KKK advertising itself as ‘Kool Kids Klub’ on flyers in Upstate NY neighborhood

Well, well, well. What have we here?

Is the Kool Kids Klub really distributing flyers to homes or are Jews perpetrating another hoax in order to keep the shekels flying into the coffers of the ADL and the SPLC by scaring low information, disengaged people who believe that the Klan is lynching thousands of po’ ol’ Nigras every year.

And why is it a serious police matter when flyers are thrown onto someone’s property. Do the police go after other groups who do the same?


Flyers advertising a Ku Klux Klan rally were found on driveways in an Upstate NY neighborhood, and local police are asking for the public’s help to determine who put them there.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office posted pictures of the flyers on Facebook. They were sealed inside plastic bags which had kitty litter in them to weigh them down.

“Please be aware that there are individuals going around representing themselves as members of the KKK,” the Sheriff’s Office warned residents. “Recent activity has them in Northville over night where they are leaving small bags containing informational pamphlets and kitty litter. This is NOT harmful and can be thrown out.”

The fliers advertise a Klan Rally in Charlottsville, Virginia, in July. They refer to “cultural genocide of white people” and say, “The Kool Kids Klub wants you.”

Police have asked for anyone with information, or a security camera that can show a license plate number of the people who distributed the fliers, to call the sheriff’s office at 518-736-2100.

Police could cite possible suspects for littering.

It’s not the first instance of Klan activity in Upstate NY this year. In February, residents in Fort Plain found Valentine’s Day-themed Klan recruitment flyers telling white people to “love your own race.”

The comments at the source site are just more of the usual name calling. No one ever wants to tackle the issue of how loving your own people is equal to hating all other people. They won’t tackle it because they don’t have a case.

To Keep Da White Debils Out of His Neighborhood, Da Black Man Declares Bike Lanes to be Racist

Blacks on bikes? They make easier targets for that KKK-driver whose hobby is mowing them down.

Lew Rockwell

The left is on a roll these days when it comes to labeling everything that is (supposedly) “white” as racist. Just last week here in L.A., a prominent bicycle-rights advocate who was running for city council crashed and burned (metaphorically) when the left declared bike lanes to be racist. And not just bike lanes, but also the enforcement of safe driving laws that protect cyclists. In other words, the two things that bicycle activists hold dearest—bike lanes and safe driving awareness—are now racist. The arguments? Safe driving enforcement will lead to “racial profiling,” because apparently nonwhites are such shit drivers that any attempt to keep bikers safe will by necessity lead to drivers of color being locked up (at least that’s the reason suggested by L.A.’s favorite Stalinist weekly). And bike lanes? Why are they racist? Simple, stupid. Bike lanes lead to white people entering black communities in a manner in which blacks are forced to see them. No, I’m not kidding. That’s the new big thing out here. Blacks don’t want to see whites in their neighborhoods, showing off their ofay devil skin and scaring the chillun. No joke. Two months ago, a black entertainment-industry insurer who lives in Leimert Park, a traditionally black L.A. neighborhood, organized a Saturday-morning jogging club made up of his friends and colleagues, most of whom are white. The fact that a bunch of white devils thought they could jog through a black neighborhood set off such a massive firestorm of protest, it became Metro section front-page news in the L.A. Times.

Liberal On the commons did a long feature report on bike lanes as a KKK conspiracy.

Here’s an excerpt:

The racial dynamics of bike lanes also flared up in a traditionally African-American neighborhood in Portland that is seeing an influx of younger white people. Long-time residents raised the issue of bike lanes fueling gentrification two years ago at a public meeting about a protected bike lane project for North Williams Street. “The bike community was surprised at the reaction to the project,” recalls Michelle DePass, an avid bicyclist and African-American leader, who notes that there was little attention paid to improving traffic safety in the neighborhood when it was predominantly African- American. (Nationally, African-Americans suffer a bike fatality rate 30 percent higher than for whites, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control; for Latinos it is 23 percent higher.)

Heh, heh. Ebil whitey dun beez mowin dem po’ colored folks down.

Either that, or the pedal people of color are more careless than whites when riding a bike.

David Duke Twitter Video: Jew-Wise Blacks Know the Score

I love smart black people.

Ex-Porn Star Jenna Jameson Defends KKK, Bad Mouths Muslims


Page Six

Jenna Jameson has gone off on yet another anti-Muslim Twitter tirade, and this time she also bizarrely defended the Ku Klux Klan.

The ex-porn star’s rant started Tuesday after she tweeted claims about the existence of “Muslim rape gangs.” When other users fired back, she called them “sympathizers” and continued to double down on what she said was a “Muslim rape epidemic.”

“I disagree with absolutely everything they represent, and I am utterly unafraid to express my opinion,” Jameson tweeted.

The hours-long rant then took another strange turn when Jameson — who converted from Catholicism to Judaism after her engagement to Israeli jeweler Lior Bitton — defended the Ku Klux Klan.

