Leaked Twitter Shadowban List Shows Bias Against Truth, Conservatives

Richard Spencer, Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Brittany Pettibone, Lew Rockwell, and a host of other “racists,” truth tellers, and conservatives are on the list.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is destroying his own creation with his insane leftist nonsense. Be aware that this is only a partial list. More shadowbanned users are yet to be revealed by the leak.

Breitbart explains how a Twitter shadowban works.

Just in case Twitter suspends Tennessee GOP, here’s another Tweet that has the list.

Anarchofeminist Professor Wants You to Turn Queer Too!

sandra jeppesen

Imagine a world in which the old normal has been completely destroyed, replaced by a new normal that follows leftist/feminist/anarchist norms.

Even if you are attracted to the opposite sex in this brave new world, if you are male,you act according to traditional feminine norms, while your female partner acts according to traditional male norms. In short, men act like lesbian women, while women act like gay men. It’s called queering heterosexuality.

Your penis has been replaced by BOB, your partner’s Battery Operated Boyfriend (a vibrating dildo). I suppose that vaginal sex with her is out. Is anal in? I have no idea.

Queering heterosexuality flips the script. That much is for sure.

A number of my students were queer heterosexuals. For example, one very attractive 20 year old coed once suggested some sort of bizarre sex that I did not completely understand at the time, since I was not aware of queer heterosexuality at the time. I THINK (not sure) that what she suggested was some sort of threesome that involved her, me, and another male professor, with somebody wearing a strap on dildo. I’m not sure if that somebody was her or one of us males. I know that following queer norms that we men would be anally penetrated, possibly by each other or by her and her strap on.

This kind of (to me) bizarre sexuality permeates college campuses today. They learn it from pron and they learn it from profs–feminist profs, not men.

The author of “queering heterosexualities”, Sandra Jeppesen, being a good feminist/anarchist does not use capital letters in her paper, excerpted below. How’s that for rebellion?

First, an excerpt from one of the professor’s older publications, from the journal fishpiss. Here she does capitalize.

How to go Insane in Ten Easy Steps
Sandra Jeppesen

1. Skip two grades in grade school, move six times to six different cities, never make any close friends. Hate everybody, they probably hated you first. Be a shit-disturber in class. Swear precociously. Get into fights at school and get sent to the office a lot. Learn to say the alphabet backwards from Z. Fight with your parents about everything. Snigger secretly because you know you are smarter than they are. When they hit you, hit back. Lie to your friends (when you have them) about your black eyes, your broken teeth.

2. Go to university when you are sixteen. Study pure mathematics or quantum physics. Pierce one eyebrow, your bellybutton and both nipples. Shave your head. Read Sylvia Plath and like it. Hang out with people who are more fucked up than you. They will be hard to find. Don’t get discouraged, keep looking. Drop lots of acid with them, control your hallucinations, get cramped cheeks from laughing so hard. Drop ten hits the night before you have to go to the suburbs for Father’s Day. You are still tripping. Listen to your father trying to have a heart-to-heart with you for maybe the first time ever. Look him straight in the eye and say, Y’know Dad, you always did remind me of Elvis. Never laugh when you are straight. This will not be often.

My interpretation of this writing is that while there is an element of satire and trolling, that she is proud of being mental.

I assume that piece is autobiographical. It exhibits a certain detachment from reality. The next piece certainly is autobiographical:

Excerpt from The Anarchist Library. I’ve broken up her long paragraph for readabilty.

in this piece i will be considering the impact that taking on queer politics has had in my life, thinking through ways that queering anarchism might happen in the lives of anarchists and anti-authoritarians who society may identify as heterosexual due to the sex and/ or gender of the object of their desire, but who ourselves disidentify with all things straight, perhaps even with the subject-position of heterosexual.

what does this mean? this means that we are working on queering straight-seeming spaces, that we are straight-ish allies of queer struggles, challenging heteronormativity in the anarchist movement, as well as in the mainstream spaces we inhabit, from workplaces to families, from classrooms to cultural productions.

