White Woman Tells Off Wetback Line Jumper, Labeled “Racist” by Internet

I once had a white male friend whose true love was a Mexican girl who went by the name “Kathy swallows” on local bathroom walls. I pity him.

But he told me many stories about how his Mexican girlfriend refused to acknowledge or stand in lines. She never, ever stood in a line.

Not all Mexicans are line jumpers of course, but it’s a cultural characteristic, along with f*cking dogs, pedophilia, and shoplifting.


LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – An hour after Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer issued a response to a racist tirade captured on video at a local mall, JCPenney’s corporate office has done the same.

The video, posted by Renee Buckner on Facebook on Tuesday night, showed a woman angrily berating another woman at a register inside the JCPenney store at Jefferson Mall, using demeaning language while alleging another shopper cut in line. The video had been viewed 6.3 million times on Facebook, and had been shared more than 161,000 times, but was taken down from the social media site at about 12:35 p.m. It is now on Youtube, and can be viewed below (the rest of the story continues below the video):

“We are deeply disturbed by the incident that took place at our Jefferson Mall store, in which one customer made extremely inappropriate remarks to two other customers while standing in the checkout line,” the release began. “We regret that innocent bystanders – both other customers and a JCPenney associate – were subjected to such discriminatory remarks. We absolutely do not tolerate this behavior in our stores, and are working with our associates to ensure any future incidents of this nature will be addressed quickly and appropriately. In the meantime, JCPenney is asking for the community’s help in identifying the two women who were targeted for such remarks, as we would like to reimburse them for their entire purchase and offer a sincere apology for their experience.”

Fischer had weighed in about an hour earlier:

“I am sad and disappointed to see conduct like this, when one person so dehumanizes another human being,” he said in an email to local media Wednesday. “This is not who we are, and on behalf of our community, I apologize to the two women who were treated in such a horrible way. I hope this video prompts many discussions among families as they gather for the holidays this week – discussions about basic human values, dignity and respect. As a country of immigrants, we must understand that we only move forward through peace, acceptance and embracing those who are different from us. These are basic American values protected in our Constitution, values embraced in this welcoming, compassionate community.”

As of 12:40 p.m. Wednesday, the video had been viewed 6.3 million times on Facebook, and has been shared more than 161,000 times.

Jefferson Mall released a statement Tuesday night, shortly after the video was posted on Facebook.

“We are aware of the video posted online today from inside JCPenney,” the release said. “Jefferson Mall strives to create a comfortable and convenient experience for all of our guests and we absolutely do not condone this type of behavior. We will work with JCPenney to identify this woman and once identified, she will be permanently banned from Jefferson Mall, per our Behavioral Code of Conduct.”

How about banning line jumpers you fucking pukes? You must be Jews! Am I right?

I think the entire world has weighed in against the right of white people to defend themselves except for Obama and the Pope. The Pope is probably too busy kissing up to Muslims, while Obama won’t bother to interrupt his golfing.

The British daily, the Express has also covered this story, along with media world-wide.

Guess what, a**holes? We will not be silenced. Take your diversity and shove it.

Iranian Food Stamp Millionaire Worth $120 Million Indicted on Food Stamp Fraud


Unemployed white coal miners and other “losers” in the globalist economy need more than the few crumbs the feds have been throwing to the them for decades now. Then along comes a migrant millionaire who allegedly steals $45,000 worth of benefits when he’s worth $120 million and is friends with Donald Trump.

Deport him, if found guilty.


GEAUGA COUNTY – A Geauga County millionaire—who comes from royalty—has been indicted on charges he illegally received food stamps and medicaid assistance.

Ali Pascal Mahvi is facing four felony counts which could put him behind bars for more than four years if convicted. The case involving Mahvi was first exposed by the Investigator Tom Meyer in September.

“I absolutely believe he should serve time behind bars,” said James Flaiz, the Geauga County Prosecutor.

Meyer informed Mahvi of the indictment at Mahvi’s 8,000 square foot home.

