South African Court Rules that “F*ck White People” Poster by Grotesquely Fat Genderqueer White Artist is NOT Racist

Weird genderqueer artist Dean Hutton (he has a vagina) has been featured here before. That’s him/her/it pictured with the artwork in question.

This so-called art is back in the news because a South African court run by a monkey has ruled it’s not hate speech and not racist, which would violate South African monkey law if it were.

Excerpt from RT

A Cape Town magistrate’s court has ruled that an art poster with the words F*ck White People scrawled all over it is not racist or that it amounts hate speech since it seeks to address the problems caused by a white-dominated society.

The poster, covered in the words F*ck White People, all in capital letters, along with a chair and a pair of golden shoes, is on display at the Iziko South African National Gallery as part of “The Art of Disruptions” exhibit.

The artist behind the poster, Dean Hutton, a student at the University of Cape Town, is white.

Predictably, the artwork has proven controversial. Earlier this year, activists from the Cape Party, a political formation seeking independence for the Western Cape province, covered up the poster with a banner, saying, “Love thy Neighbour”.

The Cape Party also filed a lawsuit against the Iziko Gallery, claiming it was tantamount to hate speech and incited racism under the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act. It sought 150,000 rand ($11,190) in damages, a restraining order against any more such works and an apology from the gallery.

But at the Equality Court in Cape Town Tuesday, Magistrate Daniel Thulare ruled the piece was protest art against the social power structures in South African society rather than white people as such.

“For reasons I have already given, in my understanding of Hutton, I am unable to find that what they said amounts to advocacy of hatred of [and] for White South Africans based on their race, which hatred constitutes incitement to cause harm,” the Mail and Guardian quoted Thulare as saying in his ruling.

The ruling was welcomed by Iziko’s lawyer‚ Jeremy Klerck.

“This is a landmark decision,” the Times reported. “It came to the defense of freedom of speech. And it came to the defense of artistic expression.”

As expected, the Cape Party had a different reaction.

“It is beyond belief that such a simple and obviously offensive statement could be so misinterpreted and condoned in a court of law,” party leader Jack Miller said in a statement quoted by the Times.

“Today‚ ‘F*ck White People’ is art. Where is this country going?”

“What we must strive for is complete dismantling of the systems of power that keep white people racist”, the Mail and Guardian reported Hutton as saying. The art student added that while some white people may be offended by the poster, they should “Learn to f*ck the white in you, too”.

In the original post on freak Dean Hutton, I offered some more samples of the new Rembrandt’s art:

Don’t ask me to explain it. I don’t do the impossible.

Depressed Youtube & VH1 Celebrity Stevie Ryan Commits Suicide by Hanging

For those of us who do not watch TV nor follow Internet youth celebrities, the suicide of Stevie Ryan is pretty much just a news item easily skipped over.

I saw the headlines and a picture of her last night on several sites I comb through for news and the thought that maybe she was a tranny flashed through my mind. It seems that there’s usually a social justice warrior angle to most youth stories today and the name “Stevie Ryan” suggests some sort of gender issue celebrity.

It turns out that I was wrong and that her angst of the moment was not gender bending, but depression. The Western media promotes mental problems by glorifying those who have them. The ghouls prefer a zombie population unable to work who spend their days on social media boosting the count of eyeballs to help sell advertising.

Fox News

Viral video star Stevie Ryan is dead at the age of 33 years old. She died by hanging inside her home on July 1, according to the Los Angeles Coroner’s office’s website.

Her last tweet was in remembrance of her grandfather on June 30.

“The man of my dreams will now only be in my dreams. I’ll miss you everyday, forever. I love you my Pa.”

Beneath the message, followers flooded the departed TV personality’s page with shock of her death.

“Just saw the horrible news. Sorry you were having a rough time Stevie. RIP beautiful girl.”

“Goodbye sweetheart. I’m sorry it came to this. Rest in heaven.”

Ryan was outspoken about her struggle with depression on social media, and created and co-hosted a podcast about depression called “Mentally Ch(ill)” with Kristen Carney.

The Californian native gained fame on YouTube with her impersonations of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Amy Winehouse and Justin Bieber. She then got her own sketch comedy show on VH1, “Stevie TV,” and co-hosted a relationship talk show with Brody Jenner.

My dream man who I will only see in my dreams. I'll meet you in Percebo, soon. I love you my Papa.

A post shared by Stevie Ryan (@stevieryan) on

The “fans” (short for fanatics) of these so-called celebrities honestly think they’re in a relationship with them by following their Twitter pages, their youtube channels, and so forth.

While the Internet has its positive side, this sort of fake intimacy is a huge downer.

I have nothing against this woman or her fans. I’m just a cultural analyst trying to make sense of an insane world.


