Caravan Mestizos Ignore Trump Warnings and Head for Border

Every person on earth does not have the right to reside in the United States of America, even though globalists would like you to think they do.

The problem is that those (((globalists))) have implanted a desire among browns to live in America–at the expense of the American taxpayers.

And so they come, while a puppet judge rules that they have “rights.”

The low IQ mestizo may yet outwit the best minds trying to keep them out. “Muh ninos” are the propagandists weapon of choice. Who would be so cruel as to turn the children away when they’re at the border!

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Migrant Mestizo Caravan Arrives at U.S. Border Seeking Asylum

Fox News ran the above photo as part of its coverage of the arrival of the shrunken migrant caravan at the U.S. border.

It’s a nice pro-asylum seeker propaganda image. We’re supposed to feel sorry for such a nice young family with a baby.

Feeling sorry for people is not enough reason for accepting them into your country.

Their own country should work on making everyone safer. The problem is that none of the countries of origin for the mestizos is capable of producing a safe place.

Fox News

A group of about 50 Central American migrants who fled southern Mexico in late March have reportedly reached the U.S. border and plan to seek asylum.

Naturally, the liberal press is implying cruelty by President Trump for separating children from adults. The thing is that adults who bring children along from Central America are exposing them to danger.

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Mexican Authorities Appear to be Trying to Cover Up the Murder of a Gifted White American College Student

Americans who visit Mexico need to be on constant guard. Living near the border myself, you see news reports that the rest of America doesn’t.

Mexico is dangerous. Visiting the place is playing Russian roulette.

The authorities are far too often on the take. They will try to cover up the crimes of Mexicans against tourists.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

When Andrew Dorogi rang his mom Jonetta to say he was about to board a flight home from Mexico City she had no reason to doubt her 21-year-old college football player son.

But Dorogi, a gifted student at the private Amherst College with a prestigious job lined up in investment banking, would never return from his 2018 spring break.

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Dad Punches Border Jumper Who Tried to Kidnap His 3 Year Old Daughter from Park

One more mestizo, a probable illegal alien, has given California one more reason to help stop the invasion of the state by brown individuals.

The mother of the little girl at the center of this story is white. Dad has a white name too, so it’s safe to speculate that the bean man targeted a white girl to kidnap. Probably for sex!


AUBURN, Calif. – A father said he used his fists to stop a would-be kidnapper from dragging the man’s 3-year-old daughter out of a park in Auburn, California.

Witnesses who were at the North Auburn Regional Park around 7 p.m. told deputies the suspect, 26-year-old Yonel Hernandez-Velasco, was acting strangely Saturday before he allegedly accosted the man’s little girl.


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“Somebody killed my mommy:” Beaner Ex-Boyfriend Charged with Killing White Mom and Male Relative

East Idaho News reports that Gilberto Delgado, shown above, has a lengthy criminal record. He added to it with his arrest for a shocking double murder that left a little boy without his mother.

Race mixing with a Mestizo (Delgado is probably mixed with Negro too) is a bad idea. As white mom found out the hard way. With a Latino, you never leave them, ladies. They own you. That’s their mindset.

Fox News

The 911 calls released Monday of a 2016 double-murder in Washington state reveal the horrifying moment a 7-year-old boy discovered his mother’s body and told a dispatcher: “Somebody killed my mommy.”

Daniel Kenison and Brenda Kolbert were found shot to death in their Spokane Valley home in August 2016, KHQ reported. On Monday, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office released the 911 calls alerting authorities to the murders.


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Invading Caravan of Mestizos Has Re-formed, Headed for Border

The numbers are way smaller in the re-formed so-called caravan, but the numbers are greatly diminished.


From La Tribuna of Mexico City, via Google Translate:

Migrants of the caravan repudiate Trump in Mexico
7 APR, 2018 – 7:46 PM

With banners of rejection of US President Donald Trump, a hundred Central American migrants from the “Viacrucis” caravan gathered in downtown Mexico City on Saturday, from where some will leave for the United States border.

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Breaking! Trump to Sign Proclamation Ordering National Guard to Mexican Border

Fox News

The Trump administration announced Wednesday that President Trump will sign a proclamation to send the National Guard to the southern border immediately in response to what it described as an “unacceptable” flow of drugs, criminal activity and illegal immigrants.

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