“I’m not guilty,” Mahvi said.

Prosecutors say Mahvi defrauded Medicaid out of $45,000 and about $8,400 in food stamps.

Mahvi, who is the son of an Iranian prince, estimates his worth at about $120 million. His $800,000 home features five bedrooms and five bathrooms, an in-ground swimming pool, and stable with horses.

Mahvi, who says he owns 70 percent of a resort in St. Lucia, says he’s played by the rules. He says he lives off loans from friends which he argues are not considered income for food stamp eligibility.
Flaiz disagrees.

“Through our investigation, we found they were actual investments and were not loans,” he said. “There were actually hundreds of thousands of dollars of what he was calling loans that we discovered he never declared.”

Mahvi says the criminal case shut down his efforts to sell airplane parts to Iran.

“I worked really hard to get Iran to buy Boeing and I lost that because of this, these allegations,” Mahvi said.

Mahvi denies having a $4 million Swiss bank account. He says that account had belonged to his father. Flaiz says his staff is still combing through Mahvi’s 14 bank accounts.

“Literally millions of dollars involved in what was going in and out of his accounts that made this investigation especially difficult,” Flaiz said.

Mahvi says he and his lawyer will fight the charges starting next month when Mahvi is scheduled to appear in court for his arraignment.

Mahvi isn’t ruling out help from his friends in high places. When asked if he would solicit the help of his friend, President-elect Donald Trump, Mahvi said “no comment” and when asked if it’s a possibility, Mahvi again said “no comment.”

Did This Musloid Doctor Shot Dead by Cops in Rural Kentucky Inspire the Nearby Tennessee Wildfire Arsonists?



It’s 139 miles from Harlan, Kentucky to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Earlier this year, a Muslim doctor in Harlan was killed by police while trying to escape after being charged with planting explosive devices in the woods.

I sense that Sawaf’s schemes may have something to do with the arson in the nearby Great Smoky Mountains that burned up all-white Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

This story is dated August 12, 2016.


Man in custody killed trying to escape during officers’ search for explosives in woods

A man shot and killed during a confrontation with authorities Thursday night in Harlan County was previously accused of concealing explosives in trail cameras and putting them in the woods.

Mark Sawaf, 39, of Harlan had been indicted by a federal grand jury in July and was scheduled to go to trial on Sept. 13, according to court documents. He was ordered to remain in custody until trial and was indicted on eight charges, including owning and making unregistered destructive devices.

Lexington Fire Department investigator Capt. Brad Dobrzynski shot Sawaf during the altercation, which occurred after Sawaf tried to escape, state police said. ATF Special Agent Todd Tremaine and Lt. Matt Greathouse of the Lexington Police Department hazardous devices unit were also involved in the altercation that broke out on a hill above Woodland Hills subdivision about 6:50 p.m.

ATF had received information that Sawaf had placed more explosives in the woods and had gone with him to find them, Kentucky State Police Trooper Shane Jacobs said Friday. ATF asked Lexington police and fire officials for help because of “an expanded area” that needed to be searched and the scale of the operation, state police said. The state police hazardous devices unit was also asked to assist.

Sawaf died at the scene, according to state police and the Harlan County coroner’s office.

The group had found several trail cameras in the woods before the shooting, and bomb technicians searched the area Friday for more explosives, Jacobs said. Trail cameras are usually affixed to trees and are motion-activated to take photos of deer and other animals, but Sawaf allegedly had modified some with explosive material.

Apparently, Sawaf had a taste for hot blondes.

Although I have no information on Sawaf’s relationship to the blonde in the photos, she appears to be a wife or girlfriend. I’ve noticed that Middle Eastern males assimilate in the West to the extent of going after white women, especially blondes.

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Kentucky Town Elects Pit Bull as Mayor


You may be looking at a future president of the United States. Great political careers have come from humble beginnings.


