Angel Moms Slam Kathy Griffin for Tweeting that Trump is Using Them and Doesn’t Give Two Sh*ts About Them


President Donald Trump is changing the culture and the insane left can’t stand it.

Kathy Griffin should have shut up after the severed head of Trump flap. But no, her yapping pie hole is like the Energizer bunny. It just keeps going and going and going.

The big difference is that the bunny is likable and cute. Kathy Griffin is ugly and not likable at all.

Fox News Insider

A mother whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant blasted Kathy Griffin after the comedian said President Trump is using angel parents “for propaganda.”

Sick and ulgy on the outside and inside:

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Unhinged “Comedian” Kathy Griffin Unleashes Profanity-Laced Tirade at First Lady: ‘F— you, Melanie’

Mentally disturbed Kathy Griffin was the talk of social media on Sunday for her frightening verbal abuse of America’s classy First Lady, Melania Trump.

For everyone’s safety, she should undergo a mental evaluation. Calling her a comedian is an insult to real comedians. There’s nothing funny about her except for her Bozo the Clown looks.

Fox News

Liberal comedian Kathy Griffin, who famously posed with a fake severed head of President Trump, took a vicious new swing at the first lady over the immigration controversy on Sunday.

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“Art” Featuring Severed Head of Trump on a Spear Draws Attention

San Diego Union Tribune

A Chula Vista school mural that depicts the bloody, severed head of President Donald Trump on a spear sparked a controversy that prompted officials to cover it and issue a response distancing themselves from the work.

The statement also said the artist will alter the painting.

Contradicting the school statement, artist Sasha Andrade is defiant on social media, as reported below.

When “comedian” Kathy Griffin did her Trump severed head “joke,” she got a visit from the Secret Service.

This school and the artist also deserve a Secret Service investigation to determine whether there’s a serious threat to the life of the president.

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Sheboon Comedian’s Vulgar Jokes Headline White House Correspondents Dinner


Michelle Wolf, the vulgar, insulting comedian who drew gasps at the White House Correspondents Dinner last night, claims to be WHITE.

I’m sticking with my theory that she’s a Negress, which is what people assume that she is.

After watching her, you’d have to assume she’s funny because funny was not in evidence last night.


Wolf routine stuns White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Trump administration officials walk out as comedian attacks Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others, delivering a harsh, risque performance in the president’s absence.

By BRENT D. GRIFFITHS 04/28/2018 11:51 PM EDT Updated 04/29/2018 12:53 AM EDT

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Members of the Trump administration walked out of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night after comedian Michelle Wolf ripped into White House staffers including press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the absence of the president himself.

3 minute excerpt. NOT FUNNY. STUPID SHEBOON.

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Kathy Griffin Calls Out Hollywood Jews In Viral Video

Haha. She’ll never work again. Not that she was going to work anyway.

I’ve bolded the names of the Jews she goes after in the video.

Obviously, this rant is a distraction from real news, but the angry shiksa in fed up with bad Jew behavior and doesn’t care who knows it.


UPDATED with reaction from Andy Cohen: Shortly after Griffin posted her dragging of Harvey Levin and Andy Cohen, Cohen took to Twitter to say, “I am completely stunned by this story. It is 100% false and totally made up.”

Cohen doesn’t point out any specifics of Griffin’s tirade which included details that he and executives at Bravo did not support her while she was filming My Life on the D-list and how he offered her cocaine on multiple occasions.

EARLIER: In a 17-minute video posted on YouTube and Twitter, Kathy Griffin and had some words to say about TMZ’s Harvey Levin and Bravo’s Andy Cohen — and they weren’t nice ones. In fact, she played a voicemail from Levin which included his phone number.

Calling out the two for slighting her, she said, “People like Harvey Levin and Andy Cohen, who honestly just live to take women down.” Before she dug into the pair, she encouraged viewers to preserve the video for fear that it would be taken off of social media.

She started with Levin saying how he and TMZ fueled the controversy behind the photo of her carrying a fake decapitated head of Donald Trump. This resulted in death threats not only to Griffin but her mother and her sister. She also mentions how Levin is in bed with the Lisa Blooms of the world, Trump, and how his actions have affected her career.

