas, home she shared with her step-father Armando Garcia-Ramires, a 36-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico, the San Antonio Express News reported.

According to police, the teenager had revealed to her biological mother that Garcia-Ramires was the father of her unborn child and her 1-year-old baby boy. The man had impregnated the 15-year-old about a month after ICE agents released him from custody for the second time.

The mother, who has not be identified, apparently did not go to police with the news.

Police said that on March 6, Garcia-Ramires called his ex-wife so they could meet so he would give her some money that they had been arguing about.

The two met at a creek near her apartment, after he allegedly threatened to kill himself. He allegedly told the woman that “he could not live without her” and then shot himself.

Garcia-Ramires was taken to University Hospital with a gunshot wound to his chin.

Police said they checked in on Delgado after they were informed of the incestuous relationship. When they arrived at her mother’s apartment, first responders found the teen’s body with her 1-year-old child sitting next to her.

Garcia-Ramires allegedly shot her at least four times in the head and once in the chest, police said.

Delgado was reportedly taken to the hospital for an emergency C-section, but the child could not be saved.

Garcia-Ramires has been charged with two counts of capital murder.

According to the Washington Times, Garcia-Ramires was allowed to stay in the U.S. following two arrests by immigration agency, most recently in April 2015 after he allegedly attempted to smuggle five illegal immigrants into the US.

Between America’s Muslims pushing for child marriage and incest and Mexicans doing the same, we’re going to be blitzed with appeals for tolerance and understanding of other cultures. Legalized adult-child sex is just around the corner, under the same guise that sold most Americans on sodomite marriage: Love Wins.

Mexicans Boycott Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream Over “Racist” Rep. Steve King Donations

Iowa State Daily

Based off monetary contributions to Iowa Rep. Steve King, a national Hispanic organization is calling on all grocery stores to stop selling Wells Blue Bunny products.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), in a press release Wednesday, cited nearly $34,500 in contributions to King from the Wells family.

In 2016, nearly $11,000 was contributed to King from Wells Enterprises, Inc. President and CEO Michael Wells, along with additional donations from other Wells family members.

“LULAC condemns Congressman King’s recent racists remarks saying, ‘civilizations can’t be restored with somebody else’s babies’ and predictions of a ‘looming race war between blacks and Hispanics,'” the release stated.


That Steve King Tweet also drew national attention to Ayla, Wife with a Purpose, when she Tweeted this:

In early March, King faced backlash after he tweeted, “Wilders [a right-wing prime minister candidate] understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Several top Iowa leaders condemned King for his remarks, including Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, who said during one of his weekly news conferences, “I disagree with what Steve King had to say.

“We all know that … from time to time, he just says things that we just don’t agree with, and we have always been honest about that. We have worked with him on a lot of things, and some of the things we just think are wrong and we disagree with it.”

A petition was started almost immediately after King’s remarks in March by a woman from Boone, Iowa, asking that top companies such as Wells Blue Bunny, AT&T, American Podiatric Association, College Loan Corp and the American Bankers Association stop funding King.

The petition currently has 1,842 supporters.

On the LULAC boycott, the organization is asking that in addition to ceasing sales on Blue Bunny products, grocery stores also remove the product form their shelves.

“We are going to boycott Wells Blue Bunny until the President Michael Wells and his family decide not to support Congressman Steve King and his hateful rhetoric,” Joe Enriquez Henry, LULAC national vice president in the Midwest region, said.

King is currently the U.S. representative for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District – a position he has held since 2013. He previously held the same role in office for Iowa’s 5th Congressional District since 2003.

Texas Homeowner Thwarts Wetback Burglar in a Brutal Way


You have to assume any burglar is armed. Kevin Mitchell Gonzales, pictured above, was carrying a gun when he broke into a Longview, Texas home.

The unidentified homeowner in this case was forced to wrestle the gun away from Gonzales. As you can see it took a little convincing to get Senor Burglar to give up his weapon.


A Longview homeowner was able to stop a would-be armed burglar by getting control of his gun and holding him until police arrived.

Kevin Mitchell Gonzales, 28, was arrested this week after police say he tried Monday night to enter the garage of a residence in the 800 block of Spring Street in Longview without permission.

Gonzales and the homeowner began fighting, according to police, and Gonzlaes fired one round from a pistol during the scuffle.

The homeowner was able to get the gun away from Gonzales, police said, and hold him until officers arrived.

Police arrested Gonzales, who was found to have 18 prescription pills in a plastic bag in his pants pocket. He was held on criminal trespass and possession charges and later released on bond.

The homeowner was not injured.

The incident happened on the same street where one person was injured in a drive-by shooting this past weekend.

Officers were dispatched at 10:07 p.m. Saturday to the reported shooting in the 900 block of Spring Street, according to police.

When officers arrived, they were told a vehicle and driven past a residence and fired several rounds from the vehicle.

One person was struck by a bullet and taken to Good Shepherd Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries.

No one has been arrested in connection with that shooting.

Senor Burglar fired the gun before the homeowner took it away. A case could be made that shooting Gonzales was justified. As it is, where’s his right ear? Did he lose it in the fight?

The homeowner in this incident could be black, Mexican, or white. There’s no racism involved in wrestling a gun away from anyone who is threatening you, whether inside your home or outside.