Now We Learn That FOUR Broward Deputies Waited Outside School as Shooting Happened


Within the ranks of law enforcement it’s rare that one cop will criticize another, unless the cop being criticized has some kind of racism accusation against him.

Yesterday, it came to light through Chief Postizzi that FOUR Broward County deputies stood down as mass murder took place in the Stoneman Douglas high school.

Let’s remember that Broward Sheriff Scott Israel is a liberal Jew with a gun control agenda. We should be asking the question of whether he wanted a maximum body count that he could use to promote that agenda.

Scott Israel should do the honorable thing and resign. In addition to four cowardly deputies, Israel’s department had multiple warnings that alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz was dangerous, but they never arrested him.

With cops like these, the American public needs guns more than ever.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

Coral Springs police officers were “stunned and upset” to learn that four Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies were stationed outside the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and had not entered to face an active shooter, sources with the Coral Springs, FL police department told CNN.


Scroll down to learn more about the corruption charges leveled against Israel two years ago.

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HuffPo: Putting Cops in Schools to Protect Kids is Racist

HuffPo bastards refer to N*gger children as vulnerable students.

Yeah, they’re vulnerable to arrest by school cops because they can’t behave. Everyone knows this, but only a few of us are willing to say it out loud.

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Jewish Governor of Missouri Arrested for Blackmailing Ex-Mistress with Threat to Release Nude Photo

Republican governor Eric Greitens was a Democrat until 2015. I suspect he’s a RINO.

Whatever his politics, he’s a cheater. He also has some talent as a photographer since a nude photo taken without permission is at the center of the criminal charges against him.

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Trump Slams “Coward” Deputy For Not Engaging Florida Shooter


Deputy Scott Peterson didn’t get the Trump nickname treatment. Should we help Trump out and call Peterson “Slow on the Trigger” Peterson?

There’s a lot going on with Peterson. Let’s start with Trump’s criticism.


On his way to today’s CPAC conference, President Trump criticized the Florida deputy who didn’t confront Nikolas Cruz, the school shooter from Parkland, Fla., saying “he certainly did a poor job,” and insinuating that he was a “coward.”

Trump is playing 8D chess again. He’s trying to deflect attention away from gun grabs and the NRA, as well as Second Amendment Republicans.

I would advise deputy Scott Peterson to slink quietly away and not sue Trump for defamation. Trump has a right to his opinion, just as we all do. If his opinion is that Peterson is a coward, then he can say that.

However, can you imagine Obama ever saying anything this politically incorrect? Obama, the empty suit, would indirectly criticize police on the whole, but not specific cops.

Now, if only Trump would call out Justine Damond’s killer, Officer Mohammed Noor, as a murderer, it would be great.

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CBS Names Jewish Woman as New Host of Prestigious Face the Nation

Just what America needs … more news analysis from the Jewish perspective.

Newsbusters published the transcript of Brennan’s liberal doggedness during a showdown with Sarah Huckabee Sanders last year revolving around gun control and Sandy Hook.

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South Korean Women Smuggle Gold Bars in Their RECTUMS to Avoid Tax

I don’t think we want to know exactly how customs in Japan extracted the gold from the rectums of SEVEN South Korean women.

I have read that Koreans are similar in values to Jews. The New Yorker reported in 2015 that the Talmud is a best seller in Korea and that every Korean family has a copy because the Koreans want to emulate the success of the Jews.

OK. I guess that means you smuggle gold by putting it inside the place where the sun never shines.

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Vagina Wigs Latest Weird Fashion Trend

The fashion industry has joined the (((globalist))) conspiracy to normalize weirdness.

Earlier this week, Saboteur365 posted photos of ugly Negroid albinos who allegedly are taking the fashion world by storm.

Today we have women on the runway at New York fashion week drawing attention to their privates by exposing their genital areas while covering them with vagina wigs.

So, let’s see if I have this right. It’s fashionable for women to shave themselves bald down there. Now, they’re going to cover their bald spot with a wig.

Why not just leave the area furry and forget the wig?

More photos following the story.

Excerpt from The Sun

MODELS at New York fashion week stunned crowds after going down the catwalk wearing bizarre vagina WIGS.

Designer Kaimin caused a stir with dressing the models with hairy, pubic accessories in all shapes and colours – with some resembling tiny mohawks.


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