Paleomasculinist Responds to Bitchy Feminist Mocking Masturbation

The Tweet above reminds me that sex robots have been in the news lately, along with all other manner of sexual behaviors. The cultural Marxist assault on morality roars along at warp speed now.

I’m not recommending that men form relationships with sex robots or sex dolls, but the constant taunting of men by feminists is going to backfire on them.

Certainly, Muslim males don’t put up with women’s sh*t, although as we’ve seen in a few stories posted here, white feminist SJWs believe it’s a good thing to be raped by Muzzies. It takes away their white guilt through some mysterious, insane process of redemption.

As the Tweet suggests, sex robots are an alternative to both masturbation and putting up with bitchy, unloving, unkind feminist whores. There’s still a problem for men, however.

Sex robots as marriage partners or lovers offer a cowardly way of life. There are significant MORAL ISSUES akin to the issues associated with having sex with animals or dead people. In short, I think we need to think twice about taking an amoral perspective on sexual relationships with robots.

The only real answer to the woes imposed on our culture by Jewish feminism is to destroy feminism. Taking away women’s rights to a degree and imposing on women a moral perspective on life is the only thing that can remake our culture into something decent.

That naked feminist and her stupid sign above is rightly mocked and ridiculed. Disempower her.


In the face of AI exerts repeatedly predicting the rise of sex robots, it’s increasingly difficult to insist that such machines strictly belong to a far-off, dystopian future. But some robotics experts predict we’ll soon be doing far more than having sexual intercourse with machines. Instead, we’ll be making love to them—with all the accompanying romantic feelings.

At this week’s “Love and Sex with Robots” conference at Goldsmith University in London, David Levy, author of a book on human-robot love, predicted that human-robot marriages would be legal by 2050. Adrian Cheok, computing professor at City University London and director of the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore, says the prediction is not so farfetched.

Uh-oh, my Jewdar just went off.


“That might seem outrageous because it’s only 35 years away. But 35 years ago people thought homosexual marriage was outrageous,” says Cheok, who also spoke at the conference. “Until the 1970s, some states didn’t allow white and black people to marry each other. Society does progress and change very rapidly.”

And though human-robot marriage might not be legal until 2050, Cheok believes humans will be living with robot partners long before then.

Though Cheok acknowledges that sex robots could fulfill sexist male sexual fantasies, he believes robot-human marriages will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on society. “People assume that everyone can get married, have sex, fall in love. But actually many don’t,” he says. And even those who do might be in search of a different option. “A lot of human marriages are very unhappy,” Cheok says. “Compared to a bad marriage, a robot will be better than a human.”

Notice that the author promoting sex with robots is a (((Jew))). Typical. Jews are leading whites down another dead end road that will lead to our extinction.

Although white men are demonized by feminists at the Huffington Post, on college campuses, on TV and the movies, we need to hang together and get our balls out of asses (sorry for the crude way of putting it) and confront these nasty women, as well as the Jews who seek our death as a race.

Just as importantly, we need to appreciate the good women in our lives.


MTV’s “Hey White Guys” Video Aims to Mentally Castrate Young White Males

MTV shot itself in the foot when it produced an obviously anti-white propaganda video and published it this week.

This is good news for the alt-right. It shows to even the sleeping millennials that the white genocide agenda is real.

The negative response to a “New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys” MTV video has been so negative that according to Real Clear Politics it’s been deleted by MTV. The bootleg copy above was posted by another youtuber.


MTV News faced a wave of backlash on Monday and into Tuesday after it published an online “Hey, white guys” video.

The video, posted on social media, was aimed at offering “2017 resolutions for white guys.”

“Hey fellow white guys, it’s about to be a new year. And there’s a few things we think you could do a little better in 2017,” several MTV News employees said to begin the video.

“First off, try to recognize that America was never ‘great’ for anyone who wasn’t a white guy,” an MTV News employee continued, an apparent reference to President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

The individuals in the video continued to tackle other issues, including the Black Lives Matter movement and “mansplaining,” among other things.

The video generated an intense dialogue online, receiving more than 13,000 replies, while critics denounced it, contending the material was an example of overt racism.

“Judging a group of people by the color of their skin? There is a word for that, right? Oh wait, it’s targeting whites, nevermind,” read one widely circulated reply.

“Yikes. This is a tad hypocritical, no? We could ALL do a little better. ALL of us. Nobody is exempt,” read another.

“If your goal was to change minds, take this video down, because you are doing the opposite of that,” another Twitter user wrote.

A spokesperson for MTV News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the last year, MTV has attempted to breathe new life into its news operation. The company brought on several high-profile journalists from established news organizations, such as Ana Marie Cox from the New York Times Magazine and Jamil Smith from The New Republic.

