Is Venus Williams a “Gorilla” or a “Guerrilla?”–It Makes a Huge Difference to This Man!

This is rich!


When you fire a man for using the word guerrilla to describe a truly ugly Venus Williams, you’re admitting that blacks look like gorillas.

Normally, in athletic disputes I wouldn’t care about the outcome, but in this case ESPN, which fired Doug Adler for using the g-word, deserves to have its deep pockets picked clean.

Daily Mail

Retired tennis player turned broadcaster Doug Adler is suing ESPN for wrongful termination after he was fired over a remark he made about Venus Williams during the Australian Open.

The former player claimed he suffered ’emotional distress’ in a court filing in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging he was wrongly branded a racist and has lost other TV opportunities because of the controversy.

His lawsuit calls for punitive financial damages, but doesn’t name an amount.

The 59-year-old was commentating for the network during Williams’ second round match against Switzerland’s Stefanie Voegele at the Australian Open in Melbourne on January 18 when he described the American’s aggressive tactics.

‘She misses a first serve and Venus is all over her,’ Adler said. ‘You see Venus move in and put the guerrilla effect on. Charging.’

He has maintained he meant Williams was using ‘guerrilla’ tactics, however he was accused by some of comparing the seven-time Grand Slam champion to a gorilla.

Adler apologized for his poor word choice but was let go just days later.

His lawyer, David M. Ring, gave the sports network a serve in a statement on Tuesday.

The irony is that Adler called everything correctly and in a professional manner, whereas ESPN did not – they recklessly made the wrong call,’ Ring said.

‘It was not only political correctness gone overboard, but also a cowardly move that ruined a good man’s career.’

The statement also included a comment from Adler, who said: ‘It was shocking to be treated this way by folks who’ve known me forever… Anyone who has ever competed in sports knows exactly the meaning of the term I used. Period.’

ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys said Tuesday the network hadn’t seen the lawsuit and had no comment.

Court papers also point out that ‘Guerrilla Tennis’ was the name of a Nike TV ad from the 1990s featuring Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.

‘Obviously, (Adler) saw that commercial many times and the phrase became widely used by those who actually understood tennis vernacular and followed the sport closely,’ the lawsuit claimed.

“Your honor, I sumbit the following photos in evidence. Will your honor please rule: Is Venus Williams a gorilla?”

Conspiracy Theorist Webster Tarpley Reaches Settlement in Melania Slander Lawsuit



Webster Tarpley allegedly represented Melania Trump to have been a prostitute in her native Slovenia. That created a legal problem for him.

Fox News

A Maryland blogger has been forced to pay a “substantial sum” to Melania Trump as part of a settlement for a defamation lawsuit over an article containing unsubstantiated claims that the first lady once worked as an escort, her lawyers announced Tuesday.

“I posted an article on August 2, 2016 about Melania Trump that was replete with false and defamatory statements about her,” Webster Tarpley, the 71-year-old blogger, said in a statement by Trump’s attorneys, according to the Washington Post.

Trump’s legal team declined to provide the settlement amount. Tarpley, of Gaithersburg, didn’t respond to requests from the Washington Post for comment, but his lawyer confirmed a settlement had been reached.

“I acknowledge that these false statements were very harmful and hurtful to Mrs. Trump and her family, and therefore I sincerely apologize to Mrs. Trump, her son, her husband and her parents for making these false statements,” Trump’s lawyers — in comments attributed to Tarpley — wrote in their statement.

Trump on Monday also re-filed a libel lawsuit against the corporation that publishes the Daily Mail’s website, this time in New York, for reporting on the escort rumors.

Trump had previously filed the lawsuit against Mail Media Inc. in Maryland, but a judge earlier this month ruled the case shouldn’t be filed in Maryland and dismissed it. The lawsuit now filed in New York, where the corporation has offices, seeks compensatory and punitive damages of at least $150 million.

