Muslim protester who hit police officer at Tommy Robinson rally spared jail


British judges are extremely lenient with Muslims, I’ve noticed.

The victim of a stick wielding maniac is a policeman. You might expect a goon who attacks a cop to spend at least some time in prison.

But Muslim privilege prevails in a cucked criminal justice system.

A Muslim activist who hit a police officer with his walking stick at a Tommy Robinson rally in Hyde Park has escaped with a suspended sentence.

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With Knifing Crimes on the Rise, British Judge Proposes Grinding Down Sharp Points on ALL Knives

We’re the knife police and we’re here with our grinder to make your knives safer m’am.

That greeting could become reality if a British judge has his way.

Let’s think of a better way.

Cut off the hands of blacks and browns and a knife would be useless to them unless they intend to hold it in their mouths or with their feet.

Better yet, Britain, outlaw blacks and browns, not sharp knives.

The Telegraph

A judge has proposed a nationwide programme to file down the points of kitchen knives as a solution to the country’s soaring knife crime epidemic.

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Judge Orders 30 Year Old Soyboy Evicted from Parent’s Home at Their Request


Adult males who contribute NOTHING to their parent’s household are parasites.

Michael Rotando should have been born a black female. Then he could parasite off the taxpayer forever.

As it is, he’s shaping up to be either a homeless guy or a guy who shoulders the responsibilities that come with being born a white male–self supporting via a job or business.

Sky News

A 30-year-old man has been ordered to move out of his parents’ home by a court following a legal battle.

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Judge Orders Teen Who Started Massive Eagle Creek Fire to Pay $36 Million

If you follow this link you’ll discover that the unidentified teen in trouble is not an illegal immigrant or a black, but a legal immigrant from the Ukraine.

This case appears to show that even white immigrants lack the common sense that Americans who’ve been here for generations possess about the dangers of forest fires. Smoky Bear and all that.

It sure would be beneficial to the country if all immigration were curtailed for say 10 years, which I believe Ann Coulter advocates.

Oregon Live

A judge has ordered a teen who admitted to starting a fire that swept through the Columbia River Gorge last year to pay over $36 million but acknowledges the teen can’t pay the sum in full.

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Sessions Sends 18 Judges, 35 Prosecutors to Border to Deal with Illegals

Anonymous judges and prosecutors don’t make for good imagery nor screaming headlines.

However, they are the system the laws give us.

Much more appealing to the alt-right would be photos of military men rounding up illegals at the point of a bayonet.


The Department of Justice is sending 35 more prosecutors and 18 immigration judges to quickly process illegal immigrants and asylum claims at the border, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday.

Everyone surely now has these pathetic images of a pathetic fence burned into memory. What a disgrace.

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The Legal Murder of Alfie Evans: British Judge Issues Death Sentence on Sickly Toddler, Blocking Trip to Rome for Treatment


Britain is legally murdering a young WHITE boy named Alfie Evans.

Alfie’s parents are appealing a British judge’s ruling that is denying them the right to leave Britain with Alfie for treatment available in Rome, Italy.

For once, Pope Francis has done a good thing. He’s praying for the little lad.

The doctors in Rome, Italy are also doing a good thing. They’ve offered to try a new treatment on Alfie that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has denied the charming youngster. Those Italians are good guys. I love the wops.

The dagos even gave alfie CITIZENSHIP to facilitate his trip to Italy. The British authorities have rebuffed that gesture.

The Independent

A judge has ruled that terminally ill Alfie Evans may be allowed home, but will not be allowed to go to Rome for further treatment.

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South African Black Law Graduates Cannot Write, Read, Do Math, or Reason

As Battle Beagle puts it, what are they, potatoes?

Uh … no. More closely related to apes than potatoes, Mr. Beagle.

Some of the apes do seem to be able to reason though.

South Africa Today

Already in 2012, the Legal Society of South Africa received complaints that graduated students can not write, read, make sums or reason.

Chief Justice Mogoeng said at the University of Johannesburg at the award of an honorary doctorate, that the problem lies in the transition from basic education to higher education.

The legal fraternity asks how it is possible that a graduate can not write, count or reason properly after a four-year LLB degree?

Mogoeng says: “black students struggle to adapt to tertiary level”.

If it is the case with law students, the same will certainly apply to engineers and medical students, which is a terrifying picture.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

While we’re visiting Africa, let’s take a look at the stagnation that lack of intelligence means economically. Again, the source is a Battle Beagle Tweet.

Who needs wealth when you’ve got rhythm!