Steve Bannon: Wear Racism Label as a Badge of Honor

The rumpled rebel Steve Bannon made news today for what he said in France to Marine Le Pen’s Front National party.

Bannon may be older, but he’s got a lot of fight in him.

Check out what he told a cheering audience of Frenchmen.

CBS News

Steve Bannon may have fallen from President Trump’s graces for now, but on Saturday, he was the darling of France’s far right movement. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s former chief strategist whom the president praised before he excoriated him at the beginning of January, found his nationalist, populist and “anti-globalist” message in good company once again.

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France’s Marine Le Pen charged over ‘shameful’ tweets of Isis killings, facing THREE YEARS in PRISON

France is what it’s like to live in a police state. ISIS is above criticism, presumably because all the Muslims in France love ISIS.

Putting Marine in prison isn’t going to stop the terrorist acts that plague France, but the Jews who wish to destroy the French Christian population will celebrate.

The Local France

The leader of France’s far right National Front party Marine Le Pen was charged on Thursday over her tweeting of gruesome images of Isis atrocities in the Middle East, which included a photo of the decapitated body of US reporter James Foley.

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NY Times Jewish Writer: White Nationalism Is Destroying the West

The writer’s name is Sasha Polakow-Suransky. I’ve selected certain passages to bold. Most of the bolding I’ve done highlights lies. A few places are bolded because they’re merely interesting.

New York Times

On July 14, 2016, as French families strolled along Nice’s seafront promenade, a Tunisian man driving a large truck rammed into a crowd, killing 86 people. A month later, the mayor of nearby Cannes declared that “burkinis” — a catchall term for modest swimwear favored by many religious women — would be banned from the city’s beaches; a municipal official called the bathing suits “ostentatious clothing” expressing an “allegiance to terrorist movements that are at war with us.”

One of the law’s first victims was a third-generation Frenchwoman who was ordered by the police to strip off her veil while onlookers shouted, “Go back to your country.” Still, many French politicians and intellectuals rushed to defend the ban. The former president Nicolas Sarkozy called modest swimwear “a provocation”; Alain Finkielkraut, a prominent philosopher, argued that “the burkini is a flag.” But what they presented as a defense of secular liberal values was in fact an attack on them — a law, masquerading as neutral, had explicitly targeted one religious group.

When rapid immigration and terrorist attacks occur simultaneously — and the terrorists belong to the same ethnic or religious group as the new immigrants — the combination of fear and xenophobia can be dangerous and destructive. In much of Europe, fear of jihadists (who pose a genuine security threat) and animosity toward refugees (who generally do not) have been conflated in a way that allows far-right populists to seize on Islamic State attacks as a pretext to shut the doors to desperate refugees, many of whom are themselves fleeing the Islamic State, and to engage in blatant discrimination against Muslim fellow citizens.

But this isn’t happening only in European countries. In recent years, anti-immigration rhetoric and nativist policies have become the new normal in liberal democracies from Europe to the United States. Legitimate debates about immigration policy and preventing extremism have been eclipsed by an obsessive focus on Muslims that paints them as an immutable civilizational enemy that is fundamentally incompatible with Western democratic values.

Yet despite the breathless warnings of impending Islamic conquest sounded by alarmist writers and pandering politicians, the risk of Islamization of the West has been greatly exaggerated. Islamists are not on the verge of seizing power in any advanced Western democracy or even winning significant political influence at the polls.

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Too Many Foreigners in France and Islam Not Compatible, Majority of French Say

It’s odd that the French have such a negative view of immigrants and immigration and yet still they voted for a mealy-mouthed weasel in Emmanuel Macron.

The Local France

Most French people say there are too many foreigners in France, immigrants do not make an effort to assimilate and Islam is incompatible with the French values.
France’s new president clearly has some healing to do when it comes to two longstanding divisive issues in France.

Immigration and the place of Islam in society, are still very much contentious questions for the French, a new annual survey has revealed.

A poll by the Ipsos institute for Le Monde newspaper has revealed that a majority of 65 percent of French people say there are too many foreigners in France, a figure that has remained elevated in recent years, with the figure as high as 70 percent in 2017.

Another stat demonstrating a majority of French people are uncomfortable with immigration was the 60 percent of people who agreed with the statement: “Today I no longer feel at home like I did before”.

