London Mayor Sadiq Khan Adds Knife Control to Gun Ban in Response to Knife Attacks


Never a reason to carry a knife? How about for self-defense.

I use my Walmart special to cut tape, string, food, and once in a while as a screwdriver. Sadiq Khan is lying and he damn well knows it.

The Independent

Anyone buying a knife online will be banned from having it sent to a residential address, under a government crackdown following a surge in street stabbings.

New legislation, to be brought forward within weeks, will also make it illegal to possess zombie knives and knuckledusters in private – or any knife on further education premises.

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London teens ‘stabbing each other for new game called “Scores” where each knife attack earns a “respect point”‘

The race traitor British government sowed the wind and is now reaping the whirlwind.

Today’s news about the stabbing game in London comes on top of a white man charged with murder for killing an armed black burglar inside his home and Prince Harry going ahead with his plans to marry his ape woman.

“Teens” is the universal code word in the media for Negro youths.

Excerpt from The Sun

LONDON teens are stabbing each other to earn kudos on the streets in a dangerous scoring system, it has been claimed.

The shocking points system, known as Scores, reportedly sees teens earn points for each person they stab – earning them credit among the gangs taking over the city.

Chris Preddie, who grew up on the fringes of gangs and drugs and has been recognised for his work with London’s youth, said a number of young people had told him about the system that egged them into committing crimes.


I guess Britain will soon require a license to buy any knife, screwdriver, or anything else that can be used to stab people

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Britain: 78-Year-Old Pensioner Arrested for MURDER After Stabbing Armed BLACK Burglar INSIDE His Home


British law shows how a government that is even more anti-white than the American government works.

Judging from the shocking facts related to the arrest of Mr. Brooks, pictured above, there’s never any justification for killing a Negro. Any harm to any Negro for any reason will get a white man arrested.

The United States was on the verge of corrupting its legal system to more closely resemble Britain’s when President Obama was surprisingly replaced by Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton.

I suppose Mr. Brooks was supposed to allow the Negro burglar inside his home stab him to death rather than resist. This is what the legal system in America will be like unless we resist.

Excerpt from Sky News

The pensioner arrested on suspicion of murdering a suspected burglar in his home is 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks, Sky sources say.

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UK “World’s BestTeacher” Wins $1 Million Prize for Learning a Few Words in 35 Languages

A “British” teacher who has what I believe to be a Greek name is taking home a cool million for her work with ethnics enrolled in her London school.

Among Andria Zafirakou’s accomplishments are her ability to speak a few words in the 35 languages spoken by pupils at the school.

Imagine a classroom as a zoo with babbling worthy of the Tower of Babel.

Sky News

A teacher at a Brent secondary school has won the prestigious Global Teacher Prize.

Andria Zafirakou, who works at Alperton Community College, picked up the award worth $1m (£717,000) at a ceremony in Dubai on Sunday.

It is the first time a UK teacher has claimed the award from education charity the Varkey Foundation.

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Britanny Pettibone and Martin Selner Released by Brits, Deported and Banned from U.K.

Trump supporter and all around awake celebrity journalist Brittany Pettibone has been released from a London, England prison and deported following the police getting wind of her plan to interview Tommy Robinson, the pro-British activist opposed to open borders for Britain.

She’s in Vienna now, along with Euro identitarian boyfriend Martin Selner, who is less well known to Americans.

The British police state has once again exercised its muscle. Even American president Donald Trump has put off plans to go to Britain because of cowardly Teresa May’s cucking.

Gateway Pundit

On Sunday, after three days of being locked up inside of London’s Colnbrook Bypass prison, Brittany Pettibone and her boyfriend were released and traveled to Vienna.

They received a warm welcome in Vienna.

Video and interview via Tommy Robinson:

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Orwellian British Police Detain Identarian Martin Selner and GF Brittany Pettibone Who Came to London to Make a Speech


Excerpt from Voice of Europe

The UK has detained Identitarian leader Martin Sellner and his girlfriend Brittany Pettibone for having the audacity of wanting to hold a speech at the Speaker’s Corner in London.

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Tommy Robinson Attacked by Masked Leftists Outside London McDonald’s

Tommy Robinson, born Stephen Yaxley, attracts unwanted attention for his unorthodox views about politics, religion, and race. Yesterday, we saw him punch an aggressive black migrant in Italy. Today’s new video shows a gang of thugs attacking him.

At the bottom of this post is the video showing Robinson’s latest scrap, followed by the worthless response by the British police. His woman cameraperson was also attacked. While I was spending the four minutes watching the attack, the number of views exploded from 12,000 to 19,000. This one’s going viral.

EDL founder Tommy Robinson claims he was “violently attacked by left wing extremists” outside a McDonald’s on a retail park in London.

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