I first read the name Webster Tarpley more than a decade ago when I began to realize the full extent to which the Deep State (including the media) lies to the American people and the world.

It’s disturbing that the Trump family has gone after someone who is so devoted to exposing the truth as he sees it. Tarpley has a right under the First Amendment to speculate about anyone, including Melania, but not to present falsehoods as facts. That’s my amateur lawyer interpretation of this particular case.

Tarpley is suspicious of 9/11, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and more. Obviously, he is strongly critical of Donald Trump too.

Heavy has a piece on him, set up in their “5 Fast Facts” format. It appears to be mostly sourced from Tarpley’s entry on Wikipedia.

You can see from the photos of nude Melania online why Tarpley might have believed her to be a prostitute.

Trump Shows How to Properly Vet a Muslim

Image Credits: spencereholtaway / Flickr

It really isn’t that complicated.

Sky News

Visa applicants could be asked for passwords to their social media accounts by US embassies.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said the move could come as part of an effort to toughen the vetting of visitors to screen out people who may pose a security threat.

He said it was one of the steps being considered, especially for visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries with very weak background screening of their own such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The seven countries were targeted in President Donald Trump’s controversial immigrant and refugee ban order which has since been suspended.

Mr Kelly told a hearing of the Homeland Security Committee: “We’re looking at some enhanced or some additional screening.

“We may want to get on their social media, with passwords.

“It’s very hard to truly vet these people in these countries, the seven countries. But if they come in, we want to say, what websites do they visit, and give us your passwords. So we can see what they do on the internet.”

He said anyone who refused to cooperate would not be allowed into the United States.

He stressed that no decision had been made, but tighter screening would be implemented, even if it means longer delays for awarding US visas to visitors.

“These are the things we are thinking about. But over there we can ask them for this kind of information and if they truly want to come to America, then they will cooperate. If not, next in line.”

Those opposed to the effort to make us safe are self-hating fools. Or terrorists or terrorist wannabees. In any case, people with signs like these hate American and hate the white race. How much did (((George Soros))) pay to get them out on the street like this?

Wetback Mayor of Berkeley Allegedly Investigated by FBI for Civil Rights Violation re MILO


The civil rights of MILO and a slew of Trump supporters were violated over and over during last night’s Berkeley, California riots, led by Soros-inspired anarchist Bolsheviks.

The mayor of that crazy city is alleged to have assisted the rioters by ordering the police to stand down, while looting, arson, and assaults of Trump supporters were taking place. Sloppy spic Jesse Arguin is pictured above. If he’s sent to prison, it’ll cost a lot to feed him, but it’ll be worth it.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

Last night, domestic terrorists on the UC Berkeley campus successfully barred conservative gay Jew Milo Yinnopoulos from expressing his opinion, after Antifa-incited riots closed down a speaking engagement. CNN – by the way, is in full propaganda damage control mode over this. Check out the CNN app notification popup:

And check out this headline:

As fires raged and Trump supporters were assaulted with shovels and pepper spray by masked anarchists, the mayor of Berkeley, CA, Jesse Arreguin, allegedly ordered SWAT and campus police to stand down.

Here’s a picture from a redditor claiming to be 100 officers hanging out in the student union building while the violence was occurring (post):

In an effort to promote himself and his “brand,” Cernovich has Tweeted false information before. I would take this story with a skepticism born of experience. That said, there’s no reason for he FBI to not investigate last night’s anarchy.

Mom Suing Tranny “Daughter” to Keep Him from Having Contact with Her


A mother never wants to see or hear from her sodomite tranny “daughter” again. She’s suing him and school officials who helped turn him tranny without mom’s consent.

Wow! Just wow!

NBC News

Oral arguments are set to begin Thursday for the lawsuit of a Minnesota woman who is suing her transgender teen daughter along with a variety of local school and health agencies.

Anmarie Calgaro’s lawsuit alleges that healthcare providers treated her 17-year-old as an emancipated minor without her consent when the teen began receiving transgender medical and mental health services.