The outlet, like many new media ventures, considers itself to be the “conversation authority for the millennial audience.”

There are too many video responses to the MTV video to post all of them. Unfortunately, none of them defend race realism or the alt-right. They seem to be populated with anti-racists who are offended by this particular MTV video, not the whole anti-white culture.

Here are a few of the many critiques of “Hey, white guys:”

Harvard University suspends men’s soccer team over ‘appalling’ sexual comments


The war on normal white male heterosexuality continues with this demonization of normal male interest in females.

Harvard University has suspended its men’s soccer team for the remainder of the season because of sexual comments made about the women’s team.

A document dating back to 2012 – released by The Harvard Crimson student newspaper last month – rated the women’s team in attractiveness and included a series of lewd comments.

The men’s team are said to have called this document their ‘scouting report’.

University President Drew Faust released a statement regarding the ‘appalling’ actions after an investigation was launched before ultimately taking the decision to suspend the team.

‘The decision to cancel a season is serious and consequential, and reflects Harvard’s view that both the team’s behavior and the failure to be forthcoming when initially questioned are completely unacceptable, have no place at Harvard, and run counter to the mutual respect that is a core value of our community,’ Faust said.

‘I was saddened and disappointed to learn that the extremely offensive ‘scouting report’ produced by the 2012 men’s soccer team continued through the current season,’ University Dean Rakesh Khurana added in a statement. ‘As I have stated, such behavior is antithetical to Harvard’s fundamental values.’

The men’s soccer team, currently in first place in the Ivy League, were informed of their suspension via an email from Athletics Director Robert Scalise. They will forfeit any remaining fixtures.

‘As we move forward, Harvard Athletics will partner with the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response and other Harvard College resources to take additional steps to further educate the members of our men’s soccer team, and all of our student-athletes, about the seriousness of these behaviors and the general standard of respect and conduct that is expected,’ Scalise said in the email.

It’s one thing when your girlfriend tries to assert control over your masculinity. It’s another when a university does it.

ogle cover up

What Harvard has done is soft white genocide.

For Men Who Want to Stay Married: Blogger Free Northerner Computes Factors Contributing to Divorce


The blog post cited here penned by Free Northerner was published in 2013. So, this is not exactly breaking news. But the subject is an interesting one and I doubt that many others have newer data on how to lower your risk of divorce. The statistics refer to American women. Women in other countries may not follow this pattern.

Excerpt from Free Northerer

So, here I’m going to find a bunch of statistics concerning factors of divorce, so you can learn how to lessen your odds of divorce.

Here’s the characteristics of a woman and the odds of her ending up divorced:

Age of first sexual experience (p.10):

>18: ~32-38%
17-18: 47%
15-16: 59%
13-14: 72%
<12: 82%

Number of prior sexual partners (p.18):

0: 20%
1: 46%
2-4: 56-60%
5-15: ~70%
16+: ~80%

Race/Ethnicity (p. 16):

Asian: 31%
White: 46%
Hispanic: 47%
Black: 63%

There’s plenty more statistics in Free Northerner’s post. It all boils down to the idea that conservative women are less likely to end up divorced than liberals. He does some nice work to help men from losing that loving feeling:

In a World that Demonizes White Males, Trump Represents Male Competence and White Power


Financial guru Doug Casey opines on the 2016 election, explaining Trump’s appeal to the average white guy. Trump’s rejection of political correctness and his competence inspire white MEN, who are portrayed as laughable losers in the media while being treated as threatening rapists on college campuses.

Sadly, many of our young white males have been turned into cucks by the university system and Hollywood. This election is as much about them and their future as MEN as it is anything else. With Trump setting the example, I believe that at least some white men and youths have been inspired to reclaim their right to rule the world.

Execerpt from Zerohedge

The average middle-class, middle-aged American doesn’t give a damn about racism or sexism, however, because they basically only exist in the imaginations of the Politically Correct. But it doesn’t really matter any more what the average white male American thinks; he’s become the laughing stock of the rest of the world. He’s gone from being the King of the World to a bumbling, overweight, uneducated, bigoted, near-bankrupt parody of himself. What we once thought of as the “average guy” in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and even the 80s is on his way out. The PCs and the migrants have pretty well transformed the U.S.

Trump is the desperate “last hurrah” of the old order. An FYI: I don’t support Trump per se, even though, given the alternative, I hope he wins. It’s clear he has all kinds of dangerous authoritarian tendencies. And has all kinds of really silly economic notions. But the good news is that he may – to at least a degree – upset the Deep State’s apple cart, at least until he’s co-opted into the Deep State. No matter who wins, this election is going to be ugly. So try not to take it very seriously. Put the Stone’s “Street Fighting Man” on continuous loop instead of your TV’s regular audio, and enjoy. Before you rush to cancel your subscription, I hasten to add that, like any right-thinking person, I actively despise Hillary.

