We are all Nazis Now


The lunatic left isn’t just calling everyone who disagrees with its insane lies by the smear word “Nazi,” but is also successfully assaulting people and destroying property, without any arrests being made by police.

Meanwhile, the incitement to assassinate President Trump has come from a significant number of very visible people in Hollywood and elsewhere.

Where will it end? When the president employs the weapons at his disposal to stop it. And when the white man says ENOUGH.

Excerpt from Takimag.com

I guess calling everyone a “racist” doesn’t work anymore. If it did, Trump would have lost.

As a result, we are all Nazis now.

Milo Yiannapoulos is a gay Jew who can’t seem to go more than five minutes without mentioning that he loves sucking black cock. He has openly and repeatedly disavowed white nationalism, especially the “14/88” crowd.

Doesn’t matter. Posters preceding his recent appearance in Denver tagged him as a “Nazi” and encouraged punching him.

When he attempted to speak last week at UC Berkeley—which abandoned any pretense of supporting free speech long ago—a violent riot erupted, and authorities canceled the speech. Fires were set, windows were smashed, a female Trump supporter was maced while doing a TV interview, and Trump supporters were beaten unconscious in the streets. There was a million dollars in property damage yet only one arrest—for misdemeanor failure to disperse rather than, you know, felony assault or felony rioting.

While condemning the riots, California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom smeared Milo as a “white supremacist.”

As of February 3, at least 12,000 calls to assassinate Trump had been logged on Twitter. So far, the Secret Service has visited a grand total of two people over the threats. London Times columnist India Knight has openly called for Trump’s assassination. So has Ted Kornblum, CEO of a guitar amplifier company. Last week an Irish magazine called Village featured a cover with crosshairs focused on Trump’s temple and the headline “Why Not.” Rapper Big Sean recently cut a track where he talks of murdering Donald Trump with an icepick. The publisher of Germany’s Die Zeit suggested “Murder in the White House; as an effective method of taking out Trump. CNN produced a fantasy video where Trump gets assassinated.

There is a peculiar sadism at the very root of the leftist mindset, one made all the more foul because it’s buried underneath a fraudulent veneer of compassion and tolerance. There has been next to zero violence coming from the right, but leftists are justifying all their mob violence by saying Nazis want to exterminate everyone, so they’re just preemptively preventing another genocide. That’s a transparently false excuse, and they’d be hard-pressed to point to a single person they’ve attacked who advocates violence, but I realized only a few years ago that truth and facts simply do not matter to these cultists. But when it comes to violence, they should be very careful what they ask for.

There are laws against rioting. There are RICO laws. There are laws against assault. There are laws against destroying property. There are laws against blocking someone’s forward progress. There are laws against sedition and domestic terrorism. I hope the Trump Administration bulldozes these assholes with those laws. He even suggested defunding UC Berkeley, which currently milks federal funds for more than half of their revenue.

In contrast to Berkeley’s “stand down” orders to police during the riots, 231 people were charged with felony rioting in DC on Inauguration Day. If found guilty, I would like to see these “black bloc” assholes put away, where they’ll be forced to deal with a “black bloc” who hates their guts merely for their skin color. I would love to be a fly on the wall when a scrawny rich white “anarchist” inmate tries explaining to his cellmate, a member of the Black Guerrilla Family, about how he empathizes with his cause and has been fighting racism all his life.

Trump: Smells Like Victory, Just Like a Rocky Movie


Regular Taki contributor Jim Goad pens a nice pro-Trump piece framed around the Rocky Balboa character. Jim believes that Trump will emerge from NEXT MONDAY’S DEBATE the winner, thus sealing an election win.

Excerpt from Takimag

America’s 2016 presidential campaign is turning out to be the longest Rocky movie ever made.

Since the moment that Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015, the scoffers and sneerers and naysayers have stated definitively that he is a Cheeto-colored buffoon who has absolutely no chance of winning the presidency and you’re an idiot for ever thinking he did.

Week after week and month after month, we’ve been assured that Trump finally made a gaffe from which he will never recover, and yet he always recovers. We’ve been lectured endlessly that women and Mexicans and Jews and Muslims and Mormons and gays and trannies and hermaphrodites and otherkin dislike him so much, there’s no way this crusty old white dude with the freaky hairdo can cobble together enough hate-filled, poorly educated white male deplorables to have even a chance of winning. (I will note for the record that on average, nonwhite voters are far less educated than white ones, but the mainstream press avoids this fact as if it were a leaky, blistering case of anal herpes.)