this piece itself is one intervention that attempts to queer the space of narrative and theory, through non-capitalization[1], on the one hand, and on the other hand, through mobilizing a personal narrative to think through or theorize the queering of heterosexuality and the de-heteronormativizing of ‘straight-acting’ spaces.

through an examination of the queering of hetero-space from an anarchist perspective, a liberatory politics of sexualities and genders emerges that intersects with anarchaqueer liberation[2] in challenging dominant forms of social organization including the state, marriage, capitalism, parenting, love relationships, friendships, families, and other important sites of anarchist politics and struggle.

non-normative sexuality means, among other things, that people ditch sexual norms, and just hook up with and have long-term relationships with whoever inspires them, doing whatever they are into sexually.

for me, sometimes this is women, sometimes it is men. often it is with people who are not my age. when i was younger i dated older people and now that i’m a bit older i seem to date younger people. these are more or less the people i seem to find myself hanging out with.

i don’t really see age as an interesting way of dividing people. my friendships have always been across ages and even generations. my current partner is more than ten years younger than me. when we got together we were polyamorous and, although we communicated well and had great sex, we weren’t taking the relationship too seriously. it was lots of fun. we both had other partners, but soon that kind of went away, and we made more of an explicit commitment to each other, first to be primary partners, and then to be monogamous. i’ve always felt a little ambivalent about this decision.

recently i moved to another town, and we decided to be poly, although neither of us have acted on it yet.

There’s an introduction to Queer Sexuality at Wikipedia. This article on queer heterosexuals is also informative.

Here’s a short video that introduces students to their queer/anarchist/feminist/bisexual professor:

This is what taxpayer dollars are buying today. Is it any wonder that students emerge confused and ignorant.

david bowie in dress

Ahmed the Clock Bomb Boy Met with Muslim War Criminal in Africa, Heads for WH to Meet Obama on Monday

clock bomb boy meets al bashir

Sand turd Ahmed the clock bomb boy (Ahmed Mohamed) is going to the White House on Monday, where he’s going meet President Obama.

Since the Dallas, Texas turd’s little stunt last month, claiming to be a scientific genius for bring a clock that looked like a bomb to school, he’s not been in school but traveling the world preaching against racism, meeting world leaders in the process, including an alleged Muslim war criminal.

Excerpt from Fox News

Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year old boy arrested after a homemade clock he brought to school was mistaken for a bomb, may be putting President Obama in an awkward situation after meeting with Sudanese president and alleged war criminal Omar al-Bashir just days before a White House event to which he was invited.

Despite the controversy, the White House has not yet announced any change of plans for the invitation or the event – an Astronomy Night scheduled for Monday that brings together NASA astronauts and government scientists with students and teachers.

But as the boy has gone on a tour across the globe to speak out against racism — meeting with Turkish President Ahmet Davutoğlu in New York, and visiting a number of Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia — the visit to his father’s home country of Sudan is raising eyebrows.

He was photographed meeting with al-Bashir on Wednesday, reportedly alongside his father.

The Sudanese leader is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes in Darfur, where he is accused of orchestrating genocide and crimes against humanity. Al-Bashir denies the accusations.

Sudanese human right advocates say that al-Bashir is using the 14-year-old’s visit for his own political benefit.

The Practice of Witchcraft is Surging Among Young Women

scary sexy witch

Witchcraft is seen to be a means of promoting left wing politics to women. It’s sold to young feminists as a way of overcoming the patriarchy.

Witches are often portrayed as sexy and all powerful. In this way, young males seeking exotic sex can be pulled into a web of witchery from which they may not be able to escape. Young women can practice sexual debauchery, justifying it in the name of spiritual values.

This form of leftist paganism is another sign of the decline of the West. It might be viewed as silly except it really isn’t. It’s dangerous.

It’s one tool among many that is used by the Illuminati conspiracy to pull all of mankind into the worship of Satan.

