Muzzie Convenience Store Owner Arrested for Shooting Dindu Beer Thief


A sand nigger has learned via his arrest that in America, you’re not allowed to hurt a hair on the head of the sacred negro gods.

When a negro god becomes thirsty, you must give him something to drink. It’s in the Negro Bible somewhere, isn’t it?

Three cases of beer in this case. A minor sacrifice to placate the black gods.

Fox News

A gas station store owner in Florida was arrested after he allegedly shot a man who stole roughly $36 worth of beer from his shop.

Watch the video of the theft and the shooting taken by security cams, embedded below.

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Nashville Water Park Brawl Allegedly Sparked by Racial Slurs

Never get into a pool wid a nigra fambly.

Bad things happen when you do.

A TV news report that includes some footage from the brawl is embedded at the bottom of this post.

Patch Tennessee

NASHVILLE, TN — Metro Police broke up a huge brawl at Wave Country Saturday but made no arrests because, they say, it was impossible to say who was responsible.

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Creator of Pepe the Frog Forces Daily Stormer to Remove the Alt-Right Icon

The Daily Stormer says it is the most censored publication in history. I can believe it.

Raw Story

Pepe has been disappeared from neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer.

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The Right Man for the Job: SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh Once Called Hillary Clinton a “bitch”

While looking for evidence about how the people who hate traditional America would go about slandering President Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, I checked out one of the older, radical leftist sites, Mother Jones.

Surprisingly, MJ has put together a piece on Judge Kavanaugh that follows the history of his career, including his role in investigating the Clintons back in the 90s. The piece seems fair enough, not biased like the noise and clamor on Twitter tonight.

I’m posting an excerpt, but if you click on the link and read the whole article, you’ll know more about Brett Kavanaugh than 99 percent of the population. Kavanaugh comes off looking pretty good, if you favor the rule of law.

Mother Jones

President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he is nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to fill the seat of retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kavanaugh, a 53-year-old judge on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, was long rumored to be a top choice for the job, and he brings a reliably conservative track record to the bench.

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Maniac Who Threatened to Murder Rand Paul’s Family Revealed as Berkeley Leftist with a Sick Mind

President Donald Trump is rolling back Obama’s legacy. However, there’s one part of that legacy that lives on. That’s Obama’s creation of a violent leftist army of nutjobs.

Obama rarely spouted violent rhetoric himself. He was too smart for that. His technique was to fan the flames of dissatisfaction with America among the losers of the world.

It worked very nicely on Nathanial Blaine Luffman, pictured above.


Man Who Threatened to Murder Rand Paul’s Children is an Obama-Supporting Berkeley Resident

The man who threatened to “hack to pieces” Rand Paul and his family is a Berkeley resident who wanted Obama to be lifetime president.

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Andrew Anglin’s Lawyer Defending Alex Jones in Sandy Hook Lawsuits


Smart people may not agree with everything Alex Jones and Andrew Anglin have to say, but they want the right to hear the thoughts of these two unconventional thinkers.

If the plaintiffs who’ve filed lawsuits against Alex prevail in court, Infowars is history. Ditto the Daily Stormer if Anglin loses his legal battle.

The lawyers representing the Sandy Hook families are Jews, if you think that’s relevant.

Of course, these legal battles could all be kabuki theater designed with a predetermined outcome. Jones (and Anglin) could be Deep State double agents, intending to give us an outlet for our justified, righteous anger, while keeping the (((power elites))) in power and safe from a real revolution.

New York Times

Alex Jones, an online conspiracy theorist who claims the Sandy Hook massacre that killed 20 children and six adults was a hoax, has hired lawyers representing a founder of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website to defend him against defamation claims brought in Connecticut by families of seven Sandy Hook victims.

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Man Arrested for Threatening to Chop Up Senator Rand Paul’s Family with an Ax

As politicians go, Senator Rand Paul is one of the most genuine, if not the most genuine one out there. Mitt Romney, for example, is easily seen for the phony he is when you contrast him with Rand.

When Trump and Rand have different policy positions, Trump should listen to Rand. Rand seems to want to keep Trump out of trouble.

What the (((Deep State))) is trying to do is use Rand as a punching bag, making his life so terrifying that no one not under Deep State control will ever want to run for public office again.

Between that neighbor who beat him up bad and got a 30 day sentence for it, and this new terrorist taking aim at Rand, he needs and has security at every single moment in his life.

ABC News

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul said police have arrested a man who threatened to chop up his family with an ax.

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