“Do the klu klux klan follow a religion that orders the death of apostates? When was the last time we saw a klan member blow up infidels?,” she tweeted.

The star, who is due to give birth in April, has lashed out at Muslims before. In January, she drew fire for tweeting that Islam “promotes child rape, female genital mutilation, butchering non believers and polygamy.”

“I’m not sure I expected Jenna Jameson to be totally ‘woke’ but these tweets are…bad,” fired back one Twitter user.

Meanwhile, in December she got into a social media tiff with former KKK leader David Duke.

Jenna Jameson is clearly Muslim-wise. I expect that at some point she’ll become Jew-wise too and renounce her conversion to the Jewish faith.

The feud with David Duke was over his truthful claim that Jews rule the porn industry. You can read more here.

New Star Wars Film has NO WHITE MALES Except for the Villains

(((Hollywood’s))) hatred of the white male becomes ever more explicit and impossible for the Jews who run the rat hole to deny.

There is a white boycott of this movie in the works.

American Thinker

As a big Star Wars fan, I was excited to learn about the upcoming film, Rogue One. It’s a war film, involving the exciting mission to steal the plans to the Death Star (the first Death Star, not the second or the third one).

But as more details came out, I was saddened to learn that there was no one in the film who looks like me. Not a single white male among any of the numerous protagonists.

The main protagonist of Rogue One is a very thin woman named Jyn Erso whose weight looks to be only in double digits, even though she effortlessly beats men twice her size. But as a man of white color, I could not relate to a female protagonist, even a “sista” of similar hue.

Then I looked at the rest of the cast list. So many protagonists! There has to be one who looks just like me, right?

Wrong! Jyn’s love interest is a Hispanic alien named Cassian Andor. He’s of a different race, so naturally I can’t relate to him. One of Jyn’s supporting rebels is an Asian alien named Chirrut Imwe. Forest Whittaker plays a black alien named Saw Gerrera. Riz Ahmed plays an Arab alien named Bodhi Rook. And Alan Tudyk stars as a character called “K-2S0.” Tudyk is a man of white color, just like me! For a moment, my heart soared. And then I learned that Tudyk was used only as a voice actor, to play the role of a black robot. Even the robots in this movie aren’t white!

The only place in this movie to find a white man is in the villain who is building the Death Star, Orson Krennic, or the ethically confused father of Jyn, who designed the Death Star. That’s some choice!

What this movie is doing is telling young men of white color that the only role open to them is that of villain. What a terrible message! Imagine all the young boys of white color flocking to see this film and then leaving, disappointed to find out that they have no positive role models. Is this really 2016?

When major cultural phenomena, like Star Wars films, neglect men of white color, they are showing that they don’t value diversity in the community. They are saying people from the whole spectrum of white color, whether they be ivory-colored, cottage cheese-colored, or white copy paper-colored, have no place in our polyglot melting-pot society. It’s a very hurtful message and one of the least likely I would expect from Disney.

Wired claims you’re a white supremacist if you object to being demeaned, degraded, and humiliated by Hollywood.

Yes, in response to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s diverse cast and female lead, the alt-right is boycotting the movie, spending the last month tweeting #DumpStarWars and encouraging their followers to skip the film when it opens this weekend.

When you ask prominent alt-right mouthpieces why they’re boycotting, they say the Star Wars franchise has become too politicized, and even explictly anti-Trump. The former might be true in a general sense—if you consider Rogue One’s writers and cast speaking out against white supremacy and hate as “politicized”—but by taking those criticisms as personal attacks, the alt-right is literally aligning itself with the Dark Side. More importantly, they’re doing it in a way that allows the alt-right to cast themselves as the oppressed rather than the would-be oppressors. It’s a lesson they learned from the grandaddy of all American white supremacist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynist, homophobic groups: the Ku Klux Klan.

Hell, where are my white robes again? I keep losing them.

I would boycott the movie except I don’t go to the movies. (((They))) get none of my money to begin with.

Haha. When the left has no real answer to their bullsh*t they just throw out insults.

New Twist: Revisiting the Negro Imbecile Who Faked A Hate Crime by Setting Fire to GF’s Car

You may remember this December 13 post on Saboteur365. It told the story on a Negroid imbecile named Vincent Palmer who faked a hate crime to cover up for his setting his girlfriend’s car on fire in order to avoid child support payments.

These hoax hate crimes that blame Trump supporters are a dime a dozen now.

Thanks to the in-depth reporting that the Daily Mail often does on black crime stories, there’s a twist to the case that I admit I did not see coming.

Daily Mail

A Florida man was arrested twice over the weekend following a bizarre string of incidents that could have potentially put the life of his ex and their four children at risk.

