Fake News F*ckery: Woman Appears Live on CNN And MSNBC at Same Time (Mark Dice Video)

Published on Mar 23, 2017

Both MSNBC and CNN aired what they claimed was a “live” interview, at the exact same time doing different interviews. How could someone talk to two different people at the same time?

Leaked Twitter Shadowban List Shows Bias Against Truth, Conservatives

Richard Spencer, Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Brittany Pettibone, Lew Rockwell, and a host of other “racists,” truth tellers, and conservatives are on the list.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is destroying his own creation with his insane leftist nonsense. Be aware that this is only a partial list. More shadowbanned users are yet to be revealed by the leak.

Breitbart explains how a Twitter shadowban works.

Just in case Twitter suspends Tennessee GOP, here’s another Tweet that has the list.

Claim: David Seaman, Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, Lisa Haven Frauds (Video)

I paid fairly close attention to the first 47 minutes of this video before having to move on. It’s 5 hours total. The video was still focused on David Seaman at the 47 minute point. I assume that it moves on to make the case against others named in the title here.

It makes the case that Seaman is using #pizzagate in order to win people’s trust so as to “sell” them on Zionism. Plus, I think the case is made that he’s trying to profit off #pizzagate.

Streamed live on Feb 25, 2017

David Seaman’s Pizzagate obsession examined… and his links to Israel.

In this video it’s claimed that David Seaman promotes the Mandela Effect. The Mandela effect seems to me to be a theory that would get researchers into the Deep State’s mischief branded as part of the lunatic fringe. I disavow the Mandela effect. This marks the first time I’ve even spoken about it. If you disagree with me, you’re still welcome to comment positively about it, but there’s no way that I’m going to be convinced the Mandela effect is anything but a conspiracy to discredit the truth community.

Mandela Effect

The “Mandela Effect” is what happens when someone has a clear memory of something that never happened in this reality.

Many of us — mostly total strangers — remember several of the exact same events with the exact same details. However, our memories are different from what’s in history books, newspaper archives, and so on.

This isn’t a conspiracy, and we’re not talking about “false memories.”

Many of us speculate that parallel realities exist, and we’ve been “sliding” between them without realizing it.

Others favor the idea that we’re each enjoying holodeck experiences, possibly with some programming glitches. (In my opinion, these two theories aren’t mutually exclusive.)

LewRockwell and Mark Dice Named as Extremist Groups by SPLC

You can read the whole list of so-called extremists at SPLC

The Intelligence Project identified 623 extreme antigovernment groups that were active in 2016.

Of these groups, 165 were militias, marked with an asterisk, and the remainder included “common-law” courts, publishers, ministries, and citizens’ groups. Generally, such groups define themselves as opposed to the “New World Order,” engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, or advocate or adhere to extreme antigovernment doctrines. Listing here does not imply that the groups themselves advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities, or are racist. The list was compiled from field reports, group publications, the Internet, law enforcement sources and news reports. This list does not document activism that takes place only online by individuals or groups, whether on Facebook, VK, or similar online forums, which is a growing activity by all extremists. Groups are identified by the city, county or region where they are located.

Other websites demonized by the SPLC include wnd.com, Now the End Begins, Next News Network, Jack van Impe Ministries, SteveQuayle.com, tomatobubble.com, Infowars.com, and Republic Broadcasting.

Notably, I did not see the Daily Stormer nor David Duke on this list.


NBC News Using Children for Anti-Trump Propaganda (Mark Dice Video)

The NBC News propaganda machine has truly pulled a vile stunt with their use of children to make anti-Trump propaganda.

Published on Feb 24, 2017

NBC News released a “Dear Mr. President” video consisting of a bunch of clips of kids saying they’re scared of Trump and don’t like his plan to build the wall or fix our illegal immigration problem, in what they’re calling “Letters from the American Children Donald Trump.”

Heh, heh. NBC loses again.

Mark Dice Video: Meet the Dumbest People in California

Early on in this video a black as coal Negro has no idea who Washington, D.C. was named after. His much lighter quadroon girlfriend has no idea either.

If America is going to be made great again, we’ll have to separate from turds and turdlettes like these.

As usual, Mark gets the job done in about four to five minutes.

Published on Feb 13, 2017

The dumbest people in America live in California. Meet the completely clueless zombies who know nothing about basic American History, and things like why we celebrate the 4th of July, what Memorial Day is for, or who Washington D.C. is named after. Media analyst Mark Dice talks with them.

Warning: At one point I almost spit my drink on my keyboard from laughing so hard.

Loser Miss Kenya Asked About Trump; Race Traitor Miss France New Miss Universe (Video)

Miss Kenya said something nice about Trump.


Miss France is Miss Universe 2017. She’s all for open borders. Let the entire world come to Europe. You gotta say the right thing if you want to win, Miss Kenya.



In the final question round, Miss France highlighted the benefits of open borders when asked about the global refugee crisis.

“In France we want to have the most globalisation that we can. We want to have the biggest exchange of people that we can. Maybe someday that will change but now we have open borders,” Mittenaere said.

“Having open borders allows us to travel more through the world and to find out more about what’s out there in the world.”

What’s out there in the world waiting for you, Miss France, are billions of Negroid and Muslim rapists ready to gang rape you and murder you.

Wake up, stupid. Or die.