Elderly Priest Who Was KKK 40 Years Ago Before Finding God Has Been Outed


American anti-racism MASS HYSTERIA has been kicked up a notch as an elderly Catholic priest has been demonized while condemning himself for his previously held racial views.

Father William Atcheson is today fully on board with the egalitarian, muticultural agenda, but that’s not stopping SJWs who are out for his scalp. Decades ago he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. He burned some crosses. Nobody got hurt. No big deal. Except that in today’s “moral panic” everyone who’s white is a racist who deserves to be exterminated because of slavery and other oppressions of “people of color.”


The Catholic priest who publicly admitted to burning crosses as a member of the Ku Klux Klan decades ago spoke out after a freelance journalist told church officials about his disturbing past, according to a statement from the Catholic Diocese of Arlington.

“He came forward only after he was going to be exposed,” said Ted Williams, an attorney for the priest’s cross-burning victims, according to CNN affiliate WJLA.

The Rev. William Aitcheson, a priest in Virginia, admitted in an op-ed in the Arlington Catholic Herald on Monday that he was a KKK member 40 years ago.

“My actions were despicable,” he wrote. “When I think back on burning crosses, a threatening letter, and so on, I feel as though I am speaking of somebody else. It’s hard to believe that was me.”

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Gay Dwarf Senator Marco Rubio Tweets Support for Beating Up White People

“Little Marco” Rubio has Tweeted that violence against White Nationalists, race realists, and a host of other groups, including Trump supporters, is justified.

I recall when Rubio was touted by Sean Hannity as a conservative Republican who would make a fine president of the United States.

I suppose that many were fooled by Little Marco. He’s revealed himself to be a POS too many times to document by now. Hopefully, nobody is still fooled by him.

This latest example of his shallow opportunism should sour even normies on putting Rubio into any high office. He’s a damn cockroach, owned by some gay (((billionaire))) somewhere.


Authored by Shane Kastler via “The Narrow Road” blog, [4]

In a truly “free” society, no one gets beaten up for their political views. Laws cannot be passed against thoughts or symbols. And mob violence is not allowed to rule the day. But Florida Senator Marco Rubio, like most establishment political hacks, is not interested in a free society. He’s interested in seizing power in any way possible. And if that means excusing and encouraging mob violence, to achieve his political ends, then so be it. While Rubio may rail against dictators, his statements sound eerily like the late Fidel Castro, and other tyrants like him.


Rubio’s statement came in the form of a series of tweets he posted [6] in response to the Charlottesville circus. Here are his exact words:

“When entire movement built on anger & hatred towards people different than you, it justifies & ultimately leads to violence against them.”

While the trained seals who follow hucksters like Rubio will bark their approval for his “brave words”; those who love liberty will shudder at the true ramifications of what he is saying. But let’s begin by trying to parse who exactly he is saying it about.

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Columbia University colored students cover Jefferson statue in white KKK hood to protest white oppression

(((Leftists))) know that black failures can be projected on to whites via a little indoctrination of the Negro. It doesn’t take much. The press, their teachers, the history books, movies, and TV remind them that they are “oppressed” and have to stand up to the white man.

And so the privileged colored folks spew out words written by some unidentified radical Jew accusing whites of oppression, blah, blah, blah.

Reasonable humans would be proclaiming their gratitude for being allowed to attend Columbia University. But gratitude is in short supply when the Negro is around.

Campus Reform

Columbia University students recently adorned a Thomas Jefferson statue with a Ku Klux Klan hood to protest “a man who is the epitome of white supremacy.”

In a “Statement to the University” published Sunday, members of the student group Mobilized African Diaspora (MAD) condemn Columbia for honoring Jefferson’s legacy, calling him “the epitome of white supremacy” and arguing that his statue contributes to the ongoing marginalization of black students.

“Thomas Jefferson never stepped foot on this campus; however, 274 years postmortem, Columbia University continues to celebrate the legacy of a man who is the epitome of white supremacy,” the group complains, noting that 5.4 percent of Columbia students self-identify as black or Native American.