Top Democrat OUTRAGED that Trump is Delaying TRANNIES IN THE MILITARY


In case you were unaware, the Trump administration has delayed the admission of so-called transgenders into the United States military by six months.

This delay has of course left the left in a state of outrage. For them, there seems to be no other mood than outrage.

“Chicks with d*cks” and dudes with vaginas are not going to help military readiness by their presence in uniform. But their presence will promote the Marxist “inclusion” ideology, legitimizing what in reality is a form of mental illness. These freaks have a high suicide rate, so the military better have enough backup personnel to deal with that issue.

The correct question to ask is why do we need trans in the military? The answer is that we don’t.

The Hill

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) condemned the Trump administration on Saturday for issuing a delay in allowing transgender soldiers to serve in the military.

Hoyer, the No. 2 House Democrat, called the Pentagon’s move “outrageous” and argued it was done “without providing any evidence.”

“It is outrageous that the Trump Administration would issue a delay in allowing transgender Americans to serve openly in our military without providing any evidence to support such a decision,” Hoyer said in a statement.

“We need to ensure that all those who are talented, driven, and capable and who wish to serve in defense of our country – often in mission-critical positions – are able to do so,” he said. “If the Pentagon cannot adequately explain or justify this reversal in the policy implementation, it ought not to pursue it.”


Sh*tstorm Brewing as White Cops Shoot, Kill Pregnant Young Negress Holding A Knife



This is an important story because it could be the police shooting incident that race baiters use to set off a long hot summer of race riots.

Unlike many others shot and killed by police, Charleena Lyles is a sympathetic figure. Well, she was except for the knife that police say she was wielding. She was a Christian mother of four. Relatives allege that police shot her in front of her children.

There’s a real possibility that this will be the shooting that will force police to change their modus operandi when dealing with crazy people. Let’s see if President Trump Tweets this or talks about it.


Seattle Times

Seattle police on Sunday shot and killed a 30-year-old old woman who had called officers to report an attempted burglary and then displayed a knife, SPD said. Police took three children from the home; the victim’s sister says the shooting was unnecessary.

Dozens of people attended a vigil Sunday night for a 30-year-old woman fatally shot by Seattle police as department use-of-force investigators probed how officers wound up killing a woman who had called police for help.

Just after 10 a.m. Sunday, Seattle police responded after the woman had called to report an attempted burglary at her Magnuson Park apartment. At some point, police said, she displayed a knife and two officers shot and killed her.

Relatives identified the woman as Charleena Lyles.

Family members said she was several months pregnant and had been struggling with mental-health issues for the past year. They said she was concerned authorities would take her children, one of whom they said has Down syndrome.

Family members arriving about two hours later were distraught and questioned why police had to shoot her. She was “tiny,” they said, and believe her race — she is African American — was a factor.

The SPD has confirmed that both officers were white.

“Why couldn’t they have Tased her? They could have taken her down. I could have taken her down,” said Monika Williams, Lyles’ sister.

Police Detective Mark Jamieson said officers were alerted to “hazard information” in the system after a previous encounter with the woman, which prompted a two-officer response Sunday morning when she called to report an attempted burglary in her fourth-floor unit at Brettler Family Place apartments.

“Officers were confronted by a 30-year-old woman armed with a knife,” the department wrote on its web blotter. “Both officers fired their duty weapons, striking the woman.

“There were several children inside the apartment at the time of the shooting, but they were not injured,” the department said. “They are being cared for by other family members at this time.”

Charleena’s Facebook is a well full of tears waiting to be spilled by liberals and softhearted conservatives.

Charleena was killed while pregnant with her fifth child. That’s really going to draw attention to her death.

Heavy offers more pictures and story background.

WTF???!!! Canadian Mom Photographs Five Year Old Son in Dresses to Delight of Imbecile Liberals Everywhere


I did a little research and so have a surprise twist to this story at the end of the post.

One thing should be said before going to the story, however. What Crystal is doing should be a crime. And the boy should be taken away by government authorities.

A mother has created the most beautiful photo series of her five-year-old son wearing dresses in the hope of inspiring other parents to accept their children just as they are.

Crystal Kells’ son, Cian, chooses what he wants to wear every day, and he absolutely loves dresses.

Crystal told ‘99% of the time, he will choose wearing a dress over a shirt and pants/shorts. His favourite thing about them is the twirl.

‘He always has a choice of what to wear. I of course support his choices with love and respect.

‘I was raised very liberally, so when he expressed an interest in wearing dresses, I thought, why not?

‘I’m all for equality among the sexes.

‘If little girls can be celebrated for being and doing things like a boy, why can’t a boy be celebrated for embracing things that are feminine?’

Crystal, who’s from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, is so proud of her son for being comfortable in himself and feeling free enough to wear what he wants that since last year, she’s been taking photos of him in his lovely outfits.

