Mystery Solved? Malaysia Air’s Flight 370 Crash Was Muslim Mass Murder-Suicide, Says New Evidence

More than four years ago I was posting regularly on Flight MH 370 as new information became available about one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time.

For the last few years, as the search for the missing plane bore little fruit, the mystery deepened, but for the most part went away.

On Monday, the American press picked up on the story of a white Australian male investigator who’s reached a decidedly politically incorrect conclusion about the cause of the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines plane.

No one has ever heard of Muslim’s doing suicide murders, have they?

CBS News

An investigation by an Australian TV news program suggests the pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared with 239 people aboard more than four years ago, deliberately crashed into the Indian Ocean.


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Malaysia Airlines Missing Flight 370: ‘Something is being covered up’

malaysia airlines

Daily Mail

The woman in this story has a personal stake in finding out the real truth about the missing plane. I believe her. There is a conspiracy to hide the truth. Why? I don’t know.

Six months after her boyfriend went missing on Malaysia Airlines flight 370, an American woman is losing faith that the plane will ever be found – believing something in the investigation is being covered up.

Sara Bajc’s boyfriend Philip Wood, 50, was one of 239 passengers and crew on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, which mysteriously disappeared off radar last March 8. Despite a massive search effort, no sign of the plane was ever found.

Now Bajc and other family members of the missing passengers are demanding raw data on the disappearance be released for independent analysis, no longer trusting the Malaysian investigation.

‘I think that if the existing investigation team is left in charge … we may not ever find the plane. Because I believe there are active steps being taken to interfere with finding the plane,’ Bajc told NBC News.

Bajc says she isn’t sure how much is being covered up, but knows something is being concealed.

‘Failure to release information – whether its obfuscation, you know, actually covering something up – or dishonesty… creating false evidence or just hiding something, right? We don’t know why or what is being covered up, but something is being covered up,’ she added.

Sarah Bajc with Philip Wood

Sarah Bajc with Philip Wood