Mountain Resort Community of Gatlinburg, Tennessee Evacuated as Wildfire Threatens

It’s going to be a rough Christmas for some good mountain folks in Tennessee this year. I’ve pieced together sources that reveal the extent of the emergency for this post.

USA Today

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Motorists fleeing wildfires in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge packed roads in and out of the resort towns Monday night as flames and choking smoke driven by wind swept across the area.

The Gatlinburg Fire Department ordered the mandatory evacuation of downtown Gatlinburg as wind conditions worsened and several fires grew increasingly unpredictable and dangerous.

As fires threaten homes and businesses in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, the area’s largest theme park was watching the situation closely.

Pete Owens, spokesperson for Dollywood, said late Monday that no structures inside the park had been damaged. Fire crews in the park were standing by if needed to protect the buildings.

Owens said the fire has reached the Upper Middle Creek ridge near the park, and staff evacuated 19 occupied cabins in the park’s cabin resort area. In addition, they evacuated guests from 50 rooms in Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort.

Some areas of Pigeon Forge also were being evacuated, according to fire spokeswoman Trish McGee.

“Three county school buses are available for emergency transport and are being dispatched as needed to transport those who need to evacuate,” according to a statement from McGee.

“We were just told by the Gatlinburg Fire Department that they had told everybody in Gatlinburg to get out,” said Judy Tucker, director of Sevier County’s E-911 call center, around 9 p.m. “… No one’s getting through to anyone. Phones are ringing and not being answered anywhere. It’s chaos.”

Around 6 p.m., Gatlinburg fire officials declared an immediate mandatory evacuation of the Mynatt Park neighborhood, East Foothills Road, Turkey Nest Road, Davenport Road and Savage Gardens areas. At that point, average wind speeds were recorded at 40 mph, with gusts clocking in as high as 74 mph, according to a news release from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Even in time of emergency, there are nice people thinking about the pets who reside in the fire area:

More photos posted on Twitter:

Locals complained that the bigoted anti-white national media ignored their story. The town is 98.5 percent white.

If Gatlinburg were 98.5 percent nonwhite, it would be a national crisis, with wall-to-wall media coverage. Liberals would be falling all over themselves to send billions of dollars in aid to the little town. You know I speak the truth.

LOL! MSNBC Hosts SHOCKED When Soundbite of BLACK Trump Supporter is Played (Video)

Beautiful! Libturd David Corn and a black MSNBC anchor woman, Tamron Hall, were bashing Trump as a racist. They hadn’t been told what clip was up next. Watch the shocked look as they realize what’s just happened.

Most likely these two gold plated imbeciles were played by a prankster in the control room.

The Anti-White Lefturd Press Has Gone Crazy Over this Tuba-Playing Video


Watch the short video embedded below and see what you think. The press is claiming that the video shows the men carrying the Confederate flag to be laughable buffoons. To me, the video shows no such thing. The guys in black with their flags paid the azzzhole tuba player no attention, which was the right thing to do.

This is another false bullsh*t story created by the media as part of the anti-white narrative it expounds every day.

Let our tuba player go try to disrupt a Black Panthers march. Muh bruthus would kick his sorry azzz back to music school. Minus his teeth.

Published on Jul 21, 2015
US tuba player has made a mockery of Confederate flag and KKK supporters by timing their footsteps to his music.


A rally to protest the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse was turned into a farce by a single protester armed with just a sousaphone.

The march, organised by the Ku Klux Klan earlier this month, was taking place near the capital building in the city of Columbia when local resident Matt Buck spotted them.

Mr Buck took out his sousaphone – an instrument very similar to a marching tuba – and began playing a comical, lumbering tune to make them sound as stupid as possible.

“I didn’t really know how to show my opposition, so that was my way of doing it,” Mr Buck told the Charleston City Paper.

“My goal was to embarrass them, and I think I did a little bit.”

He said he initially started out with the tune that Stewie playes on Family Guy when he follows obese people around with a tuba.

He then followed it up with Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”, which is used in the Nazi car chase in the film The Blues Brother.

While the Ku Klux Klan had announced the rally, it is understood that other groups also attended the rally including the Detroit-based National Socialist Movement Party.

The alleged shooter, Dylann Storm Roof, had posed with a Confederate flag before the massacre.

While Mr Buck said no one at the rally confronted him over his musical protest, Al Jazeera reports there were a few minor scuffles on the day between the KKK supporters and African American activists.

One more thing. Note the black uniforms which apparently represent the new mode of dress for the KKK. Very cool and stylish.

Breaking: THIRD MASS SHOOTING In Detroit in One Week, Liberals Focus on Confederate Flag

When a story is breaking, the best means I have of communicating it is to insert some on-the-ground tweets into a post.

