(((Critics))) Rave Over New Negro-Worshiping Documentary “I am not your Negro.” (Video)

The deceased gay Negro James Baldwin’s unpublished work has served as the inspiration for a new documentary that has critics raving. The trailer is embedded above.

In this documentary history of the Negro in America, old black and white footage shows a white person holding a hand lettered sign that says:


Who indeed, other than the left who needs the Negro in order to beat the white population into submission, via accusations of white oppression leading to white guilt.

As his Wikipedia page reveals, James Baldwin was a huge influence on liberals desiring to push the “civil rights” and homosexual agendas on America.

This is one movie I won’t be seeing.


Media and Government Silent as Muslim Bakeries in Michigan Refuse to Make Cake for Sodomite Wedding (Video)

A hidden camera captures Muzzies practicing their religious beliefs, a privilege denied Christians in America.

Let the ACLU explain why they won’t represent the sodomites wanting their cake.

Man gets 30 years for setting fire to Orlando gunman’s mosque

Confessed arsonist Joseph Schreiber doesn’t look white. Could he be a Jew?

Schreiber has a criminal record and a history of making anti-Muslim statements on the Internet.

He destroyed the Orlando gay nightclub shooter’s mosque by setting it on fire.

One source I consulted claims that his harsh sentence is related to his prior record as a felon, although no details of his earlier crimes were provided except for mention of an armed robbery.


he man accused of setting fire to a mosque frequented by Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen has been sentenced to 30 years in prison after pleading no contest to arson, according to St. Lucie County Prosecutor Steve Gosnell.

Joseph Schreiber, 32, was accused of setting fire to the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce on the evening of September 11, 2016. Mateen, who killed 49 people at the Orlando nightclub in June, had attended the mosque.

No one was inside when the fire started, authorities said. St. Lucie County crews responded after two drivers called 911 to report flames on the building’s roof.

“Surveillance footage from cameras on the building revealed that a white or Hispanic male arrived on motorcycle at approximately 11:38 p.m.,” according to a statement released at the time by the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office. “In the video, it appears he is carrying paper and a bottle of some type of liquid. The male approaches the northeast side of the building and a flash is seen, presumably when the fire ignited. The male is then seen running from the building.”

Schreiber, a Floridian, was identified and arrested in connection with the fire two days later. He was charged with arson of a structure evidencing prejudice.

Gosnell said Schreiber’s plea of no contest Monday was adjudicated as a guilty plea.

Mateen had attended the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce since 2003, Imam Syed Shafeeq Rahman told CNN last year. Mateen usually came for Friday prayers before the rampage at the Orlando nightclub on June 12.

Rahman said the mosque preached a peaceful message.

“So far, as we here in Fort Pierce are concerned, we are always very conscious — consciously speaking about peace, about love, about unity,” Rahman told CNN in a previous interview. “We came to this country; this country gave us everything.”

The mosque had also been attended by Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, a Florida man who became the first known American suicide bomber in Syria.

One of the mosque’s attendees told CNN that the Fort Pierce Islamic Center was “like any other mosque.”

“It’s simple, friendly,” Bedar Bakht said in June. “Our imam is very good at explaining things. We never hear any stupid things coming out from anybody. It’s very low key.”

A building isn’t the problem. That’s what’s wrong with burning down a mosque.

The problem is the presence of Muslims on American soil. Joseph Schreiber would have done better if he persuaded a few Muslims to leave for their homelands.

Is Super Bowl Quarterback Tom Brady a Tranny?


The New York Daily News has a snarky article on Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady. Since it’s devoid of much in the way of information, there’s no need to quote it. It basically says it’s OK for men to kiss other men on the lips.

Although the article is stupid junk, it dovetails into an interesting video I saw last night that claims that Tom Brady and his wife are Illuminati trannies.

The video purports to show how to identify a tranny by looking carefully at the curvature of the body around the pelvic area. I’ve embedded it below. Not so much because I believe Brady is a tranny, but because of the theories regarding pelvic structure in males vs females.

I once knew a male-to-female tranny who told me that “her” boyfriend did not know he was having sex with someone born a man. Although I never saw her naked, in her fully clothed self she appeared to be a woman. “She” projected a very strong sexual interest in all men, including me. At today’s inclusive university, you meet all kinds. She apparently had her penis surgically converted into a vagina, although I never pursued that line of conversation. It’s rather distasteful.

Probably the most popular tranny in America today calls herself Ms. Blaire White. Here are several pictures of her/him. Lots of heterosexual males find her attractive. I’ve never paid much attention to her, but I believe she has a large following of males on youtube.

Here’s the Tom Brady video. Whether Brady is a tranny or not, there’s a goodly number of claims on the Internet regarding his alleged homosexuality. You might check out this 10 minute video with an open mind, if the subject of identifying trannies interests you.

For single males who are in the dating scene, you ought to think about this issue unless you want to find yourself in a romantic relationship with a male. Lots of guys have been fooled.

11 Year Old “Gender Fluid” Actor Eligible for Honors as Both Male and Female

When you think you’re a boy and a girl at the same time, and adults indulge your nonsense, the inmates in the asylum will cheer.


A gender-fluid 11-year-old Vancouver actor is eligible for consideration in both male and female performance categories at British Columbia’s Leo Awards, the annual prize celebrating the province’s film and TV industry.

Vancouver actor Ameko Eks Mass Carroll’s performance in the short film Limina has been accepted for consideration in male and female acting categories.

“We are proud to join our colleagues at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in recognizing the importance of inclusivity when honouring artistic excellence” Leo Awards president Walter Daroshin, who is also chair of the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia, said in a statement Friday.

Gender-fluid actor, comedian and musician Kelly Mantle, who appeared in the film Confessions of a Womanizer, recently became the first performer accepted for consideration in both male and female performance categories for the Oscars.

In Limina — completed in December and heading to film festivals in Portland, Ore., and Kamloops, B.C., — Carroll stars as a curious, gender-fluid child named Alessandra who “embarks on a path of kindness” while interacting with the townspeople of a “quaint and picturesque village,” according to a plot summary of the film.

‘Trans people make significant contributions both behind and in front of the camera and they need to be seen and heard,’ said Limina director-producer Joshua M. Ferguson. (Turbid Lake Pictures)

“I would love to give the Leo Awards a ginormous thanks for making people under the trans umbrella feel more welcomed in the world,” Carroll said.

“The courage that I got being on the set of Limina showed me that I should always feel confident the way I am and that I should not hide the truth.”

The motion picture is co-produced and directed by Florian Halbedl and Joshua M. Ferguson.

Ferguson says one of the film’s goals is to highlight trans diversity.

“This is a clear statement to the Canadian film and TV industry, and the general public, in recognizing the importance of gender diversity inclusivity,” Ferguson said.

“Trans people make significant contributions both behind and in front of the camera and they need to be seen and heard.”

Limina is scheduled to screen at the Portland Kids’ Film Festival on Feb. 5 and the Kamloops Film Festival on March 5. The 2017 Leo Awards will take place this spring.


Carroll was born a boy and identifies as that gender some days, on others a girl, and sometimes as neither.

“Most of the time it’s pretty hard to know what I’m going to be that day because I just change most of the time, once in a while, every single day and sometimes I feel neither,” said Carroll.

The boy’s explanation of his “gender fluidity” sounds like a disturbed mind. Instead of trying to help the kid put his mind at peace, the film industry feeds into his disturbance to promote some kind of weird cultural agenda. So sick and sad!

The White House’s LGBT page disappeared after Trump sworn in

Obama must have had a White House page for every crackpot leftist cause you can think of. But of course, no page addressing the concerns of working class or middle class white people who work their butts off to pay the taxes that keep the fat cats in government rolling in catnip.

Sodomites fake attacks on themselves in order to get more $$$ from government. This 2013 Mark Dice video offers a few minutes of examples of how fags have played the government.

Trump was right to remove the LGBT page. Hopefully, it stays gone.


It appears the White House’s climate change site isn’t the only thing to have swiftly gotten the chop after Donald Trump was sworn in.

Just moments after Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, the website’s LGBT rights page has completely disappeared.

The LGBT community in the US has been getting increasingly worried about their rights under the new Trump administration.

Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence, is notorious for his anti-LGBT views and policies. As Governor of Indiana, he passed some of the most rigid, homophobic laws in the country.

If you try to visit what was once the White House’s LGBT page, you will now see this.

Whether this is because the administration is yet to put up its own page, or because LGBT rights are going to be drastically cut down, this could signal dark times ahead for the community.

“Dark times?” LOL. The MSM has brainwashed the public into an insane obsession with “gay rights,” which the Supreme Court has already ruled on. You can legally sodomize another man, if you’re so inclined. Trump can’t stop you. He might be able to get you the help you need though.

This Mark Dice interview video is hilarious.


Black Singer Backs Out on Inauguration After “Uncle Tom” Backlash

One of my commenters used to say that you can always count on blacks to stick with other blacks, no matter what. That’s not entirely true, but for sure, the black entertainer pictured above, Jennifer Holliday, is protecting her career after a backlash from blacks and homosexuals for her agreeing to sing a song at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

In all honesty, I don’t know the entertainer Jennifer Holliday. I’m not sure she’ll be missed by the Inauguration crowd.


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Broadway star Jennifer Holliday has backed out as a performer at next week’s presidential inaugural following protests from her gay and black fans, further dimming the event’s already low celebrity wattage.

Holliday said it was painful to read racial epithets, insults such as “Uncle Tom” and people wishing that she were dead “just for singing a song.” She had been scheduled to sing the Stephen Foster song “Hard Times Come Again No More.”

“I had no idea it would be interpreted as a political statement,” she said. “That’s my fault for not paying attention to what the climate is like in the country right now.”

She cited an article by Kevin Fallon in The Daily Beast, which explained why Holliday’s role as Effie in “Dreamgirls” made her an icon in the gay and lesbian community during the initial AIDS outbreak in the 1980s. In that context, learning Holliday was performing at the inaugural “feels like a betrayal,” Fallon wrote. “It is heartbreaking.”

It’s interesting that homosexuals feel so threatened by Trump, who seems to support just about everything faggoty. It’s similar to how Jews feel threatened too, although there is no bigger supporter of Israel than Trump.

The issue that no one talks about is that Trump is explicitly advocating policies that would help white working people instead of policies that would continue the War on Whites that has been ongoing for 50 years now.

Trump’s crime is that he is not explicitly anti-white, as are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, among many others in politics, including RINO Paul Ryan.

Believe me, talent is not in short supply. I’ve seen little bars feature bands and singers who are just as good as the big names, but who refuse to s*ck Jew d*ck, and thus stay marginalized in the Jewish controlled entertainment industry.

Trump should just get talented ordinary people without a big name to sing for him.