So what’s going to happen? The Deep State will do everything it can to keep things looking rosy for the next three months. The worse things get, the more likely the capite censi are to vote for Trump; the better things look, the better things are for Hillary. That may make Trumpistas closet Leninists. Lenin said, “The worse things get, the better they get.”

What more can the Deep State do? I used to think it was metaphysically impossible to have sub-zero interest rates, especially after creating trillions of new dollars. But it seems anything is possible in Bizzarro World.

I guess they’ll create trillions more dollars and use them to buy bonds, mortgages, and even stocks. So, despite stocks, bonds, and real estate being way overpriced, the smart money has to bet on things holding together until November. On the other hand, the average guy not just in the U.S., but around the world—as shown by Brexit in the U.K. and the surprise victory of Macri in Argentina—is mad as hell. We’re looking at a worldwide upset, not just one in the U.S.

Trump is not the last hurrah of the old order. He is the dawn of a new order.

Whether Trump wins or loses, his actions have created a new pride in manliness that will not go away.

That pride expresses itself in the Identitarian movement that we call the alt-right or White Nationalism or whatever you wish to call it.


Man Loses Custody Battle for Teen Girls Living with Sex Offender

kill pedos

Father’s rights?

Don’t make me laugh.

Excerpt from the Journal Star

A divorced father worried that his teenage daughters are at risk in their mother’s home because she is married to a registered sex offender cannot have custody of the girls, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled Friday.

A divided court upheld lower court rulings that rejected the father’s request for custody of his two daughters to get them out of the home of their mother’s husband, who served four years in prison after a 2003 conviction for attempted sexual assault of his then-15-year-old stepdaughter from a previous marriage.

The father, who is from Central City, argued that a Phelps County District judge was wrong to find no significant risk to his teenage girls.

The ruling upholds a Nebraska Court of Appeals opinion last year that found the district judge properly evaluated the facts of the case to determine that the stepfather does not pose a significant risk.

A four-justice majority of the Supreme Court concluded that Nebraska’s law only requires the mother to produce evidence the girls are not at significant risk. The law is written in a way that presumes that since the stepfather is a sex offender with a felony offense, and has unsupervised contact with the girls, they are at risk. But it allows the custodial parent, in this case the mother, to overcome this presumption by presenting evidence.

It’s ridiculous for a judge to keep girls in the home with a registered sex offender.

I suspect the mother in this case is protecting her husband and that her testimony basically said that he’s a good father to the girls. That’s not much of a standard of evidence, but it may be all the courts require. In which case the law ought to be changed.


Sex Ban: British Man Required to Notify Police When He Has Sex Seeks Judicial Relief

john o neill

This story raises the most unusual men’s rights issue I’ve ever seen.

A man who must give police 24 hours’ notice before he has sex with a new partner has lost his battle to have the court order lifted.

John O’Neill described his latest hearing as a ‘thoroughly humiliating day’ after a judge ruled his order will be amended at a hearing next month.

North Yorkshire Police had argued the 45-year-old posed a risk to the public and should be subject to a Sexual Risk Order, even though he was acquitted of rape last year.

York Magistrates’ Court heard he admitted to his GP and a psychiatric nurse that he choked a woman unconscious, thought ‘a lot’ about killing her, and needs women ‘to be scared or I don’t respond’.

District Judge Adrian Lower said the order should remain in place, but he will change its terms.

Mr O’Neill said: ‘My main concern is I’m homeless, I cannot work, I cannot claim benefits, I need to get back into society somehow.’

He added that he can’t find a job because police are able to check how he is using the internet.

During the hearing, Judge Lower admitted the ruling that gives the police 24 hours’ notice before he starts sexual contact with a new partner was ‘frankly unpoliceable’.

The new terms will be agreed at a hearing on September 22.

To put this case in perspective, let’s recall that O’Neill was found not guilty on a rape charge. Normally, a not guilty verdict (at least in the U.S.) means that a man’s full rights are restored to him.

British law is obviously different. The questions are does the court order protect woman and is it a violation of a basic human right?

In regard to whether the order protects women, I fail to see it. It’s admitted by the judge that it’s unenforceable. I suspect that the police would once notified by O’Neill then go warn the woman O’Neill planned to have sex with that he’s dangerous. Are even convicted rapists treated this way? How about women who have a history of beating up their male partners? Are any women required to notify police before having sex?

In regard to the second question, the basic human right to be left alone by the State would include the right to have sex without telling the State. It’s none of the government’s business. This sex ban reads like something out of science fiction story set in a dystopian world.

We are not the government’s slaves even though the government views us that way. The nanny state has struck again and I’m sure some people will defend it. What’s your take on this unusual situation?