Columbia has just one display of Thomas Jefferson on its campus—a bronze sculpture outside of the journalism school—but other notable figures, such as Alexander Hamilton and Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker, are also memorialized elsewhere on the grounds.

“Columbia University adheres to Jefferson’s brand of hypocrisy because it keeps a physical manifestation of the antithesis to Black women’s lives on the same campus that uses illusions of diversity to recruit students,” the statement contends, adding that “Jefferson’s statue makes it clear that Black students are merely tokens of the university.”

MAD goes on to accuse the administration of failing to uphold “its promise to protect Black and Brown bodies,” arguing that while Jefferson “may represent freedom for the white elites of his time,” the statue “[embodies] the same threat that the KKK poses” for non-white students.

The group even goes so far as to declare that “venerating” Jefferson “validates rape, sexual violence, and racism,” which they say is at odds with the university’s pledge to provide a “safe and inclusive environment.”

MAD concludes by vowing that it “will continue to unearth and illuminate Columbia’s past, present, and future memorialization, facilitation, and manifestation of anti-Blackness,” though its members declined to elaborate on their plans in response to requests for comment from Campus Reform.

The group, which has no public members, describes itself as a coalition of black students at Columbia, and made its debut last year by issuing an ultimatum demanding that Columbia hire more faculty of color, increase funding for academic departments that teach diversity classes, and require that all undergraduate students take two diversity classes.

If there are any adults left among the Columbia administration, then a forceful “NO” to the demands ought to be shouted from the rooftops. Then ship the blacks off to Cuba or North Korea where they enjoy life free from white oppression.

Never donate money to any university unless it rejects diversity and muliculturalism. Lots of luck trying to find one.

Four Dindus Arrested for that Yard Menorah Turned into a Swastika


The top photo tells most of the story, except for whodunit. The second photo shows the lone adult charged in the hate crime. Three juveniles were also arrested.

As soon as I can I’m going to contact Clive and recruit him into my local KKK chapter. We get to wear sheets and everything. I think Clive would find it cool to be in the KKK. There’s no fun like burning a cross in front of a Nigger’s house. Clive looks like the kind of guy who would get off to that.

The contrast between the darker skin tones and the pure white robes sure is beautiful, ain’t it?

The original story was posted on saboteur365 on January 2. We knew that we didn’t do it.

Odds were that the Jews did it to themselves. I wonder if Clive is being framed.

Let’s see what poor Clive is being charged with:

AZ Family

Four young men have been arrested for damaging a holiday Menorah decoration in the front yard of a home last December.

Chandler Police spokesman Sgt. Daniel Mejia said their officers arrested three juvenile boys and one 19-year-old man Friday after a lengthy investigation.

Mejia said all four will face felony charges of criminal damage and trespassing.

The incident happened last December as Hanukkah drew to a close.

[ORIGINAL STORY: http://www.azfamily.com/story/34155161/community-supports-family-whose-menorah-was-found-twisted-into-swastika%5D

Last December a Chandler family woke up to find their front-yard decoration celebrating the holiday had been twisted into a swastika shaped symbol.

Naomi Ellis said her husband, Seth, built the menorah after their three sons – ages 5, 7 and 9 – asked for holiday lights to celebrate the season.

“We live in a great neighborhood with kind and welcoming neighbors,” Ellis said. “We never would have imagined that someone would spread so much hate here.”

Mejia says the investigation is continuing.

Since I don’t believe in hate crime laws, my thoughts run toward charging Clive with misdemeanor property damage. Let him pay back the cost of the damaged property and write a letter of contrition. And be done with it.

But since Clive took on the Jew and lost, he’s in deep doo doo.

Good luck, Clive. You’re going to need it. Just remember. The Jew isn’t your friend. The KKK is.