She has since taken enough photos to create a series and is sharing them on social media in hopes of empowering both children and parents.

Crystal said: ‘It wasn’t one specific shoot. Some of them were pictures I did of him in his dance recital pictures from last year, some are from mother’s day this year, the glitter one is from mother’s day last year and the ones of him in the ballet leotard and skirt are the most recent… just a day after his dance class.

‘I wrote a blog about my son and shared some pictures of him with hopes to inspire people. To inspire people to love themselves and their children just as they are.

‘Society is changing. How we view ourselves and others are changing. My son has changed me. He has made me a better person.

‘He has inspired me to love myself, to have confidence when I didn’t have much before. He has taught me to love more and judge less. I wanted to share all of that with other people.’

Crystal said that the photos were captured in various everyday locations, with some happening in her home studio while others were at local parks in her areas. ‘The shoots are usually very quick,’ she explains.

‘I tend to know when I’ve got the shot that I want.’

Alongside hoping to encourage others to be more accepting, Crystal says the shoots she does with Cian are also just for fun – both for him and for her.

Children often have to live the rest of their lives with the consequences of their parents’ stupidity. Poor Cian is one of those.

By the way, the comments at Metro suggest that if you don’t like what you see here, then you sir or madam are an intolerant bigot.

Like I said in the title to this post: IMBECILES.

Now for the surprise. Let’s take a look at Crystal.

Lesbians should never be allowed to have children, especially boys. Their latent hatred of men is going to be expressed toward the kid.

One last look at Crystal and her boy in matching outfits:

What a disgusting witch! It’s time for White Sharia.

One more thing. The man who banged that land whale so she could have that kid is a man who should be legally castrated. I’m sure he’s a sick faggot too.

Father of Girl Killed by Tinted Terrorist in Times Square Reacts Like a Real White Man

Thomas Elsman threatened to kill the diseased garbage that killed his daughter in the Times Square car attack on Thursday.

Kudos to him for not going soft and mushy and forgivvy.

New York Post

The grief-stricken father of the young woman fatally mowed down by a maniac driver speeding down a Times Square sidewalk said Friday, “My heart died in New York yesterday.’’

Thomas Elsman drove to the city from his Michigan home with his son Thursday night after hearing the awful news about 18-year-old Alyssa.

He told WNYW/Fox 5, “There’s no words. I want to scream. My first-born daughter is gone.’’

Alyssa, her 13-year-old sister, Ava, and their mom were visiting New York when Richard Rojas struck.


At one point Friday, Elsman went to the Midtown South station house where Rojas was being held, and threatened to kill him, law-enforcement sources told The Post. Elsman was taken to Bellevue Hospital to be calmed down.

Meanwhile, sources said Ava was more seriously injured than had been reported. She suffered a fractured pelvis and collapsed lung in addition to a broken leg.

Ava was told that her sister died in the tragedy, their father said.

Elsman was outraged when he learned more about Rojas.

“If it was an accident, I would forgive,” he said in the interview.

“The fact that I found out he was on drugs, and then also today in court said, ‘I wanted to kill everyone,’ and he wanted to go suicide-by-cop, that’s intent,” he said.

“He knew what he was doing, and I don’t care what happens to him.”

I don’t believe Thomas will give his daughter’s killer a hug and forgive him in court. White forgiveness should be reserved for those who deserve it.

Man Charged after Cutting Off Gender Bender’s Testicles


People who are feeling an urge to become the opposite sex ought to carefully consider the following idea: Men who “become women” are always going to be second rate women. It’s better to be a first rate man.

Surgery is always fraught with danger. Just look at Joan Rivers’ cosmetic surgery, which killed her. Be happy the way you were born and understand that the urge to be the opposite sex is driven by the same kind of mental issues that cause some people to wash their hands hundreds of times a day.

Cutting off an organ is not the same as cutting your hair or cutting your fingernails. It’s serious business. You’re the victim of a psy op that intends to physically neuter many, while mentally neutering everyone. Keep your balls, and not on display on a shelf above the fireplace.

ABC7 Chicago

DENVER — A man is facing felony assault charges after police say he used an Army surgical kit to remove the testicles of a transgender woman in her Denver apartment.

KUSA-TV reports 57-year-old James Pennington, who is not a licensed medical professional in Colorado, is being held without bail after he told investigators Wednesday that he performed the procedure.

According to court documents, the woman’s wife was with her during the 90-minute surgery, and Pennington told the couple to call 911 if complications developed. The wife told police that after changing the dressing, a large amount of blood poured out of the sutured wound.

Doctors were unable to reattach the testicles.

Booking documents do not indicate if Pennington has hired an attorney.

Animals are smarter than humans about some things.