Excerpted by Paladin Justice from The Guardian

Witchcraft – and the embrace of “magical” practices, like reading tarot cards – has recently experienced a resurgence of sorts among young, creative, politically engaged women.


This is largely reflected in niche corners of US pop culture: 2013’s American Horror Story: Coven, in which witchcraft stood in for girl power, was the most popular American Horror Story season ever. A popular Tumblr blog, Charmcore, purports to be run by three witch sisters; it gives sarcastic “magical” advice and praise of the female celebrities it deems to be “obvious witches”. On the more serious side, teen sensation Rookie magazine has published tarot tutorials along with more standard-issue feminist and fashion advice, and Autostraddle, a popular left-leaning blog for young queer women, has an in-house tarot columnist. Speaking of which, those tarot cards are available in trendy Brooklyn knickknack shops and Urban Outfitters, as well as new age stores. And these days, no one thinks there’s anything weird about herbal medicine and other potions.

sexy witch

“To reclaim the word witch is to reclaim our right, as women, to be powerful,” wrote Starhawk, in her seminal 1979 book The Spiral Dance. “To be a witch is to identify with 9 million victims of bigotry and hatred and to take responsibility for shaping a world in which prejudice claims no more victims.”

“I’ve been involved with this resurgence of interest in spirituality since the 1960s,” Starhawk told me during a phone conversation. “It’s like suddenly the world opened up and people realized there wasn’t just Judaism, Christianity, Islam. There was a whole world of eastern religions and traditions. In the 1970s, with the resurgence of the feminist movement, a lot of us began to investigate a feminist spirituality and the goddess traditions of Europe and the Middle East.”

Wicca, with its focus on a goddess (rather than a male god – though it has those too) and its relatively open approach to creating canon, was a natural fit for many feminist women interested in writing their own spiritual script. But women who weren’t explicitly Wiccan were also drawn to “witchy” ways of processing the world …

It’s tempting to write all this off as fluffy woo-woo stuff (a trivialization of which Starhawk is well aware: “We’re no more nutty than most religions,” she says, “and probably a lot less nutty than some”). But the politics are there, and they hold up; mixed in with the spells and rituals of The Spiral Dance, you will find meditations on sexual violence, ecology and anarchist group building, and thoughts on how men can overcome patriarchal conditioning in order to participate effectively in leftwing activism.


Tyranny and America’s Moral Decline

smashed gay wedding cake male

Last night I read an essay published on Personal Liberty that effectively captures the link between leftist politics and the moral degeneracy of a nation. The excerpt below is the second half of a longer essay.

Concisely, when “tolerance” becomes a nation’s highest value, even among its religions, that nation is doomed. As the old saying goes, “God will not be mocked.”

Personal Liberty

Collectivism is but the political outcome of moral degeneracy. It seems that no modern politician can be elected today without the support — or least not the opposition — of the most degenerate but most powerful group of all, the homosexual lobby, even though it represents no more than 5 percent of the population.

Collectivists are all about democracy — which is the rule of the majority — except in the cases of the supposedly “aggrieved classes.” In support of supposed aggrieved classes or minorities, collectivists use brute power and intimidation to achieve their ends. This is demonstrated in the number of people who have lost their jobs or positions for merely expressing their opinions or their faith.

Under the various banners of power, collectivism recruits the masses into globalism. Such recruitment is the satanic opposite of human reproduction which is God’s way of creating families. Recruitment is the only way homosexuals can increase their numbers, thus the homosexual lobby’s influence over government, public education, the mass media, legislatures and even the military.

Even those “conservative national leaders” who campaign on a “family values” platform inevitably fold to the pressure of the homosexuals, once they arrive in Washington, the District of Corruption. Note my frequent use of quotation marks to denote the deceptions of modern politics. Sorry, but the English language has been corrupted by those who have stolen these terms.

How has the American nation fallen so far that the masses and the politicians not only accept but endorse homosexuality? The answer is: tolerance. The politicians have taught Americans to tolerate everything except that which is Godly.

