Oregon Suspends Judge for THREE YEARS WITHOUT PAY for Refusing to Perform Faggot “Marriages”


What’s outrageous in particular is that Judge Vance Day refused to marry fags and dykes when it was unconstitutional under Oregon law for him to marry these freaks.

Excerpt from Law and Crime

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Thursday to suspend Judge Vance Day without pay for three years on multiple allegations. The ruling stems from findings and a recommendation from the state Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability.

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Parents of Slain DNC Staffer Seth Rich Sue Fox News Over Retracted Story



Am I misremembering when I recall that Julian Assange hinted that the DNC emails published on Wikileaks came from Seth Rich?

If the murdered Seth actually spilled the beans on the DNC, then he’s a hero–a martyr. But for some reason (shekels?) his parents would rather have the world their son died as the result of a random robbery.

Conspiracy theories about any issue are legitimate for the media to cover. Any mental anguish suffered by others is purely their problem so long as the media isn’t on a vendetta.


In the early morning hours of July 10, 2016, 27-year-old Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was shot several times in the back close to his Washington, D.C. home.

Rich, who was working on voter expansion efforts for the DNC at the time, died several hours later at a hospital — and D.C. police have said they believe he’s the victim of a botched robbery attempt.

Robbery gone bad is the standard explanation for assassinations the police don’t want to solve. It’s rather surprising that a patsy hasn’t been fingered as the triggerman.

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“Disabled” Black Female Pastor Sued for Insurance Fraud of Nearly $400,000


Never take a Nagger’s word for anything.

An insurance company didn’t take a black pastor’s word about her alleged disability, but only after they had paid her almost $389,500.

Sorry, insurance guys, but you’ll never see that money again. She’s spent it and she has zero prospects of ever being able to repay it, even on a Nigga-friendly $10 a week installment plan.

New York Post

A North Carolina pastor who claims she’s suffering from a chronic pain condition is being sued by her insurer after she was spotted in photos playing Skee-Ball and gleefully going down an inflatable slide.

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Coal Burning Hillary Fangirl Katy Perry Killed a Nun


The last words spoken by a nun embroiled in a conflict with Katy “I killed a nun and I liked it” Perry were an admonition to the pop star to become a better person.

Literally, with her dying breath a nun pleaded with Perry to stop hurting people.

I believe that it was last year that there was widespread speculation that Katy Perry had sold her soul to the devil. Perhaps the devil took the form of a Nigger.

Hollywood Reporter

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman of the Archidiocese of Los Angeles, one of the nuns embroiled in a legal battle over the sale of a convent that musician Katy Perry hoped to purchase, died on Friday at the age of 89, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

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Trump told to mute Twitter critics, not block them, by New York Jew judge

Liberals are arguing that President Donald Trump has no right to block them. Thus, the president would be treated differently from the rest of us, who can block a**holes, harassers, libtards, etc.

Blocking a libtard from Twitter means that their reply to whatever a person Tweets will not show up in the replies. It will still show up on the libtard’s Twitter and other Twitter accounts it was sent to.

Libs are claiming that Trump is denying them their free speech rights.

You may have noticed that these same liberal scumbags cheer Twitter when it permanently bans anyone they disagree with.

A woman judge, Jewish of course, claims to offer a middle ground. Really, she’s siding with the liberals. Scroll down to see her picture. She could give Ruth Bader Ginzberg a run for her money in the ugly department.

Excerpt from BBC

A judge has advised US President Donald Trump to mute rather than block his Twitter critics after users of the service filed a lawsuit against him.

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Maine Redskin Wins $40,000 in Lawsuit Over Being Called “Big Indian”


An American chug has been awarded $40,000 by a judge in response to his lawsuit against his employer.

Jason Brown’s feelings were hurt. As you know, it’s a crime to hurt the feelings of any nonwhite person.

Telling the truth about the central tendencies of their ethnic group is verboten in America. Chugs certainly do have a problem with firewater, but better not say that to a chug.

Bangor Daily News

A member of the Penobscot Indian Nation has been awarded $40,000 in damages in his lawsuit against Day’s Jewelers over demeaning remarks the owners made about his heritage.

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YouTube recruiter sues Google for allegedly refusing to hire white and Asian men

(((Google))) allegedly purged “nondiverse” applications for employment.

Given the company’s disgusting doodles that “celebrate diversity” this sounds about right.

Treating white (and Asian males) as pariahs is immoral. Hopefully, a court will rule that it’s also illegal. However, we know that Jewish activist judges have undermined the rule of law, so who can say what’s going to happen.

Arne Wilberg is the plaintiff, described as a 40 year old white male who worked for Google for seven years. He was fired last November after pushing back against Google’s discriminatory policy.

The Verge

A former YouTube employee has sued Google for allegedly pressuring recruiters to only look for female, black, and Hispanic or Latinx applicants. Arne Wilberg — who spent nine years working at Google — filed a discrimination suit in January, and The Wall Street Journal reported its existence today. Wilberg claims that Google implemented “clear and irrefutable policies” meant to exclude white and Asian men in an attempt to increase the company’s overall diversity. He also claims that Google retaliated against him for opposing these policies, eventually firing him in November 2017.

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