So-Called White Supremacist David Duke Sets Off Violent Protest During Senate Debate at Negro College


Protesting Negros had to be pepper sprayed to be brought under control Wednesday night at Dillard University as they protested the appearance of David Duke on campus.

David Duke is an advocate for the rights of European-Americans. Nonetheless, he’s generally tagged as a white supremacist. His short stint as a youth as Grand Dragon of a KKK group is always pushed on him as a smear.

Excerpt from The New Orleans Advocate

A raucous group of Dillard University students and supporters Wednesday night stormed the outside of a Dillard auditorium where ex-Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke and other contenders for Louisiana’s U.S. Senate seat were holding a televised debate.

Tensions were high as critics decried the fact that a white nationalist was using a historically black university as a platform for his views.

A smaller group of students pleaded with their classmates to ignore Duke, a figure they said was undeserving of any sort of spotlight.

At least four people were detained by campus police but later released. Other students and alumni were pepper-sprayed as they tried to forcibly enter the building where Duke would take the stage.

“My eyes are burning,” Malvin Abbott said shortly after he was sprayed in the face.

Still, he and other students tried to enter the closed debate because “we as university students pay for that building,” he said.

After barely clearing the requirement for participation, Duke on Wednesday joined five other candidates at Dillard’s Georges Auditorium for the final televised debate before Tuesday’s Senate primary.

He was the favorite of just more than 5 percent of registered voters in a poll commissioned by Raycom Media earlier this month — and clearing that bar meant he was invited by the debate organizers to participate. Dillard officials were not involved in that decision.

david duke at dillard

Raycom operates WVUE-TV, the local television station that rented space at Dillard and hosted the debate.

Leading the poll were John Kennedy, the Republican state treasurer, and Foster Campbell, a Democratic member of the state Public Service Commission. Others polling ahead of Duke and participating Wednesday were Caroline Fayard, a Democratic lawyer from New Orleans; U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, R-Lafayette; and U.S. Rep. John Fleming, R-Minden.

Dillard officials have said they did not know before they agreed to provide a hall for the debate who would be invited to participate, and the university does not endorse any Senate candidate.

Duke, now 66, was elected grand dragon and later grand wizard of Louisiana’s Knights of the Ku Klux Klan during the 1970s. He has said he left the group because he was fed up with some Klan branches’ continued violent outbursts against minorities, though his departure also came after he reportedly offered to sell his membership rolls to another Klan leader for thousands of dollars.

He won a single term in the Louisiana House from Metairie in 1989, his lone political victory in decades of trying.

He was sentenced to 15 months of federal prison in 2003 for cheating his supporters out of cash and not paying taxes.

Dillard President Walter Kimbrough last week discouraged any sort of protest against Duke, saying the man doesn’t need the extra attention. He has accused Raycom of manipulating the poll results to ensure that Duke would qualify and boost TV ratings.

But Kimbrough’s call to ignore Duke was disregarded by many Wednesday, as a crowd of students gathered outside of Georges Auditorium to protest Duke’s arrival days after they asked Kimbrough to let them view the debate in the building where it was held.

“Our main focus was getting him not to come. Or, if he did come, let our demands be met,” said Dillard senior Brunisha Jones. “But we soon realized that we had a whole other issue: that our administration would not listen to us.”

ones and her peers received the support of Campbell, the Senate candidate, who sent an email blast Tuesday calling it “downright offensive” that Duke was allowed in the auditorium but that students wouldn’t be.

Outside the building Wednesday, Dillard students were joined by students from Loyola University, Tulane University and Xavier University, as well as members of the Take ‘Em Down NOLA coalition, which has called for the removal of city monuments to Confederate leaders.

“No Duke. No KKK. No Fascist USA,” yelled Malcolm Suber of Take ‘Em Down.

The swarm of students repeated that chant and several others.

Some in the crowd, though mostly focused on Duke, also condemned another candidate for political office: GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Jones and Dillard senior Jasmine Battee tied Duke’s popularity among Louisiana voters to Trump’s rise, citing recent revelations that The Crusader, one of the KKK’s leading publications, has endorsed Trump.