Note that all major religions focus on “tolerance.” They tolerate everything but Christianity. As has been said, those who preach tolerance do not tolerate preaching.

The secret truth is that homosexuality is another recruitment tool for global collectivism. Globalism, with its underlying principle of collectivism, is not primarily an economic or political development. Globalism, collectivism, homosexuality, the mass murder of infants and euthanasia are all the result of moral decline on a mass scale.


Racial Suicide in Sweden: Hundreds Protest Patriots Fighting Muslim Scum

Somebody in Sweden is doing more than just talking about the Muslim invasion of their country.

Somebody in Sweden is doing more than just talking about the Muslim invasion of their country.

Sweden is the multicultural nightmare your grandmother warned you about.

The formerly white country has embraced diversity, or should I write DIE-versity, in a mad suicidal dance with death.

Muslims (and other nonwhites) have been invited into the country by the leftist government, which punishes those who dissent from the Jewish-led effort to genocide the native Vikings by pushing then into a muddy brown gene pool via miscegenation, and even by the outright murder of whites by nonwhites.

The Swedes, or some of them at least, have finally figured out the end game–no more Swedes. At least no more white, Christian Swedes.

Thus, anti-immigrant political activism is in the air, denounced by leftists, of course, as racism. Racism = survival mechanism.

When a mosque in Sweden was firebombed the day after Christmas, the government and other leftists roared with anger and indignation.

As of this writing, the lefturds have no idea who the firebombers were. Like all good saboteurs, they operated stealthily and covered their tracks well.

More power to them!

As for the pro-Muslim demonstrators, these suicidal nuts can kill themselves as far as I’m concerned. They just don’t need to be allowed to take the entire Swedish people with them.

The Local

Hundreds of Swedes took to the streets on Friday to denounce an arson attack on a mosque that injured five people, with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven branding the attack as “hateful violence.”

A firebomb was thrown through a closed window of the mosque in the central city of Eskilstuna Thursday, injuring five of the nearly 70 worshippers inside — two of whom remained hospitalised on Friday.

Answering calls to denounce the attack by the “Together for Eskilstuna” Facebook page, a large group of people converged on the damaged mosque to show their support.

“Several hundred people were there to deliver a message of friendship,” police spokesman Roland Lindqvist told AFP.

According to police, windows in a second Eskilstuna mosque were broken overnight Thursday, though authorities couldn’t say whether the two attacks were linked.

Sweden’s leftist Prime Minister Stefan Löfven denounced what he called the spurt of “hateful violence.”

“We will never tolerate this kind of crime. Those who want to practise their religion should have the right to do so,” Löfven told public radio station SR.

No suspects had been arrested on Friday afternoon in the case police have opened for aggravated criminal arson, which has been joined by Sweden’s intelligence service, Säpo.

“This is a serious crime, but for the moment, nothing is pointing us in one direction more than others,” said Säpo spokesman Sirpa Franzen.

The arson struck another blow to Sweden’s self-perception as a generally warm and welcoming host of foreigners.

In September elections, the extreme right, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party became the third-largest party in the Swedish parliament by winning 12.9 percent of the vote.

Earlier this month, Sweden Democrats joined with conservative parties to reject the proposed budget of the country’s leftist government, forcing it to call new elections in March 2015.

According to a recent mock election poll for radio station SR, Sweden Democrats has increased its September showing by a full point to 13.9 percent, with other surveys showing support of nearly 16 percent.

“There has been an intensification of hatred against foreigners,” Omar Mustafa, chief of Sweden’s Islamic Association, told public radio SR on Thursday.

In January, unknown perpetrators painted black swastikas on the door of a Stockholm mosque, after neo-Nazis attacked a peaceful anti-racist protest in a Stockholm suburb and seriously injured three people the previous month.

Video: Insane Leftist Woman Protests the Abuse of Her “Little Girl” in Restaurant–100 Percent Guarantee You’ve NEVER Seen Anything Like This Before

Her “little girl” is a chicken.