Vincent Palmer III, 27, placed a note with the words ‘KKK’ and ‘Trump’ as well as a slew of racial slurs that were directed at his own children on the mailbox of his ex-girlfriend before smashing a brick through the window of her car and setting the vehicle on fire in the early morning hours of Saturday.

He then fled, but returned when his ex, Staci Winn, 35, called him to say what had happened to her car.

Police on the scene then arrested Palmer when they noticed he was acting suspicious and learned there was a warrant out for his arrest over failure to pay child support.

He was released on Sunday, and at that point scrawled a bloody note with more racial slurs claiming that he had been kidnapped, which he left for his grandparents.

His grandfather called authorities to alert them to the note and soon after the officers who had arrested Palmer one day prior eventually found him at a nearby Burger King in Ormond Beach.
At that point Palmer admitted to setting the fire, writing the note and faking his own kidnapping.

He said that he did because the couple had been arguing about the custody of their four boys, who are all under the age of five.

The car that the Dindu set fire to is pictured above.

Now, can you guess the interesting twist to this story? Rather than tell you what it is, if you’re viewing this post from the homepage, you’ll have to click on the “continue reading” button to SEE the surprise.

Continue reading

Pro-White Groups Disavow White Supremacy Label

birth of a nation

The issue of whether a person concerned with his European-American identity should label himself (or herself) as a racist or white supremacist is an interesting personal decision that red-pilled white Americans have to decide.

There is a subtle gradation of beliefs that the mainstream press won’t acknowledge in their writings about red-pilled Euro-Americans.

Let’s take an example. Both Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson have admitted being nervous when they see a young black male gangsta type in their proximity. But let a white man repeat the race realist’s mantra, “Avoid the groid,” and he’s deemed a racist by the popular culture.

The whole objective of the press is not to understand or help the European-American identity gain followers, but rather to do the opposite.

Excerpt from the Associated Press

“We’re not white supremacists. We believe in our race,” said a man with a Midwestern accent and glasses just hours before a pro-Trump Klan parade in a nearby town. He, like three Klan compatriots, wore a robe and pointed hood and wouldn’t give his full name, in accordance with Klan rules.

Claiming the Klan isn’t white supremacist flies in the face of its very nature. The Klan’s official rulebook, the Kloran – published in 1915 and still followed by many groups – says the organization “shall ever be true in the faithful maintenance of White Supremacy,” even capitalizing the term for emphasis. Watchdog groups also consider the Klan a white supremacist organization, and experts say the groups’ denials are probably linked to efforts to make their racism more palatable.

Still, KKK groups today typically renounce the term. The same goes for extremists including members of the self-proclaimed “alt-right,” an extreme branch of conservatism mixing racism, white nationalism and populism.

“We are white separatists, just as Yahweh in the Bible told us to be. Separate yourself from other nations. Do not intermix and mongrelize your seed,” said one of the Klansmen who spoke along the muddy lane.

The Associated Press interviewed the men, who claimed membership in the Loyal White Knights of the KKK, in a nighttime session set up with help of Chris Barker, a KKK leader who confirmed details of the group’s “Trump victory celebration” in advance of the event. As many as 30 cars paraded through the town of Roxboro, North Carolina, some bearing Confederate and KKK flags.

Barker didn’t participate, though: He and a Klan leader from California were arrested hours earlier on charges linked to the stabbing of a third KKK member during a fight, sheriff’s officials said. Both men were jailed; the injured man was recovering.

Like the KKK members, Don Black said he doesn’t care to be called a white supremacist, either. Black – who operates stormfront.org, a white extremist favorite website, from his Florida home – he prefers “white nationalist.”

“White supremacy is a legitimate term, though not usually applicable as used by the media. I think it’s popular as a term of derision because of the implied unfairness, and, like ‘racism,’ it’s got that ‘hiss’ (and, like ‘hate’ and ‘racism,’ frequently ‘spewed’ in headlines),” Black said in an email interview.

The Klan formed 150 years ago, just months after the end of the Civil War, and quickly began terrorizing freed blacks. Hundreds of people were assaulted or killed as whites tried to regain control of the defeated Confederacy. During the civil rights movement, Klan members were convicted of using murder as a weapon against equality. Leaders from several different Klan groups have told AP they have rules against violence aside from self-defense, and opponents agree the KKK has toned itself down after a string of members went to prison years after the fact for deadly arson attacks, beatings, bombings and shootings.

The reporting energy spent on this story would have better spent showing that diversity does not work anywhere and it’s certainly not working in the USA as whites are stripped of wealth and the ability to control their own destiny by a hostile federal government.

Allegedly human, you're not supposed to notice how much they resemble apes.  Only a fool would believe that their interests and abilities are the same as those of whites, Asians, and Jews, who must be thousands of years ahead in evolutionary terms.

Allegedly human, you’re not supposed to notice how much they resemble apes. Only a fool would believe that their interests and abilities are the same as those of whites, Asians, and Jews, who must be thousands of years ahead in evolutionary terms.