Black Tranny Claims Rape Hours After Judge Refuses to Move “Her” to Women’s Prison

The trannies at the university were all crazy as loons.

Nothing any of them say should be trusted, a black tranny especially.

Obviously, IMO this one is claiming rape in order to force the authorities to move “her” to a women’s prison.

The Independent via Yahoo

A transgender inmate says she was raped at a men’s prison hours after a judge threw out her request to block corrections officers from keeping her in a disciplinary unit.

Nigs always want special treatment. Simply accepting and following the rules isn’t in their DNA. This one is even worse, infected with a warped mind that’s telling him that he’s a she.

This particular nig has created an extraordinary amount of trouble for everyone, according to the story.

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Mystery Meat Lesbian Calls Killing of CHEATING WIFE a “mistake”

Atteraka Scotland, the alleged wife killer pictured above, is so manly she almost redefines the meaning of the word “dyke.”

She also almost redefines the meaning of the word “stupid.” Tiffany Scotland, the deceased “wife” had stab wounds. You’re not going to believe how Atteraka explains those knife wounds away.

I don’t think the police believe it either.

CBS News

REDMOND, Wash. – A Washington woman accused of killing her wife and leaving her beneath a carpet in their shared bedroom told police it was a “mistake.” Aterraka Scotland, 27, was arrested on Thursday for the murder of Tiffany Scotland, 26.

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Colored Lady Tells Police that the Wind Blew the Cocaine into Her Purse


A rather biscuit-lipped gentlelady of color explained to police that the cocaine in her purse must have gotten there courtesy of a windy day in Florida.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Rejects DNA Test to Prove She’s a Chug

There are very few people as dislikeable as Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama.

Senator Pocahontas is a liar. More than that, she’s abrasive. Whatever femininity she once had has disappeared into the black hole of leftist/feminist causes.

If she were really a Native American, she’d take the DNA test that she’s been challenged to take.

New York Post

WASHINGTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren batted down calls for her to take a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage in an interview that aired Sunday.

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Dindu School Bus Driver Accused of Speeding and on Phone in Crash that Killed Six Youngsters


A rasta-man type Negro school driver charged with multiple felonies in the crash that took a half dozen lives, which I believe were all black elementary school children, has taken the witness stand in his trial.

Naturally, rasta man testified that he dindu nuffins. The crash was caused by a WHITE car that he swerved to avoid hitting.


The bus driver on trial for his role in the death of six elementary school students said in court Wednesday that the fatal crash occurred after he veered away from a white vehicle that was encroaching into his lane.

Cleaned up for trial:

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Facebook Bans Laura Loomer for Exposing Liar David Hogg

Laura’s 30 day ban from Facebook comes on the heels of a weeklong ban from Twitter.

Not even a Jew who comes close to telling the truth is being allowed to speak the truth on our dominant social media platforms.

Many of you know that Alex Jones is one strike away from being banned from youtube. And Mike Cernovice and Loomer, along with Jack Pesobiec, were banned from publishing platform Medium

The ban on the Daily Stormer, more severe than any other, along with these bans on the alt-light and merchant right, show that the totalitarian left controls the agenda for now. The only solution I’ve seen is to declare them public utilities, where the First Amendment would apply.

Big League Politics

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer received a 30-day banishment from Facebook Monday after she wrote a post calling student and gun control activist David Hogg a liar.

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University Gives Darkie Football Player Award for Completing Court-Ordered Community Service for Assault


Washington State U. literally rewarded a Pacific Islander football player for obeying court orders associated with a criminal conviction.

It shows how low into the depths of depravity universities have sunk.

New York Daily News

Washington State linebacker Logan Tago was given the University’s CCE Community Involvement Award Thursday after he completed 240 civil engagement hours this past fall. While the Washington State website says Tago “volunteered,” the service was actually court-ordered.

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