Black School Bus Driver Arrested for “Muh Dikking” While Driving–Student Catches Him Masturbating Behind the Wheel

Robert Bertart--masturbated at the wrong time in the wrong place, arrested

Robert Bertart–masturbated at the wrong time in the wrong place, arrested

Masturbating while driving! That’s a new one on me. If his lawyer plays the race card, he’ll claim that his oppressed client was the victim of white police racism.

Not only do parents now have to know their childrens’ teachers, but even the bus drivers are suspect. Homeschool, if you possibly can.

What a clusterfreak of a madhouse the former USA has become. This story may seem trivial but it’s symptomatic of a madness which has gripped the country. Sexual degeneracy is everywhere now. I doubt the perp in this story believes he did anything wrong.

Decent folks need to try to take back their country. While there’s still a country left.

An upstate New York bus driver is jailed after allegedly masturbating behind the wheel while taking a 14-year-old boy to school.

Robert Bertart, 60, of Orangetown, has been fired by Vel Coach Company after his bosses learned of his arrest by Ramapo Police on charges of public lewdness and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the Journal News newspaper.

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