Egyptian Knifeman Chatted Nicely in German with Two Women Tourists Before Killing Them


A Muslim knifeman repaid Angela Merkel’s kindness in allowing millions of Muslims to migrate to Germany by killing two German women in Egypt.

Is there anyone in Germany who abides by the principle of an eye for an eye?

End Islam before Islam ends the West.

In the meantime, stay out of Egypt, ladies.

Excerpt from ABC News

The Egyptian university graduate who stabbed two German women to death at a popular Red Sea resort first sat and spoke to them in fluent German before producing a large kitchen knife and attacking them, security officials said Saturday.

Leaving them for dead, 29-year-old Abdel-Rahman Shaaban fled the scene, chased by hotel workers and security guards. He rushed into the hotel next door where he attacked and wounded four female tourists who, according to local media reports, included two Armenians, one from Ukraine and another from the Czech Republic.

“Stay back, I am not after Egyptians,” Shaaban shouted in Arabic at his pursuers, according to the officials. They eventually caught up with him, disarmed and pinned him down and later handed him over to the police. Shaaban stabbed the women in the face, neck and feet, said the officials.

No group claimed responsibility for the Friday attack, but it appeared to have been inspired by recent calls made by the local affiliate of the extremist Islamic State group on its followers to attack Egypt’s minority Christians and foreign tourists.

The officials said Abdel-Rahman hails from the Nile Delta province of Kafr el-Sheikh where he attended the business school of the local branch of Al-Azhar University — the world’s foremost seat of learning of Sunni Islam and the target of mounting criticism in recent months over its alleged radical teachings and doctrinal rigidity.

Investigators were still trying to determine how Shaaban came to be in Hurghada, one of Egypt’s main Red Sea resorts, popular for its year-round sunny weather and diving.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

A statement by the national security prosecution’s office, which is questioning Shaaban in Cairo, said Saturday that his motives and ideological convictions remained unclear. “The characterization of the action committed by the culprit, whether it is an individual act, criminal or terrorist, is not clear to the prosecution at this time,” said the statement.

Police are meanwhile interviewing 15 hotel workers to piece together what happened.

Germany on Saturday gave the first official confirmation that the two tourists killed by Shaaban were German nationals, but gave no other information. Local German media reports, however, said the two were residing in Hurghada, not tourists.

In a statement, the German Foreign Ministry said: “According to everything that we know, this act was aimed at foreign tourists — a particularly perfidious and criminal act that leaves us sad, dismayed and angry.”

The attack on the tourists took place just hours after five policemen were killed in a shooting near some of Egypt’s most famous pyramids in the greater Cairo area. No group claimed responsibility for that attack, which bore the hallmarks of a militant group known as Hasm that has been behind similar attacks in recent months.

Authorities say Hasm is a splinter faction of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group that was outlawed and declared a terrorist organization several months after the military in July 2013 ousted Mohammed Morsi, a senior leader of the Brotherhood who was elected president in 2012.

Friday’s attacks are likely to further impact Egypt’s tourism industry — a backbone of the country’s economy that employs millions of people but which has been decimated by the political turmoil and lacking security roiling the country since the 2011 Arab Spring uprising.

On Saturday, tight security was in place at Hurghada, with additional checkpoints at the city’s entry and exit points and reinforced security at tourist sites, including where the attack took place.

Egypt has been rocked by deadly suicide bombings, drive-by shootings and other attacks since Morsi’s ouster four years ago. The violence has been concentrated in the northern Sinai Peninsula, but attacks have spread to the mainland, including the capital.

The last time tourists were attacked in Hurghada was in January 2016, when two Austrians and a Swede were stabbed by two suspected militants, also at a hotel. They were only lightly wounded. Security forces shot the attackers, killing one and wounding the other before arresting him.

British “Teen” Sentenced to Life for Planned Elton John Bomb Attack


No major news organization is willing to put the word “Muslim” in a headline about Muslim bombers and terrorists. It’s always “teen” or some vague reference to “men.”

Notice in the story how short a “life sentence” in Britain really is.

