Breaking: Head of Senate Intelligence Committee Security Indicted for Lying to FBI


Lefties don’t mind you lying to the FBI so long as it’s bad for Trump. This guy is nuts:

This is a developing story. More later as events warrant.

Double Standard: Will Lying, Inept MSNBC Negress Joy Reid Finally Be Fired Now that Old Antisemitic Blog Posts Have Been Discovered?

None of the alt-right give a damn about Joy Reid, a Negress who mistakenly thinks she has interesting things to say on her MSNBC program.

We do notice that her old defense for politically incorrect comments on her old blog was that she was hacked. Now, her defense is the apology.

Like Brian Williams, also now at MSNBC, she’s a damn liar.

However, it’s fun to note that the newest material to surface that she wrote is “antisemitic.” That sets up a dilemma for the left. Let a black woman get away with criticizing Jews and everyone might think they can do the same thing. Or fire her.

Break out the popcorn.

The Hill

Another controversial post from MSNBC host Joy Reid’s now-defunct blog was unearthed late Thursday, adding to pressure on the network and its anchor to offer an explanation.

The post includes sharp criticism of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for being “a former flak for American Israeli Public Affairs Committee” (AIPAC) while accusing the veteran anchor of not hiding “his affinity for his Israeli guests, or his partisanship for their cause.”

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Elon Musk’s Criticism of the Press Almost Names the Jew, Incites “Antisemitic” Responses

Everyone who is even slightly awake knows who “owns” the press.

However, we’re not supposed to talk about it.

Shhhhh! It’s the Eskimos.

See a sample of Twitter responses naming the Eskimo following the story.

CNN Money

Elon Musk has ratcheted up his criticism of the media.

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Britain Denies Entry to Coal-Burning Journalist Lauren Southern in order to Protect Muslim Feels

Many of you know that Lauren Southern, not at all on the alt-right, but rather an alt-light or merchant right figure who goes after the low hanging fruit–Muslims, has a history of romantic involvement with groids.

Then there’s the allegedly 16 year old Lauren with the mulatto boyfriend.

There’s also some evidence that her ancestors include Jews, but as far as I can tell there’s no consensus that she’s actually Jewish.

What she espouses is a cultural explanation for our problems rather than a racial one. That’s the mark of someone in it for the attention and/or the money, and not because of a burning desire to save the West and the white race from extinction.

So what we have is a coal-burning anti-racist being barred from entering Britain. Her anti-racism didn’t stop the British authorities from declaring her persona non grata. Maybe she should have showed them the pics of her with her darkie boyfriends.

Fox News

Canadian right-wing journalist and activist Lauren Southern was barred from entering the United Kingdom on Monday, purportedly over a poster she distributed about Islam in February — making her the latest international right-wing figure to be denied entry to the U.K. after criticizing the religion.

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Facebook Bans Laura Loomer for Exposing Liar David Hogg

Laura’s 30 day ban from Facebook comes on the heels of a weeklong ban from Twitter.

Not even a Jew who comes close to telling the truth is being allowed to speak the truth on our dominant social media platforms.

Many of you know that Alex Jones is one strike away from being banned from youtube. And Mike Cernovice and Loomer, along with Jack Pesobiec, were banned from publishing platform Medium

The ban on the Daily Stormer, more severe than any other, along with these bans on the alt-light and merchant right, show that the totalitarian left controls the agenda for now. The only solution I’ve seen is to declare them public utilities, where the First Amendment would apply.

Big League Politics

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer received a 30-day banishment from Facebook Monday after she wrote a post calling student and gun control activist David Hogg a liar.

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Jigaboo Journalist Sentenced to Five Years for Threatening Jews and Mudshark Girlfriend


I’m sure that black bastard Juan is right about what he said in the Tweet above. He won’t be silenced.

He’ll be telling his lies and doing his complaining behind bars.

New York Post

Juan Thompson, a disgraced former reporter for The Intercept, was slammed with a five-year prison sentence Wednesday for phoning in bomb threats at Jewish community centers in a twisted revenge plot against his ex-girlfriend.

The jilted journo was led from court with his ex’s angry courtroom kiss-off ringing in his ears.

“This is domestic terror in the literal sense,” Francesca Rossi said in a tearful, scathing victim impact statement in Manhattan federal court.

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Jihadist Filth Linda Sarsour Gets the Loomer Treatment



Laura Loomer’s Jewish chutzpah was on display on Tuesday as she went after Sharia Law advocate Linda Sarsour. The hijab wearing, Trump hating, Jew hating Muslim got what is being promoted by Laura as “Loomered.”

The Trump assassination play Julius Caesar and Hillary Clinton have both been Loomered in the past. If Loomer is Jewish controlled opposition, she’s earning her money.

Loomer went wild on Twitter on Tuesday, sharing her day of excitement with her fans.

I’ve pulled six selected Tweets out for display here. Click on her name to visit her Twitter to see more.

OK, this is minor political theater, but disrupting a university sponsored event has some value. It’s too bad that Loomer doesn’t have a “Troll Army” like Andrew Anglin’s to confront the Muslim menace. As it is, she has to confront the left alone.

My view is that she’s not a Jewish psy op, but rather a person with a strong need to be somebody. She could be somebody on the left, but for whatever reason she’s rejected the liberal politics of most Jews and allied herself with the alt-light. As long as she doesn’t claim to be a leader of the alt-right I don’t mind her at all. In fact, she did some good reporting following the Las Vegas massacre.