3 Colored Ladies Sought for Big Theft of Tide Laundry Detergent


As much as I follow the news, I never knew that Tide pods were used by our darkie neighbors in the drug trade as street currency.

It must be easier for them to steal Tide than steal real currency.


Three women are being sought for cleaning out a Tangipahoa Parish Dollar General store of its supply of Tide Pods laundry detergent, a product that has over the years become widely recognized as ad hoc street currency in the national drug trade.

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Snake Wandered into Fire Station to Say Hello, Curled Up in Firefighter’s Boots

A Louisiana fire department issued a warning to be on the lookout for snakes when it published the photo above.

The snake pictured is harmless to humans (unless you count fear as harm) and was captured and released in nearby woods.

Read the story at NOLA.

Louisiana Prison Inmates Refuse to Work Following Attack that Left 2 Guards Injured

Louisiana’s descendants of slaves go back to their roots when sentenced to the infamous Angola prison. Farm work is on the agenda.

Like their ancestors, some of the Negros rebel against their masters.


Louisiana prison officials say an inmate broke his ankle and two guards received minor injuries in a disturbance and brief work stoppage at the state penitentiary in Angola.

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Negro Arrested When One Wife Reports Him for Having a Secret Second Wife


Bigamy is a crime you don’t read much about anymore. Usually, it’s associated with a cult.

Maybe the Negro’s defense could be that he forgot he was already married since many blacks don’t actually get married, but shack up.


BATON ROUGE – A man has been married to two women and, it seems, attempted to hide one wife from the other according to arrest documents obtained by WBRZ.

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“Armed and Dangerous” Black Campus COP on the Run, Charged with Beating Girlfriend


Black Samuel could have had a nice career in law enforcement, earning a decent wage and ultimately retiring with a pension.

As it is, his job in police work is over for good.

That old lack of self control caused by deficient frontal lobes in the brain gets them every time.


The Baton Rouge Police Department reported the vehicle belonging to Samuel Louis Ellis III, 25, who is being sought for allegedly beating his girlfriend, has been found.

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Bubbles the Camel Back Home After Taking a Freedom Stroll to Munch on Graham Crackers

Bubbles, the Louisiana camel who participates in her home area’s nativity scene, keeps escaping.

Here’s a short video of the Hammond, Louisiana nativity celebration from last year. I didn’t see Bubbles, but I think I saw a donkey. These people do nativity scenes right.

Her owner says she breaks the locks on her pen and wanders down the road to get graham crackers, her favorite treat, from a neighbor.

Imagine the joy of living on the same road as Bubbles and driving to work every day while looking forward to seeing her. Maybe there should be a “Camel Crossing” sign on her road.

As far as I can fathom, other than belly dancing, camels are the most fun thing to come out of the Middle East.

Read the brief story of Bubble’s escapes and return at WBRZ.

Four Nagger Women Prison Guards Arrested, Fired for Sex with Prisoners, Other Offenses

The Louisiana State Penitentiary is widely known in the state as “Angola” for the town where it’s located.

It’s reputation is that of a mean and nasty place filled with dumb, violent Negro criminals.

Sheboon guards at the prison are in the news today for giving aid and comfort to their fellow chimps.

The Advocate

Following investigations into misconduct at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, four officers were arrested and resigned, and two have been administratively sanctioned since Saturday, said Department of Corrections spokesman Ken Pastorick.



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