On Nov. 8, the small town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, elected a leader everybody can get behind: a dog named, wait for it, Brynneth Pawltro.

The pit bull was declared mayor in a landslide victory, receiving 3,367 total votes and beating out a unique group of furry and feathery candidates, including a cat, a chicken and a jackass.

“She’s a lover, she’s such a sweet dog. She is a pit bull rescue and she’s going to be quite the ambassador for that breed,” says Bobbi Kayser, who is on the board of directors for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society in Kentucky, where ballots were cast on Tuesday.

The election was held as a fundraiser for the Rabbit Hash General Store, which was devastated by a fire in February and in desperate need of repair. Each vote cost $1 to cast — voters could cast as many ballots as their wallets allowed — and after all was said and done, $8,965 was raised, which will go toward rebuilding the store.

Some of the votes may have been alcohol-induced, Kayser joked.

“We encourage drinking at the polls,” she tells PEOPLE, “because people tend to donate more if they’ve had a few.”

Brynneth, also known as Brynn, is owned by college student Jordie Bamforth, who works for an animal hospital.

This is the town’s fourth canine mayor, with the first, a mutt named Goofy, taking office in 1998. A black Lab named Junior followed a few years later. In 2008, the same year Obama was elected, a border collie named Lucy Lou, belonging to Kayser, earned the title.

Lucy Lou retired on Nov. 8 and is notable because she’s the only former canine mayor not to die in office.

“Lucy saw the writing on the wall, and didn’t want to die in office,” Kayser tells PEOPLE. “She decided to set term limits.”

The town cat reportedly plans to contact the NAACP, National Association for the advancement of Cat Persons, to stage a protest. The cat is quoted as saying, “Cats rule, dogs drool.”

“What the hell …” Black Woman Appears Before Judge Pantsless


A white (or Jewish) woman judge has apologized profusely for the Louisville, Kentucky jail’s failure to provide a defendant with a jail jumpsuit.

The black woman defendant, allegedly pantsless, was actually wearing the shorts she was wearing when arrested. The video of the encounter in court embedded below fails to reveal the woman’s alleged nudity because she’s hidden behind a podium.

Moral of the story: If you know you’re going to be arrested, dress appropriately.

The Guardian

A Kentucky corrections facility is under scrutiny after a woman was brought into a Louisville court apparently wearing no pants, having allegedly been offered no hygiene products for three days.

The incident was caught in a recording of the court proceedings. The woman’s lawyer informed Judge Amber Wolf that her client had not received hygiene products or been given pants since she arrived in jail three days previously.

“This is outrageous,” Wolf said, in the video released on Friday. “Is this for real? Am I in the Twilight Zone?”

Wolf immediately called the Metro corrections director to ask: “Why is there a female defendant standing in front of me with no clothes on?”

The woman had been arrested for failure to complete a diversion program, which would have wiped a 2014 shoplifting charge from her record, and originally sentenced to 75 days in prison. Before learning of her ordeal, Wolf rejected the sentence and said it was “ridiculous”. The woman was eventually given a $100 fine and time served.

In the video, it is unclear what the woman is wearing as she is covered by the podium. A photo released later showed her wearing yellow athletic shorts that were almost entirely covered by her T-shirt.

A jail spokesman told WDRB the woman had not been held long enough to warrant being given a jumpsuit.

“This is pretty standard that when individuals are arrested, they remain in the clothing that they’ve been arrested in,” spokesman Steven Durham said. “Especially for the first 72 hours.”

In court, the woman was given a jumpsuit after Wolf raised concerns and the deputy director of metro corrections told the judge she should have received one. The woman told the judge several other women in holding also did not receive jumpsuits, and the criteria were ambiguous.

Wolf apologized to the woman and said she should have only been in jail for a day and then released.

“The fact you’re in custody is your fault,” Wolf said. “The rest of this is completely inhumane and unacceptable, and I’m incredibly sorry you had to go through this.”

The video has gone viral with well over 2 million views.