While the lawsuit centers largely on the state’s lack of a clearly defined legal process for emancipation, Calgaro’s unnamed teen daughter earlier told Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid attorneys that her mother had “made it known to him [sic] that she no longer wishes to have any contact with him,” according to court documents.

The resulting emancipation notice allowed the teen to make her own healthcare decisions. But, as it states in the complaint, Calgaro denies neglecting her child.

In a video of Calgaro’s press conference the day the lawsuit was filed, she began to tear up while talking about the “shock” she felt upon discovering that her child was receiving gender-affirming medical treatment without her parental consent.

The resulting emancipation notice allowed the teen to make her own healthcare decisions. But, as it states in the complaint, Calgaro denies neglecting her child.

In a video of Calgaro’s press conference the day the lawsuit was filed, she began to tear up while talking about the “shock” she felt upon discovering that her child was receiving gender-affirming medical treatment without her parental consent.

These tranny youths are sad and pathetic. Obviously, something is wrong with them, but instead of devoting research toward finding out what the problem is, political correctness demands that we feed them the attention and approval they desperately crave. If I said I was a dog, it wouldn’t make me a canine anymore than me saying I’m a woman would make me a woman.

Good luck to mom with her lawsuit. If she wants no contact with a son who has a vagina and breasts, I can’t blame her.

White mom wins $1.6 million from black fraternity in Springfield for black mob violence

Published on Jan 21, 2017

The Colin Flaherty video explains the horrific Negroid assault on an innocent white college kid minding his own business.

Note that the news media TOTALLY IGNORED the fact that the attackers were dindus out to beat a white person to death. The following news report is VERY misleading regarding the undeclared race war being perpetrated on whites.

St. Louis Today

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. • A former Missouri State University student who said he was the victim of a so-called “knockout game” attack outside a fraternity party in 2010 has been awarded $1.63 million in damages, though he is likely to collect only $630,000.

The lawyers representing Trevor Godfrey, 25, said in a news release that the Omicron Kappa chapter of Omega Psi Phi didn’t do enough to create a safe environment at the party before Godfrey was struck from behind and knocked unconscious, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

The Omicron Kappa chapter was the sole defendant after Omega Psi Phi and several individuals were dismissed from the suit before the case went to trial last week. Godfrey’s attorney, Steve Garner, said $1 million in punitive damages wasn’t covered by the fraternity’s insurance and couldn’t be collected, though insurance covers the $630,000 in actual damages.

“MSU has great rules to protect those who attend fraternity and sorority parties and those who come in contact with the party. In fact, I cannot imagine any rules that are better,” Garner wrote in an email. “This was an instance where the rules were not followed and there was no security to monitor this party. I have nothing negative to say about this fraternity.”

Hal Meltzer, an attorney for the Omicron Kappa chapter, didn’t immediately return a phone message from The Associated Press.

Springfield police said that no charges had been filed and that the case was closed. A Springfield police report said people attending the party reported that they didn’t see or know anything. A responding officer wrote in the report that besides finding Godfrey bloodied and “very disoriented,” another person reported that he also had been struck in the head.

MSU President Clif Smart said around the time of the attack that the administration had done everything it could to “help find out who the assailant is” but was unsuccessful.

As I constantly report, the only thing blacks understand is pain. The perps were protected by the other conscienceless blacks at the party. They should have been tortured (waterboarded?) to be made to reveal the identities of the guilty parties.

Various stray comments on youtube report that the MSU cops are worthless when it comes to enforcing the law against blacks.

Jiminy Cricket1 day ago
They protect the groids and ignore their violence in many cases. If the groid is arrested, it’s typically let go anyway.

Until that changes, Whites are always in danger around blacks.

They understand and respect overwhelming violence. They do not respect kindness, charity, or rationality.

They are NOT White people. Their culture is alien. They are alien to our way of life, values, and civilization.

You can take a bunny out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the bunny. Period.

Facebook’s (((Mark Zuckerberg))) Suing Hundreds of Brown-Skinned Hawaii Natives in Raw Display of Jewish Racism

Mark Zuckerberg’s arrogance has been in the news again. This time, he’s using his wealth to push around some little brown people, descendants of the original Hawaiians.

Zuck just can’t help being a bad neighbor. He already tried to push his neighbors out of their houses in California, in order to give himself the privacy that all cockroaches prefer. Now, he’s trying to invalidate ancient Hawaiian land claims.

As we’ve said before, Zuck’s Facebook is the perfect spying device in for a police state that wants to know everything about everyone. The billions he’s received for advancing the globalist agenda are now being tapped to undermine the remaining bit of traditional Hawaii.


Facebook’s CEO is ruffling feathers in Hawaii with a series of lawsuits that seek to stamp out the claims of locals residents who still have an ownership right in a large tract of land he bought on the island of Kauai.

Mark Zuckerberg purchased the 700-acre parcel of rural beachfront property in 2014, but, owing to the quirks of traditional Hawaii culture and property law, he technically shares the title with hundreds of other people in the state. As the Honolulu Star Advertiser explains, the Kuleana Act of 1850 granted land ownership rights to native Hawaiians—rights that can descend to subsequent generations without the formal transfer of deeds or titles.

The upshot is that, even though none of these descendants are living on the 700 acre Kauai track, hundreds of them could still claim a right to enjoy parts of the land. In response, three companies controlled by Zuckerberg filed eight so-called “quiet title” lawsuits to extinguish those claims.

Under the legal process, Zuckerberg will pay compensation to the people he is suing—providing an unexpected windfall to many of them who may not even be aware they have the land rights in the first place. Still, as social media shows, the spectacle of a tech titan filing lawsuits against locals to claim their traditional land does not make for great optics:

A lawyer representing Zuckerberg, Keoni Shultz, issued a statement saying all co-owners of the land will be identified and receive fair value.

“It is common in Hawaii to have small parcels of land within the boundaries of a larger tract, and for the title to these smaller parcels to have become broken or clouded over time,” said Shultz’s statement.

Meanwhile, a person close to Zuckerberg who was not authorized to speak for attribution said the Facebook CEO would not impede access to the beaches (which are public under Hawaiian law in any case), and would permit access to the land for traditional use. On Thursday afternoon, Zuckerberg published a post on Facebook to address what he described as “misleading stories” about the Hawaii property.

As for the “quiet title” lawsuits, the defendants are entitled to challenge Zuckerberg’s claim to exclusive use of the estate, but the cost and bother of going to court may deter many of them from doing so. And since the Facebook CEO will likely pay fair market value, some may be glad to just receive the money.

The total value Zuckerberg will have to pay is unclear, but the Star Advertiser cites property tax records to describe a two acre parcel as valued at $1.15 million and another tiny parcel worth $350. It’s also unclear if Zuckerberg will permit any of the land to be used as park or create any public easements to the land in the future.

The quiet title lawsuits are not the first controversy over the Kauai property. Last year, an earlier fuss arose when Zuckerberg erected a wall on the property that obstructed views of the ocean.
Meanwhile, closer to Facebook’s headquarters in California, the CEO remains embroiled in another land battle—this one over another private Zuckerberg residence in Palo Alto.

“[His] plans to rebuild four homes around his own will form a “compound” and reduce the city’s housing stock, which violates zoning codes and ideal land use,” reported the Mercury News in September in a story about a Palo Alto zoning board meeting.

Zuck sold out his tribe when he married a Chinese woman in order to gain a business foothold in China and add to his riches. There’s no one this cockroach won’t try to damage if there’s shekels in it for him.

Zuck’s nationwide tour hints darkly of a run for the presidency in 2020 or 2024. The same fools who put Obama in the White House twice would be attracted to his candidacy.

Oy vey! I can feel the cultural enrichment a Jew would bring to the white House already.