A mere five weeks ago, Trump trailed Clinton by about eight points in national polls. Vanity Fair crowed that “Trump’s poll numbers are collapsing” and predicted that “Clinton’s headed for a landslide.” Pundits, certain that the GOP had another Goldwater on their hands, were solemnly nudging him to drop out of the race.

Six days ago, Clinton led Trump by three points in the Real Clear Politics average of national polls. Four days ago, her lead had slipped to 2.3 points. As I type this on Sunday night, Trump is less than one percentage point behind Clinton and nipping like a wolf at her cankles.

In the course of only a few weeks, he has flipped the script in several battleground states and is now leading or tied in several states that could deliver him the Electoral College like a tasty nacho bowl at Trump Tower.

The media has stabbed the beast again and again, but they just can’t kill him. Like Rocky Balboa, he gets beaten to a paste and then comes back swinging. A friend of mine likened Trump’s stubborn success to the 1950s sci-fi exploitation movie Kronos, a giant alien machine that absorbs the energy of all the bombs and missiles tossed at it and only grows stronger in the process.

Trump’s recent ascent in the polls has been aided greatly by Clinton’s “deplorables” comment as well as her pathetic collapse at the 9/11 memorial ceremony which proved that the only “conspiracy theory” about her health was that the establishment press had conspired to deny that she was ill.

An apparent terrorist bombing in Manhattan on Saturday night will only aid Trump. One or two more terrorist attacks on US soil between now and November 8, and he wins. One or two more large-scale urban riots, and he wins. One or two more public displays of Hillary Clinton hacking up her esophagus while having a seizure during a press conference, and he wins.

I’ve been thinking for months that all it will take for him to win is to appear alongside Hillary Clinton in their debate next Monday night. After relishing how he psychologically murdered all his opponents in the Republican debates, and after observing for years how Hillary is so thin-skinned that it’s a wonder you can’t see her internal organs, I strongly suspect (OK, “hope”) that the first debate will seal his eventual triumph and the long-overdue restoration of a national sense of honor and destiny that rightfully used to scare the shit out of the rest of the world.

Election 2016: Chicks Vs. Dicks

voting with vagina

Jim Goad’s snarky writing about social issues offers hipster mockery and ridicule of liberals, social justice warriors, and cultural Marxists.

I’ve pulled an excerpt from his latest piece on the upcoming presidential election. Hillary and feminists make for a fine target.


Hillary Clinton is heading into the general election vagina-first, hoping she can surf a foamy lubricated sea of likeminded vaginas straight into the Oval Office. The popular wisdom—which has proved neither popular nor wise over the past year—is that Donald Trump suffers such insurmountable “negatives” among women that all the uneducated meth-smoking trailer-dwelling white male bigots in Flyover Country won’t be able to seal the deal for him.

Since identity politics are for everyone except straight white males these days, Madame Clinton has been traipsing her cottage-cheese buttocks across this great nation pandering to Negroes, Latinos, gays, and, of course, WOMEN.

You may not have realized it, but there’s a War on Women in America these days. Pay no mind that no one quite seems capable of articulating how our society is unfair to women. They keep dredging up the mythical wage gap, but that’s about it. And something about there not being enough free condoms. Otherwise, women live longer, work the safest jobs, and get drastically shorter prison sentences for committing the same crimes as men. And forget that they enjoy the sumptuous luxury of enjoying automatic and nearly universal public and legal sympathy in just about any dispute with men.

hillary spits turds gif

When it comes to the topic of gender in this election, the deck is stacked to put men on the defensive. This is why a central topic of the campaign is always whether Donald Trump hates women—and never whether Hillary Clinton hates men.

From the moment he announced his candidacy, Trump has been relentlessly smeared as a “sexist” because he has a tendency not to roll over and offer up his belly to appease latter-day feminist pieties. He is often critical of women’s looks and their weight. He sometimes says unflattering things about their behavior. This is hateful and sexist when he does it, but not when women make fun of his hair and short fingers and openly call for him to be raped and dismembered by Syrian refugees.

