Black Tranny Teens Track Wins Spark Demands for Rule Changes



Good grief, them’s some ugly trannies.

Simple rule: If you were born with a penis, you run track with the boys, not with the girls.

Oh wait, that would be discrimination!

Well, what about the girls who might like to win a race now and then.


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — – Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood swept the competition at the state championships for girls track and field.

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Video: Communist Tranny Spits In Trump Supporters’ Face

Can a person contract AIDS from tranny spit?

A few of the many youtube comments:

“I’m a trans. Touch a woman. Touch a woman! TOUCH A WOMAN!”
This moment just summarized everything that’s wrong in Western civilization.
Gender confusion
Woman privilege
Fucked up liberals logic

I would have beat the balls off that tranny.

There is not negative side of Trump supporters. If someone is going to start commotions and flip off the entire Trump rally, …they deserve a punch in the head and a beat down.

Since when do we have to put up with people attacking Trump rallies, …which is really what they are doing. “Attacking Trump rallies!!”

Spitting on someone is criminal assault. Our masked tranny has clearly been captured on tape spitting. HIS tranny face has been revealed. Policeman, do your job. Arrest that filth. And wear a mask or something to protect you from HIS spit.