On top of that some 61 percent of French people share the belief that “immigrants in France do not make an effort to integrate”.

Some 46 percent of French people believe it’s not difficult for an immigrant to integrate.

Unsurprisingly the percentages are far higher among those on the far right – 95 percent of National Front voters believe there are too many foreigners in France compared to those on the left (46 percent of Socialists).

When it came to the other ever divisive issue of the role of Islam, 60 percent of the people questioned for the survey titled “French Fractures 2017″, believe the religion of Islam is incompatible with the values of the French Republic”.

However perhaps views are softening given that in 2017 the figure was up at 74 percent.

In a separate question some 78 percent of French people are of the view that Islam “seeks to impose its way of life on others”.

Regarding radical Islam, 46% of the French polled said that “even if it is not its main message, Islam still contains within it the seeds of violence and intolerance”.

That reflects a jump of five percentage points on last year’s survey.

France has been at the receiving end of a string of Jihadist terror attacks in recent years, including the November 2015 attack at the Bataclan which claimed 150 lives.

The repeated terror attacks, which have exposed the deep insecurity around “l’identité nationale”, have led to demands for foreigners to assimilate, rather than just integrate into the French way of life and culture.

In September 2016, The Local reported that French politicians were aggressively demanding immigrants drop their own identities and assimilate into French culture and way of life.

Rows over the influence of Islam regularly flare up in France, whether its over the wearing of the veil, school dinners for Muslim pupils or most notably the wearing of burkinis on French beaches, an issue which made global headlines last Summer when the swimwear was banned by around 30 French mayors last year.

France has had a longstanding tradition of demanding immigrants assimilate, dating back to the 19th century when it was used as a policy towards its Jewish population and then towards colonized countries.

In August 2016, The Local reported that another poll by Ipsos showed that just 11 percent of the French felt that immigration had an overall positive impact; with an average figure over the 22 countries surveyed of 20 percent, ranging from six percent in Turkey to 36 percent in Canada.

The French ought to be race realists. They’ve tasted their own blood, shed by Muslims over and over. And yet while the majority agree that there’s a problem with Muslims, shouldn’t it be 90 percent of the French awake and ready for some real action to repel the invaders.

It may be too late to save France and the rest of Western Europe.

Young Marion Maréchal-Le Pen ‘to quit politics’ Following Aunt’s Defeat in France’s Presidential Election



Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, the niece of defeated far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, is to quit politics, French media report.

Ms Maréchal-Le Pen, 27, who is an MP for the National Front (FN), had been seen by some as a future leader of the party.

She is the granddaughter of FN founder Jean-Marie Le Pen.

She is one of the best known figures in the party and one of only two FN lawmakers in the outgoing parliament.

Analysts say she takes more of a hardline position than her aunt.

According to Le Figaro, Ms Maréchal-Le Pen will announce on Wednesday her intention not to stand for a new term in parliamentary elections in June. She will also quit her position as president of the FN in the south-eastern region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

It is understood she wishes to spend more time with her young daughter, the newspaper adds.

The party would not confirm the report but senior FN official Bruno Gollnisch told reporters it would not be totally unexpected.

“I think it’s in the works, but I will let her announce it if she wants to,” he said.

Sky News reports that Le Pen’s grandfather, Jean Marie Le Pen, founder of Front National, is critical of his granddaughter’s move.


The younger politician is more conservative on social and economic issues and she took part in rallies against gay marriage laws, while her aunt avoided them.

She said her relative’s decision to soften her stance on seeking to quit the euro had come too late for voters concerned about that part of her programme.

Other differences between the two include their relationship with the party’s founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Ms Le Pen is estranged from her father, while Ms Marechal-Le Pen and him have closer ties.

Speaking to Le Figaro, he called his granddaughter’s move “a desertion”.

He said: “This will create a huge disappointment… Marion represented a hope for the future for many FN voters and activists.”

Political expert Joel Gombin said of her decision: “This raises a lot of questions on how the party will evolve.

“It risks leaving a number of people orphan, and could trigger some fighting among those would like to take over from her at the head of the ultra-conservative faction of the FN.”


Why Marine Le Pen Lost

Disappointment among nationalists worldwide with the disappointing showing of Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential election is huge.