“Where the f*** did you get my personal cell number and who the f*** do you think you are harassing me on my cell phone calling me directly? Your good friend Lisa Bloom?” she said.

She went on to Cohen, who said who gave her the Mariah Carey “I don’t know her” treatment in a recent interview, saying that he was a “miserable boss” when she was filming My Life on the D-List on Bravo. She claims in the six seasons of the show, Bravo visited twice. She also says that Cohen wanted to be her. Later in the video Griffin, who has not had a drink in her life, shared how he offered her cocaine on more than one occasion.

The jam-packed video also drags Bravo, and in essence, NBCUniversal — and Griffin is fully aware of it. “I really feel that it is important that I am honest about this stuff,” she said about the alleged harassment she has faced while there. “So, I’m sorry I have to get into the women who are complicit.” She goes on to call out people by name Bonnie Hammer, Lauren Zalaznick, Frances Berwick and others.

Griffin’s targets also included her former agents at WME and her publicists as well as Jeff Zucker, head of CNN where she co-hosted the New Year’s Eve special for years until getting fired following the Trump severed head incident.

Her Jew “friends” threw her under the bus and now we’re seeing a boomerang effect. Arrest Andy Cohen (never heard of him) for illegal drugs!

Kathy Griffin Claims She’s Blacklisted and Has Emails to Prove It

Maybe she just isn’t funny. Or likable.


To hear Kathy Griffin tell her tale of 2017 is to learn that it’s possible for one joke to derail a career. Back in May, pics from a photoshoot depicting the comedian holding a makeshift decapitated head of President Donald Trump caused a massive controversy. Trump called the photos “sick” and Griffin apologized. The story didn’t end there, though, and as Griffin has revealed on her Facebook page, the fallout from that one photoshoot continues to unfold almost five months later.

In a Facebook post, Griffin claims that she has been blacklisted following the events of this past spring. “If you’ve ever wondered what blacklisting in any industry looks like, especially if you’re a woman of a certain age, I’ll show you right now,” she begins, before launching into her account of an invite to deliver the opening remarks at this December’s The Hollywood Reporter Power 100 Women in Entertainment breakfast–and the subsequent rescinding of that invite.

Griffin doesn’t hold back when it comes to analyzing this turn of events. “I do not buy their official reasoning and I believe ‘the word has been put out’ on me,” writes Griffin. “I can’t help but take this as another occasion where Hollywood is blacklisting a woman and silencing her. After decades of hard work in this industry, it’s my opinion that this is not right nor justified. Yeah, I took one photo holding up a children’s Halloween Trump mask with ketchup on it…so what? How’s that feigned outrage working out for you now in light of a possible impending nuclear holocaust?”

Bizarre Degenerate Kathy Griffin Returns to Performing Wearing a Trump Mask, Giving the Finger, and Sporting a Nearly Bald Head

So-called comedian Kathy Griffin learned nothing from last summer’s Trump beheading fiasco.

The disgusting entertainer is back after a three month forced hiatus. It’s not so bad that she thinks she’s funny, but rather that there’s an audience whooping it up for her as she returned to performing.

Fox News

Kathy Griffin, who once apologized for posing for a picture with a fake severed head of President Trump, donned a Trump mask on stage for a stand up show while holding up her two middle fingers.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Gardner posted a video showing the controversial comedian mocking Trump yet again.

Gardner’s post read, “Making first public appearance, @kathygriffin takes stage at LA drag show wearing @realDonaldTrump mask, waving middle fingers in air.”

The response on social media was mixed.

One Twitter user wrote, “A big F-you from Kathy Griffin. Comic returns to the stage wearing full Donald Trump head mask, middle fingers, then fist, in the air.”

But one user noted, “She’s such a loser!”

Another chimed in, “There is no reason for all this. Shame on her.”

Griffin reneged on her formal apology to Trump in August 2017 saying she was “no longer sorry” for the questionable photo saying the “whole outrage was BS.”

Watch the return of a totally worthless celebrity: