Gennifer Flowers Says Bill Clinton Should be Charged for Sex Crimes, with Hillary Indicted as Co-Conspirator (Updated)

The Gennifer Flowers interview starts at about the 29 minute mark.

Besides calling for Bill and Hillary to be criminally prosecuted, Gennifer also now claims that she was sexually harassed by Bill Clinton into having their sexual relationship. She’s following the #metoo crowd in making that claim.

Although Bill is a sleezball and a probable crook, Gennifer doesn’t exactly have clean hands either. She entered into an affair with a married man and later appeared in Penthouse magazine in porographic pictures to cash in on her infamy.


More Jewish chutzpah from Laura, who previously Loomered Hillary and Chelsea. Bill’s security knew that Laura was going to ask him about raping Juanita Broddrick. LOL! Two minutes.

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Rumored Mike Cernovich, Laura Loomer Sex Tape Alleged to be Released Soon

OMG! Watch Laura Loomer hitting on an Aryan guy who’s uncomfortable as hell with her attention. It really defines Jewish chutzpah.

First, I don’t believe that there is a Cernovich sex tape with Laura Loomer because I don’t believe the two of them had sex.

Second, if there is a tape … yawn!

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Laura Loomer is Reporting Live from Jerusalem for Big Alex

I’ve put together a set of the nice Jewish lady’s Tweets from Jerusalem today. There’s a lot going on that I’m not seeing anywhere else. She’s reporting for Infowars.

Laura is pro-Israel and pro-Trump. You should take some of these Tweets and Retweets as an example of pro-Jewish propaganda. The more deeply I got into this, the clearer it became.

Still, there’s a lot here that isn’t widely known at this point. Summarizing, Jewish Trump supporters showed up at the American embassy, but so too did protesters, some Muslim and some Jews. There’s 15 Tweets covering the action today.

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Laura Loomer Confronts Ex-G-Man James Comey on First Day of Book Tour, Escorted Out by Security


Laura’s hair is black in the video below, apparently to disguise her appearance so that she could enter without any trouble James Comey’s appearance at Barnes and Noble yesterday. Or maybe she just got tired of being a blonde.

She promised everyone that she would confront disgraced Comey on the first day of his book tour and she did it. The lady is my Jew!

Laura had the gall to tell Comey that he (plus McCabe, Hillary, and others) had been marked for criminal investigation yesterday by eleven Congressmen. Let’s get up to speed on the criminal investigation of Comey that Laura was referring to before watching her two minute confrontation with Comey.

Sara A. Carter

Congressional lawmakers made a criminal referral Wednesday to the Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions against former senior-level Obama administration officials, including employees of the FBI connected with the unverified dossier alleging collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as those involved in the warrants used to spy on a former Trump campaign volunteer, this reporter has learned.

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Trump Brags, the Alt-Right Gags

Michael Savage puts it this way: Trump bombed his base. It’s the biggest mistake of his administration. I’m watching Savage live now.

Trump bragged about abandoning his America First platform, putting the (((globalists))) first.

Mission Accomplished? Like Shrub:

OK, none of the coalition personnel were killed or injured, so there’s an element of success–a small one.

The Hill

Prominent supporters of President Trump are expressing skepticism over his decision to launch airstrikes against Syria, slamming the move as overly aggressive and unnecessary.

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Deep State Hit? Broward County Deputy Critical of David Hogg Dies


Warning: We may be getting trolled with this story, but it’s worth bringing up just to try to clear the air.

All I have to work with are a few cryptic Tweets. Hopefully, the alt-right will work diligently to clear up any mystery surrounding the untimely death of Deputy Jason Fitzsimons of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department.

At this point, only Laura Loomer is bringing up this mystery as far as I know.

Criticizing this young crisis actor seems to be unhealthy for one’s career.

New Leader of Democrat Party Stormy Daniels Describes Embarrassing Trump Whore Hole Encounter on 60 Minutes


Porn prostie Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, described her alleged sexual relationship with the POTUS in a much awaited interview tonight on CBS.

Since I don’t have TV, I haven’t watched, but I am reading the immediate reactions on various websites.

Link to full transcript at the Daily Mail.

What’s the Gorilla Mindset have to say?

Cernovich is doing a poll on the scandal and it’s effect on the public. Vote if you’re logged in to Twitter. If you’re not in Twitter, at this point the results show 68% unchanged and most of the rest just wanting to see the results.

Which vindicates Bill Mitchell, Trump loyalist.

That 10-second mp4 above is at the top of the Daily Mail’s homepage tonight. The tabloid is giving the interview top billing.

Short excerpt from the Daily Mail

Stormy Daniels says she had unprotected sex with Donald Trump and spanked him with a magazine that had his face on the cover, even though she wasn’t physically attracted to him.

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