The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin took the approach that it was because she’s a woman that nationalism took a hit.

In the article central to this post, the analysis gets sophisticated and we learn that there were multiple factors working against Le Pen. The article is NOT a smear job of the type you would expect from the fake news American media.

The article concludes that if Macron fails, then Le Pen or another French nationalist may become president in 2022.

The Local France

Marine Le Pen was never likely to get elected president of France in 2017.

After Donald Trump’s stunning victory in last year’s US presidential election, Marine Le Pen became convinced she could ride the same wave of populism to the Elysée Palace. But in reality she was far from pulling off another shock.

After Brexit and Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen was meant to be next big shock.

Riding on the same anti-immigration populist tidal wave, promising to make France great again, the far-right Le Pen was presented almost as a shoo-in for the Elysée Palace.

Even when the polls gave Macron a seemingly unassailable lead, people warned that the polls had been wrong about Trump and had failed to grasp the level of anti-EU feeling in Britain.

Even political analysts were reluctant to rule Le Pen out, despite Macron’s 20 point poll lead.

But in the end Le Pen was always a very unlikely winner.

For a start the electoral system was against her: the two rounds and the fact the winner needs a majority of the electorate, in other words over 50 percent of the vote.

In France a candidate cannot win the presidential election with a minority of the popular vote, like Donald Trump did last year.

The two rounds mean her opponents were always likely to gang up against her, as they have done in the second round of regional and parliamentary elections to great success in recent years.

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Macron Trounces Le Pen: The French Deserve their Fate

France’s version of America’s Slick Willie has emerged victorious following France’s presidential election today.

The former Rothschild banker (is it possible to be “former?”) is young and attractive in appearance. In a nutshell, his victory is a victory for the New World Order’s political correctness: more diversity, more looting of the wealth of the French people, more enslavement to the European Union, all wrapped up in a slick package.

I expect the American Democrat party will learn from this and run its own version of Macron against Republican Donald Trump in 2020.

Excerpt from Financial Times

Emmanuel Macron has swept to emphatic victory in France’s presidential election, beating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen and clinching 66 per cent of the vote, according to estimates.

The independent centrist comfortably beat the National Front candidate on 34 per cent, according to the estimate by Ipsos-Sopra Steria for a group of French media including France 2 television and Le Monde, based on a sample of 60,000 votes.

Mr Macron’s victory is a phenomenal achievement for the 39-year-old former Rothschild banker, who has never before held elected office and whose political movement En Marche! was set up barely a year ago. He becomes the youngest ever elected French president.

His win follows a divisive and at times rancorous campaign that produced a stark choice between two radically different visions of France and its place in the world.

Mr Macron on Sunday night said he did not underestimate the economic difficulties facing France, adding: “It is a big honour, and a big responsibility. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The Europhile social liberal, brandishing a programme of pro-business reforms coupled with Nordic-style welfarism, fought off a far-right candidate wanting to pull France out of the euro, impose protectionist barriers and drastically curb immigration.

Ms Le Pen swiftly conceded defeat but said her “historic and massive result” had made her party “the number one opposition force” in France. She vowed to continue the battle between “patriots and globalists” in legislative elections next month. She also said she wanted to profoundly transform her party into a new political force.

There will be intense relief across the markets and other European capitals that the pro-European centre ground held up against an onslaught from the populist right. In the end, Ms Le Pen fell well short of the 45 per cent that she was projected to win at one point earlier in the year.

Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, said he was “happy the French had chosen a European future”.

Over at the Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin took his usual “no women should be in politics” blame game. There’s a lot more than that at play, since when her father was in a similar position more than a decade ago, he was trounced even more decisively.

It’s very difficult for honesty to overcome slick, reassuring words. People always fall for smooth talking con men, which is exactly what Macron, like Bill Clinton, is. Europeans have some sort of character flaw relating to wanting to come together. In his victory speech, Macron was as slick as ever, promising to break down the barriers that divide the French. Obviously, the only way to break down those barriers is for everyone to become a Muslim. That will hopefully never happen.

A united France, made up of Europeans, blacks, and Muslims is an impossible dream. But a used car salesman sold it anyway.

Pity France.






He might as well say we will become Muzz!

BBC live stream coverage: