Weeks Before His Death Michael Jackson Sent Chilling Letters Predicting His Murder

Yes, he was a mess and no, we don’t really care to worship America’s pop idol with the feet of clay and the plastic face.

However, if he was murdered by (((them))) as he thought he was going to be, then imagine the chutzpah. (((They))) have the power to kill with impunity and blame it on someone else, in this case, Michael Jackson’s doctor.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Michael Jackson predicted he would be murdered in handwritten notes he gave to a friend weeks before his death of a drugs overdose in 2009.

The letters will bolster the belief of many, including Jackson’s daughter Paris and sister La Toya, that the King of Pop was unlawfully killed.

In the 13 messages he declared: ‘They are trying to murder me’ and ‘I am scared about my life.’

Their existence has been revealed for the first time by German businessman Michael Jacobshagen, 34 – who maintained a two-decade-long friendship with the star – in an interview with broadcaster Daphne Barak for Australian TV show Sunday Night.

Jacobshagen tells Barak how a tearful Jackson called him from a Las Vegas hideaway. The star was preparing for a tour at London’s O2 but begged his friend to fly from Germany to the US to be with him.

‘He was in emotional meltdown saying, ‘They are going to murder me,’ ‘ Jacobshagen recalled. After he flew out and spent three days with the troubled star, Jackson handed Jacobshagen the notes. Jacobshagen said that the notes kept telling him ‘they’ were trying to murder Jackson.

The singer never clarified who ‘they’ were but some notes refer to concert promoters AEG, which was organising concerts in London that he was shortly due to perform.

One said: ‘AEG. Make so much pressure to me… I’m scared about my life.’

The Thriller singer was found dead just weeks later.

The official cause of death was an overdose of the sedative propofol. His personal doctor Conrad Murray served two years of a four-year jail sentence after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for administering a lethal dose of the drug.

It isn’t at all clear that Jacobshagen is a reliable source. I believe he may be Jewish. Perhaps his motive is to tell the truth, but perhaps it’s to earn some shekels and get some fame.

However, if AEG had Jackson’s life insured, then killing for insurance money is a good bet.


Best Selling Jewish Writer Famous for Weird Porn Novels Bashes Trump as Ignorant Con Man


Writer Philip Roth became famous in 1969 for his novel Portnoy’s Complaint, which focused on sick Jewish sexual themes.

From Wikipedia:

Portnoy’s Complaint (1969) is the American novel that turned its author Philip Roth into a major celebrity, sparking a storm of controversy over its explicit and candid treatment of sexuality, including detailed depictions of masturbation using various props including a piece of liver.[2] The novel tells the humorous monologue of “a lust-ridden, mother-addicted young Jewish bachelor,” who confesses to his psychoanalyst in “intimate, shameful detail, and coarse, abusive language.”[3][4] Many of its characteristics (comedic prose; themes of sexual desire and sexual frustration; a self-conscious literariness) went on to become Roth trademarks.

Even as a youth I instinctively avoided all things overtly Jewish. Thus, while I used to read a lot of novels, I’ve avoided reading novels written by Jews. The abnormal sexual depravity turned me off. Naturally, Jewish critics love to praise the works of Jewish writers. Roth’s works are no exception, but I feel I have missed nothing by not reading them.

It doesn’t surprise me that a perverted, sex-obsessed Jew is lashing out at President Donald Trump. Tearing things down in a mean way is what Jews do. It’s cultural with them. It’s foreign to us goyim. At least it used to be. Now, it seems like half of us at least have been Jewed.

Jewish Forward

Novelist Philip Roth has lashed out at President Trump as an ignorant “con man” who could do untold damage to the country.

The retired “Portnoy’s Complaint” author told the New Yorker that Trump makes other polarizing Republicans like Richard Nixon and George W. Bush look angelic by comparison.

“Trump is ignorant of government, of history, of science, of philosophy, of art, incapable of expressing or recognizing subtlety or nuance, destitute of all decency,” Roth told the magazine in a string of emails. He “wield(s) a vocabulary of seventy-seven words that is better called Jerkish than English.”

The emails from the 83-year-old Roth came in response to uncanny parallels between the Trump’s win and his famous 2004 alternate history novel “The Plot Against America”, in which Charles Lindbergh taking over as president.

Roth insisted he never dreamt of the novel as being a warning about the rise of a Trump-like figure to the pinnacle of power.

“It isn’t Trump as a character, a human type—the real-estate type, the callow and callous killer capitalist—that outstrips the imagination,” he said “It is Trump as President of the United States.”

Jewish paranoia is on full display in Roth. It’s no wonder that Jews are so roundly disliked.

Haaretz is also covering Roth’s anti-Trump screeching. The New Yorker is also solidly backing Roth’s smear job on the Donald.