Filthy, Disgusting, Rotten to the Core Leftists Smear Mike Pence’s Pet Bunny Rabbit

Watch your sorry ass, John Oliver (whoever the hell you are).

Mike Pence moonlights as Race Bannon and he’s coming after you.

Reddit discusses whether obnoxious Oliver might be Jewish here.

Glenn Beck

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, have a black and white pet bunny rabbit named Marlon Bundo. He is a popular bunny, with close to 23,000 followers on Instagram.

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Criminal Case Dropped Against Female SJW Who Grabbed Trump Supporter’s MAGA Cap


Excerpt from Oregon Live

Prosecutors have dropped criminal charges against a 30-year-old woman who grabbed a pro-Trump hat off of an apparent alt-right demonstrator and threw it on the ground.

Kelly Marshall Baur was scheduled to go to trial this week on charges of misdemeanor harassment for taking the hat off of Jacob Lortie’s head on June 4 as a crowd of Patriot Prayer demonstrators were disbanding from a “Trump Free Speech Rally” in downtown Portland.

Baur claims to be a farmer and filmmaker. The linked article implies she’s a parasite. Her actions suggest she’s a psycho.

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Republican Candidate from Maine Who Called Repulsive Parkland Crisis Actor a “skinhead lesbian” Drops Out of Race


Never apologize, never quit. Not if you’ve told the truth, no matter how politically incorrect and how much fake outrage social justice warriors sputter on Twitter.

The Independent

A Republican candidate who called one victim of the Florida school shooting a “skinhead lesbian” and referred to another as “bald-faced liar” has quit the race for the Maine House of Representatives.

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Tommy Robinson Attacked by Masked Leftists Outside London McDonald’s

Tommy Robinson, born Stephen Yaxley, attracts unwanted attention for his unorthodox views about politics, religion, and race. Yesterday, we saw him punch an aggressive black migrant in Italy. Today’s new video shows a gang of thugs attacking him.

At the bottom of this post is the video showing Robinson’s latest scrap, followed by the worthless response by the British police. His woman cameraperson was also attacked. While I was spending the four minutes watching the attack, the number of views exploded from 12,000 to 19,000. This one’s going viral.

EDL founder Tommy Robinson claims he was “violently attacked by left wing extremists” outside a McDonald’s on a retail park in London.

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“Blacks with Brains:” Punjabi Immigrants are Taking Over and Turning Against White Americans

When people write about “Indians,” readers often have to pause and ask what type of Indian is the subject of discussion, the dothead or the featherhead.

I’m going to go with Punjabi from here on, or maybe Hindoo, to make clearer that it’s the Asian Indian under discussion.

The Punjabis I knew at the university were nice folks. They were being brought in as professors since there just aren’t very many Mexicans smart enough to really do the job of professoring. No blacks either.

Recently, however, there have been more news reports of Hindoos speaking out against white people in a very leftist sort of way. They’ve bought into Jewish PC, sad to say.

To make matters worse, Punjabis are at this very moment running some of America’s biggest corporations. They’re reflecting their leftist, anti-white values in company policies.

Damn it!

The Hindoos are taking over our country!!! And nobody has noticed yet.

Like millions of other non-whites, and not a few white ethnomasochists, many have begun to adopt the increasingly hegemonic anti-white, anti-West, positions disseminated in our university system, and on cultural Marxist websites like Salon.


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Antifa Threats and Violence Nearly Shut Down Richard Spencer’s MSU Speech

Once upon a time, the left pretended to stand for free speech. That was just a ploy to get pornography legalized and accepted by normal people.

Today, there’s no pretense. The left routinely engages in threats and violence in order to shut down speakers who aren’t hard left.

The press cooperates by throwing around the term “white supremacist,” a smear that even Donald Trump has experienced over and over.

I looked at three stories about Richard Spencer’s MSU speech on Monday. The Chicago Tribune offers a biased report, but it’s still better than HuffPo and the SPLC came up with.

Spencer failed to turn out a large crowd of students. The truth is that there were probably many who wanted to hear him but were too afraid to run the gauntlet of terror set up by the left at MSU.

Chicago Tribune

Fights broke out between white supremacists and protesters Monday as anti-fascist activists, students and community members converged in and around Michigan State University to counter a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer.

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Richard Spencer’s Speech at MSU Tonight Prompts Libturd Student and Faculty Fundraiser for Leftist Causes

The rat bastards in charge of Michigan State University have done everything legal to stop Richard Spencer from speaking on campus.

In spite of their attempted censorship, he’s speaking tonight anyway.

However, they put him in the university’s cattle pavilion in the middle of a field, away from the main campus. Richard may be speaking while standing in a cow patty.

His campus appearance is expected to draw large numbers of leftist protesters, some of them violent Antifa. From a police perspective, this could get interesting.

Lefturds are responding by setting up a fund for faggots, African immigrants, illegals, and other garbage that has washed ashore in America. Naturally, there’s a JEW behind the effort.

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