My guts tell me that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be far more hostile toward male interests than Donald Trump’s would be toward women. If you think Obama was bad with the “white” thing, wait ‘til you see what Hillary Clinton does with the whole “male” thing. That’s why this November, I encourage all men to vote with their dicks.

hillary vote with vagina

When searching for photos to use to illustrate this post, it was easy to find “vote with your vagina” illustrations. It’s clear that there’s a propaganda war on to convince women to vote for Hillary because of her vaginal opening, which I’m sure has seen plenty of action from women, but not so much from men.

Jim Goad’s advice to men to vote with their dicks seems like sound guidance to me.

vote for hillary vagina not

The Story of the Most Viewed Caricature of The Jew in History


The headline reads:

The Surprisingly Mainstream History Of The Internet’s Favorite Anti-Semitic Image
You’ve probably seen “Jew-bwa-ha-ha.gif.” We found the man who drew it.

Joseph Bernstein
BuzzFeed News Reporter

Read the whole story of the image of a Jew that most of us have seen at Buzzfeed.

Brief sample:

What is most significant about this image isn’t the thing itself — there is far more creative, and far more disturbing, anti-Jewish imagery out there — but its sheer ubiquity. A Google reverse image search for “Jew-bwa-ha-ha.gif,” as the file is most frequently, but not always, named, returns 1,210 matches. It’s unquestionably the most popular anti-Semitic image on the internet, and if one pauses to think about the scope and reach of the internet, it’s easy to make an argument that “Jew-bwa-ha-ha.gif” is the most widely seen anti-Semitic image in history.

Another cartoon image attributed to the artist.

Another cartoon image attributed to the artist.

Feminists to Trannies: Stay off our TERF

trannie face

Are trannies really women?

Lefturds say yes.

Traditionalists say no. Christians (real Christians) say no. Conservatives say no. Right-wing, faggot-hating, Nazi fascists of all stripes say no.

But there’s one group on the left that says no also. The TERFs. TERF stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.

If the left were not so evil, their stupidity would be laughable. But given their effort to destroy decency in the West, there’s nothing funny about tranny-loving lefturds at war with tranny-hating lefturds.

The article below was written by one of the finest writers in America today, Jim Goad (see blogroll).

[If this issue really interests you, then this link will take you to the Google images page of vaginas surgically constructed from penises. Ugh. I don’t recommend clicking on this link. I became interested in this issue a decade ago when my university employed its first tranny instructor and assigned him to use the women’s bathroom until he could get fitted with his new p*ssy.]

Taki’s Magazine

As a connoisseur of leftist cannibalism, I enjoy watching the internecine squabbling of groups competing for the top spot on the hierarchy of oppression as if they were puppies stepping on one another’s necks straining for a tug on the warm teat of sympathy.

Male-to-female transsexuals—who, as luck would have it, have always constituted the vast majority of those who feel they were born wearing the wrong genital costumery—have recently emerged as perhaps the most rabidly militant of all identity groups strung along the vast fractured progressive rainbow. In their manic quest to force the world into parroting the obvious lie that they are women, they have stumbled upon an unexpected foe—radical feminists who have real, God-given vaginas.

This is a struggle—laden with a hilarious level of acrimony—between men who insist they’re women and women who insist that the most crucial part of being a woman involves popping out of your mother’s vagina with a vagina of your own. The latter group is disparagingly referred to as TERFs—Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists—due to the fact that they feel male-to-female trannies are trying to party-crash their struggle against historical oppression. The TERFs argue that for men to pretend they’re women is insulting to real women. To them, it is a genital form of blackface.

“Leftist intersectionality has devolved to the point where real women and fake women are arguing over whose vaginas smell worse.”

Tranny porn star Jenna Skyy.  You'd really have to be sick to find this attractive.  Give me a real woman every time.  And I do mean EVERY time.

Tranny porn star Jenna Skyy. Would you call her a woman? Trannies claim they are real women. Some of us disagree.

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Black on White Rape: The Number to Remember is 64 to 1

In spite of cultural Marxist efforts to mock and ridicule the rape of white women by savage beasts like this one, the facts speak volumes about the bullsh*t denials that blacks rape at a significantly higher rate than whites do.

In spite of cultural Marxist efforts to mock and ridicule the rape of white women by savage beasts like this one, the facts speak volumes about the bullsh*t denials that blacks rape at a significantly higher rate than whites do.

Excerpt from Taki Mag

So let’s take a look at the best available statistics regarding interracial rape and sexual assault, shall we?