Unless the national media goes off script, tonight’s mass shooting in Detroit will get little media attention. They’re too busy denouncing white racism.

Black lives matter? Not to blacks. Note in the next tweet that witnesses are not cooperating to get the shooters off the street.

I found a picture of Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt. He must be the last white man in Detroit! You can bet the Chief is a Negro.

a c dolunt detroit

Kentucky Sheriff on Shooting Victim: “We are glad that he’s white … “

ed mattingly

Law enforcement officers in the racially tense powder keg that is America 2015 are now openly admitting that shooting black criminals creates too much backlash. It’s much better to shoot a white person than a Negro, from their point of view.

Whites are still a majority in this country. Imagine how whites will be targeted both by black and Hispanic criminals, and by the police as whites sink to minority status.

Well, armed with the truth, as spoken by a county sheriff, we can and we must begin devising strategies to offset the mindset that we are fair game for the bullets from blacks and the bullets from the police.

Police need whites as much as whites need police. There ought to be some room for negotiating a mutual security pact there.

Truth Revolt

Nelson County Sheriff Ed Mattingly stated bluntly Monday that officials were “glad” that a man who was shot by a deputy was “white,” adding that though they “shouldn’t have to be worried about that,” they didn’t want “backlash or violence” due to the public being “misinformed” by the media.

In a joint press conference Monday with Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin about the shooting of John Kennedy Fenwick, 25, over the weekend, Sheriff Mattingly said candidly that they couldn’t help but “take notice” of the mishandling of police-involved shooting cases by media outlets and were “glad” they wouldn’t have to deal with “misinformed” backlash due to racial implications.

MATTINGLY: We are glad that he is white, and we shouldn’t have to be worried about that. We do not want any backlash or violence in this community because people have been misinformed.

Prom Pic With Confederate Flag Causes “Nationwide Uproar”

prom pic confederate flag

It doesn’t take much to cause a “nationwide uproar” these days.

Let some white students or adults express some pride in their heritage or their race, and boy, the sh*t hits the fan. One social justice warrior with a petty mind will lodge a complaint about white privilege or something and then the media will blow it up into a big brouhaha.

Note that there’s never a national uproar when a white girl like Hannah Graham is murdered by a black scumbag. Nope. No uproar over that.

A group of teens, shown above, posing with a Confedrate flag (gasp!) and guns (faint!) have stirred up another “nationwide uproar.”

I guess a nationwide uproar is milder than “nationwide outrage,” which is another common media theme. The reporters and editors must not have worked their panties into a big enough of a wad to label the flag an outrage.

The group of white teens pictured with the flag are from Parker, Colorado, which is a long way from Alabama. Maybe being from he West makes it worse because the media doesn’t have any dumb white hillbilly stereotypes to pull out and demonize the kids with.

One of the girls in the picture has already apologized. The media are playing that up. No word on whether any of the rest of the “rebels” have said to the PC police, “F*ck off and mind your own business. I’m white and I’m proud of it and proud of my flag.”

If one of them did say that, it’s a toss up as to whether the media would report it or ignore that white pride. By reporting it, a kid could really be demonized as the “new Hitler.” The media would love a new Hitler. But featuring white teens who are rebellious and proud really doesn’t fit the agenda, which loves to see whites grovel before their PC masters, much as slaves in the Old South may have groveled. So, my guess is that the media would ignore a stubborn kid who refused to apologize.

But then would come the demands to have him or her expelled from school for being an unrepentant racist.

These kids have learned something about the hatred of whites by the media and by social justice warriors. It’s a valuable lesson, I’m sure. I just hope they’re courageous enough to take away the truth, harden themselves for the dark days ahead for whites in America, and resolve never to apologize or give in.

[I found this story at theAtlanta Journal-Constitution.]

Black Cop Targets “White College Boys”; Media Ignores Blatant Racism

jeffrey walker

Race realists understand that individuals of all races prefer their own people and will target people of other groups. No amount of diversity training can change that fact of human nature.

This story of a black cop who targeted white boys for extortion is only remarkable because the national media are ignoring it (no surprise there) and because according to the media only blacks are racially profiled, but never whites.

Excerpt from TPNN

A black police officer who targeted white suspects during a reign of extortion has dropped explosive testimony during the trial of one of his co-conspirators.

Jeffrey Walker, a former member of the Philadelphia Police Department, told the court during the trial of lead defendant Thomas Liciardello that he would often take money from “white ‘college-boy … khaki-pants types’” who dealt drugs because they were “easy to intimidate.”

Yet, in spite of the admitted blatant racial targeting by the disgraced officer, there has been almost no media coverage of the case.

Walker also claimed that the actual busts he made were really for public relations purposes.