Virtually all the comments at youtube express the usual white sympathy for blacks. Virtue signalling should be a crime.

White Nationalist Matt Heimbach Charged for Shoving BLM Negro at Trump Rally

matt heimbach

There’s a very clear video embedded at the bottom of this post of Matt and others pushing a black female protester out of a Trump rally in Louisville last March.

People in crowds are pushed every day. Recall the insane pushing that takes place where stores open on Black Friday. If the kind of pushing seen here is criminal, then let the law be equally enforced against everyone. There’ll be a hundred blacks arrested for every white person if light pushing is deemed criminal.


LOUISVILLE, Ky., (WDRB) – A white nationalist and two other men are facing criminal charges after they were caught on video shoving a black female protester through the crowd at a rally for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Louisville in March, according to police.

Criminal summonses have been issued for Matthew Heimbach, a leader with the white supremacist Traditionalist Youth Network; Alvin Bamberger, a 75-year-old Ohio resident who was wearing a uniform associated with the Korean War Veterans Association; and Indiana resident Joseph Pryor.

All three men have been charged with harassment with physical contact of Shiya Nwanguma, said Alicia Smiley, a spokeswoman for the Louisville Metro Police Department. The charge is a misdemeanor.

A criminal summons is signed by a judge and states the crime the person has been accused of and orders them to appear in court. However it is unclear if the summonses have been served or when the men have been scheduled to appear in Jefferson District Court. All three men live out of state.

Josh Abner, a spokesman for the Jefferson County Attorney’s office, said he could not confirm or deny that the criminal summonses had been issued. There is no case file until the person charged appears in court.

Nwanguma, a University of Louisville student, was seen being pushed and shoved out of the audience in a video that went viral.

Nwanguma claims she was protesting non-violently by carrying a sign depicting Trump’s face on the body of a pig. She filed a lawsuit against the men and Trump alleging she was called racist and sexist slurs and repeatedly assaulted.

Heimbach and Bamberger both shoved and struck her, according to the lawsuit. Pryor is not mentioned in the lawsuit. Other media publications have said Pryor was an aspiring Marine who was reportedly discharged because of the incident.

Four other protesters at the Trump rally filed criminal complaints with Louisville Metro Police, but prosecutors declined to press charges in those alleged incidents, according to Smiley.

Heimbach has said publicly he’s looking out for the white race. On his website, he explained that Nwanguma was trying to create a disturbance.

Nwanguma told WFPL that people were already trying to take the signs from her hands when Trump saw her from the podium and told the crowd to get her out.

“And then that’s when everybody started to attack me,” she said. “There were some pretty awful things said. I was called the N-word. I was called the C-word.”

This story is also covered at SPLC Hatewatch.

Dindu Thug Drives Through Kentucky Memorial Day Cross Display

anthony burrus

Anthony Burris doesn’t exactly look like the brightest Negro to ever have his mugshot taken. Maybe that explains his proclamation of innocence, which is rebutted by the evidence found on his car tires.


An arrest has been made after 160 Memorial Day crosses were damaged early Saturday in Henderson.

Police say a car driven by 27-year-old Anthony Burrus, of Henderson, drove through the display of crosses in Central Park around 6 a.m.

Officers say Burris denied causing the damage, but said he was driving a 1979 Ford Thunderbird on Saturday morning. He told officers he left the car at McDonald’s on South Green Street because it stopped running.

kentucky cross display vandalized

When officers found the car, it had pieces of a cross and ground stake embedded in the tires.

Police found Burris at his sister’s apartment in the 2600 block of Zion Road. He was arrested and taken to the Henderson County Detention Center.

Volunteers were able to get around 140 of the crosses back in the ground. While those will need some repairs, the others were completely destroyed.

Note that Burris is also spelled “Burrus” in the story. Whatever the spelling of his last name, the jailer will get it right on his new fashionable orange jumpsuit.

You can read the Associated Press account of the dynamic Mr. Burris’s vandalism here.