I pored over all 13 PDFs from the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey from 1996-2008. In case you’d like to peruse these documents yourself, interracial sexual-assault stats for each year are listed on a table entitled “Percent distribution of single-offender victimizations, based on race of victims, by type of crime and perceived race of offender.”

But starting in 2009, these reports suddenly changed—although they still tabulated the race of crime victims and perpetrators, these groups were now listed in separate tables, making it impossible to tally interracial crime stats anymore. Hmmm…what happened in 2009? Oh, right—Barack Obama became president and Eric Holder became Attorney General.

Beware ye that these stats are not rigidly precise, because many of the estimates are “based on about 10 or fewer sample cases.” Still, a definite ominous pattern emerges, one that’s undeniable to everyone except those who live in denial.

Over those 13 years, multiplying the racial percentages of perpetrators times the total number of victims for each race, I counted 271,224 black-on-white rapes and sexual assaults as compared to 24,304 white-on-black ones. This means that for every black woman who was raped or sexually assaulted by a white man over that timespan, 11.1 white women were sexually victimized by black men. Factoring in that there are around 5.75 whites for every black in America, a white woman is 64 times as likely to be raped or sexually assaulted by a black man than a black woman is by a white man.

blk male raping white woman

Mind you, that’s not 64 percent. That’s 6,400%. By most measures, that would be a statistically significant difference, no?

Not a single case of white-on-black rape or sexual assault was logged from 2003-2008. In toto, eight out of 13 years showed a big fat goose egg for white-on-black rapes. And not a single year showed fewer than 11,612 black-on-white rapes and sexual assaults, reaching a peak in 2005 with a whopping 37,461 incidents.

The plot thickens—or sickens—when one considers the “Hispanic Effect”—i.e., the fact that the survey lists many Hispanic perps as “white” and some as “other race,” but never as “black.” And it only shows victims as either white or black. So the interracial sexual-assault stats are even more lopsided than the already ridiculous disparity of 64-1.

So based on the best available statistics, there is a definite racial bias in rape—it’s biased against white women, with black males as the perpetrators.

This is the reality facing white women when there are black savages around.  This white woman is taking a beating from her black boyfriend.

This is the reality facing white women when there are black savages around. This white woman is taking a beating from her black boyfriend.

Does It Matter if Hillary Clinton Is A Carpet Muncher?

Hillary all boobified by Christina Aguilera's pair of mammaries

Hillary all boobified by Christina Aguilera’s pair of mammaries

The question in the title of this post is also the title of an article by Jim Goad posted on Taki’s magazine.

Besides numerous stories of Hillary’s lesbianism, there’s the provacative picture above and the one below, showing Hillary’s hand wandering toward a nipple.

If that were a man's hand, feminists would still be spewing venomous hatred toward him.  Lesbo Hill gets a free pass.

If that were a man’s hand, feminists would still be spewing venomous hatred toward him. Lesbo Hill gets a free pass.

So does it matter? Goad has this to say:

It should if you’re a male. By definition, lesbians dislike men. They take your everyday, run-of-the-mill, been-there-done-that misandry that forms the bedrock of all latter-day feminism a step further by rejecting not only the idea of maleness, but the very male body itself. The idea of a man-hating, pants-suit-wearing, oyster-gobbling woman sitting in the Ovary Office should make any right-thinking American male’s testicles retreat slightly up into his body.

With brilliant, but sobering reasoning, Goad goes on to conclude:

Should Hillary Clinton ascend to the presidency, you can bet your last testicle that no matter how extreme her policies, anyone who dares question them will be shouted down as a misogynist. She could call for the ritual televised castration of all male infants, yet anyone who made a peep about it will be smeared as a woman-hater.

It is also well-known that Hillary Clinton is an impenitent war hawk. For all that we hear about how men who love guns and missiles are compensating for penile deficiencies, how much more would this apply to someone that nature has saddled with a mere clitoris?

Let’s throw reason to the wind and assume that Clinton is a full-on heterosexual woman. If that’s the case, she publicly endured humiliation at the hands of her philandering hubby. Hell hath no fury, and all that. If she were to be placed in the world’s ultimate power position, this would not bode well for men. Considering all this, one could only hope that she’s a lesbian.

What a ridiculously sick and hateful country America has become.

Between pavement apes who constantly chimp out, genocidal greaseritos with switchblades nursing a grudge going back to the Alamo, and muff divers who hate men, that unmarked mass grave waiting for the white man is looking more likely every day.

FEMA camp, here I come. But not without a fight!