NOLA offers more coverage of the event and the thuggish Negro response.

Professor Under Fire for Comparing BLM to KKK


Another one bites the dust, as poltical correctness strikes again.

When will we ever learn that in the USSA (United Soviet States of America) that criticizing our black gods is not allowed.

Doug Muir was wrong to compare the BLM movement to the KKK. BLM advocates the murder of innocent cops, especially white cops.

In contrast, the KKK was a vigilante defense organization which sought justice against white and black criminals.

Daily Mail

A University of Virginia professor has taken a leave of absence from the school after he came under scathing attack over the weekend for likening the Black Lives Matter movement to the Ku Klux Klan.

Douglas Muir, who teaches at the school, commented on Facebook that he believed that Black Lives Matter was the ‘biggest’ racist organization since the KKK.

Muir, who lectures at UVA’s Engineering School and who also owns a restaurant in the area, was responding to a Facebook post that included a photograph of a recent appearance by BLM co-founder Alicia Garza in Charlottesville, the campus newspaper Cavalier Daily reported.

‘Black lives matter is the biggest rasist organisation [sic] since the clan [sic],’ Muir commented on a post by local realtor Roger Voisinet.

Are you kidding me. Disgusting!!!’ he wrote.

Garza was speaking at an event in the nearby Paramount Theater. The headline of the evening was ‘Rooting Out Injustice: Poverty, Race and the Role of Legal Aid.’

‘While free speech and open discussion are fundamental principles of our nation and the University, Mr. Muir’s comment was entirely inappropriate. UVA Engineering does not condone actions that undermine our values, dedication to diversity and educational mission.’

‘Our faculty and staff are responsible for upholding our values and demonstrating them to students and the community. Mr Muir has agreed to take leave and is preparing his own statement to the community.’

Critics, though, want more punitive actions. The mayor of Charlottesville, Wes Bellamy, even called on the public to boycott Muir’s restaurant.

Bella’s Restaurant is an Italian eatery that Muir co-owns with his wife, Valeria Bisenti.

‘Ms. Bisenti, with the assistance of her husband Douglas Muir, wanted to create an atmosphere where the customer always knows they will get the best of everything, just like at Mama’s house in Rome, according to Bella’s website.


‘The notion that #BlackLivesMatter can be comparable to the Ku Klux Klan is not only incredibly misguided, but goes to show the lack of cultural awareness that still plagues many professors at our Universities across the country,’ the mayor wrote on his Instagram account.

Bellamy defended Black Lives Matter as a movement that seeks to ‘address systemic oppression and racism’.

The NAACP is calling on the university to dismiss the professor.

Doug Muir, who is without tenure, will be quietly dismissed. If you live in the area, you might stop by Bella’s and show him and his wife some support.

More blacks means more of this.  Ferguson, Missouri, USA.  Click to enlarge.

Retiring White Teacher Presents Black Teacher With KKK Robe Prompting Investigation


Presenting a black teacher with a KKK robe is either stupid or cleverly subversive. I vote for stupid. How about you? What do you think?


OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — A state-funded agency is investigating why a retiring agriculture education teacher presented a black teacher with a white robe.

Oklahoma Career Tech says the incident occurred Aug. 2 during the 2016 Oklahoma Career and Technology Summer Conference in Oklahoma City. Sources tell FOX 25 that during a moment to recognize retiring agriculture teachers, now retired Elk City High School ag teacher Larry Long presented a black teacher with a white robe, referencing the Ku Klux Klan. Career Tech Director Marcie Mack says the incident is unacceptable and that her department is working to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The school where the victim is employed tells FOX 25 that the teacher involved was a “mentor” to the victim. The school also says Long has since apologized to the man and that it was presented as a “joke”. Mack said in a conference that as soon as Career Tech was made aware of the incident, an internal investigation was opened.

thats racist gif