WHITE Safeway Clerk Suspended for Defending Himself Against Two Shoplifters Who Pulled Knife on Him

anthony johnson safeway fight

Watch the video of an outraged Anthony Johnson at the source site. He’s a white guy who was just doing his job. The ethnicity of his attackers is not clear because of the grainy quality of the video showing the fight, which took place inside the store.


A Safeway clerk who says he punched a man in self-defense has been suspended by the supermarket chain.

Surveillance video obtained by KIRO 7 shows Anthony Johnson in a fight with a man he says pulled a knife on him. “I did what anybody else would do, I defended myself,” Johnson said.

But Johnson says even though police agree he was acting in self-defense, Safeway has suspended him for the fight while they investigate the incident.

“You know my manager was literally there,” Johnson said. “He was the one who told me there was a knife being drawn. Why should I be punished for something that I could have been sent to the hospital, maybe to my grave, for?”

It was Thursday when Johnson said he caught two men inside the store in the 6000 block of 6th Avenue trying to steal things several different times. When he found the men back in the store around 10 p.m., he confronted them along with his manager. As they were trying to get the men to leave, one of them drew a knife.

“I looked down, he had the knife like this, pointed up. He was this close to my ribs,” Johnson said. “I punched the guy. I tried to get the knife away from him.”

The video shows Johnson knocking the man away from him and wrestling him for the weapon. Johnson says he managed to get the knife away and the men ran off.

He filed a report with the Tacoma Police Department. Police spokeswoman Officer Shelby Boyd said officers found no reason to charge Johnson with a crime because he acted in self-defense.

Johnson says he’s angry that Safeway isn’t allowing him to get back to work.

“Now I’m getting punished for a deadly situation? That’s just wrong,” Johnson said.

KIRO 7 called the media representative at Safeway’s headquarters in Pleasanton, California, for comment on the incident and the suspension. The call was not returned.

Liberals have made stores like Safeway afraid of lawsuits. The shoplifters might sue Safeway for the actions of Johnson, who foolishly in my view put his life at risk to protect store property.

On the other hand, if you own a store and you want your property safe and secure, hire someone like Anthony Johnson to manage it. The very demonized white male is also the very most conscientious employee that anyone might want.

One more thing. Fingerprints should be lifted from the knife that Johnson wrestled away from the perp. Once identified from fingerprints, he should be arrested and charged with menacing or attempted murder.

Gun Wielding Retired Latino NYPD Cop Busted for Subway Masturbation


A Latino retired cop’s trouser snake gave him away when it made a hissing sound as it danced outside his pants. His gun was cocked, loaded, and ready to shoot.

New York Magazine

As the NYPD told Gothamist, the 38-year-old was standing on a platform in the Fifth Avenue N/R station “when she heard a hissing noise beside her. When she looked to see what the noise was, she observed the suspect manipulating his penis outside of his pants.” After learning what had happened, a male bystander followed (and filmed) the creep as he walked toward the exit, which is when the situation became really scary.

Midtown North Criminal Menacing by Gothamist
According to the cops, the suspect “pulled out a black handgun, pointed [it]” at the other man, and told him to back off.

The incident somehow became even more disturbing once the police managed to track down and arrest the masturbator on Wednesday. As the New York Daily News reports, his name is Steven Esposito — and he’s a retired NYPD officer (which means he’s permitted to carry a weapon). The 56-year-old Staten Island resident was arraigned on charges of menacing and public lewdness and has been released without bail.

Released without bail even after pulling a gun? Everybody has to put up bail, even on much lessor charges. Me thinks he has pull with the legal system and will eventually walk after agreeing to counseling.