The gallows should be reopened for the likes of Syed. Since this POS has British citizenship he can’t be deported after his release. He will strike again.

CBS News

LONDON — A British teenager was sentenced Monday to life in prison for plotting a bombing whose potential targets included an Elton John concert on the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Haroon Syed, who was arrested last year, had admitted planning terrorist acts at an earlier court hearing.

Passing sentence at London’s Central Criminal Court, judge Michael Topolski said 19-year-old Syed had been intent on “carrying out an act of mass murder in this country.”

Sentencing Syed to life with no chance of parole for 16.5 years, the judge said the young man had been “deeply committed to the ideology of a brutal and barbaric organization that sought to hijack and corrupt an ancient and venerable religion for its own purposes” — the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Prosecutors said Syed tried to buy weapons and explosives online from an extremist named “Abu Yusuf,” who was actually a series of British intelligence agents.

They said Syed applied for several bank loans amounting to £8,000, about $10,400, allegedly for a motorbike, wedding and home improvements that were all declined. The prosecution argued the loans were actually to fund his terror plot.

Syed said he was considering targeting London’s busy Oxford Street shopping district and searched online for potential locations, including an Elton John concert in Hyde Park on Sept. 11, 2016.

Defense lawyers said Syed had been vulnerable to radicalization, especially after the arrest of his elder brother Nadir. Nadir Syed was sentenced last year to a minimum of 15 years in prison for plotting an ISIS-inspired beheading to coincide with Remembrance Sunday war commemorations.

Haroon Syed was arrested in September 2016. When police asked for the password to unlock his phone, he said: “Yeah, I.S.I.S. You like that?”

None of them are capable of rehabilitation. Their religion, their culture of violence, suits their genes. It gives them the excuse that they want to kill and maim.

Islam must be wiped from the planet if civilization is to survive.

Real British teens:

#Munich Going Down the Memory Hole as Shooter Revealed to be Iranian

munich shooting screen shot

When a white “Nazi” (check out the swastika) was promoted on the Internet as the Munich terrorist, the story took front and center.

Now, it will be relegated to the “We just can’t figure out why that nice Iranian boy went off the deep end.”


What kind of religion goes around killing children? How can we let such a religion succeed?

And yet there is Communist traitor Angela Merkel, tasked with destroying Germany, letting a million of these MONSTERS in every year.

The shooter killed nine people then himself, and also injured at least 16 more on Friday in Munich. Police said it was too early to comment on a possible motive, but added they believed the shooter to be a young German-Iranian resident of Munich, who had lived there “for a long time.” He had no criminal record.

The shooter opened fire near a fast-food restaurant and then again at the nearby Olympia shopping center in the north of the Bavarian capital, just before 6 p.m. local time (1600 UTC). He subsequently fled the scene, prompting a city-wide manhunt and state of emergency.

Police at one point engaged and shot at him, only for him to escape. They later found him dead, killed by a self-inflicted gunshot. The corpse was roughly one kilometer (just over half-a-mile) from the scene of the initial shooting.

The city was in lockdown for hours; 2,300 emergency services personnel were mobilized, public transport was suspended until the early hours of Saturday, the main train station evacuated.

In a late-night press conference, shortly after police cautiously announced the all-clear, Munich police chief Hubertus Andrä described the operation as “without doubt my most difficult day” in the role.

Ten people are dead, one of them the suspect, after a shooting at a Munich shopping center which shut down the city for hours. Police believe the attacker was an 18-year-old German-Iranian; his motive’s not yet known.

“Three youngsters” were among the dead, Andrä said, while children were also among the injured.

“The motive, and the background of the crime are still totally unclear, the investigators are working full tilt and will continue into the night,” Andrä said, adding that the process should move relatively quickly, as police were confident that they had identified the suspect. Defining whether the shooting was a case of somebody running amok, or an act of terror, would require more information on a possible motive, he said.

Andrä said the suspect used a “pistol,” contradicting earlier reports of a suspect or suspects on the loose with larger weapons.

For a time, police had worked on the assumption of “up to three” shooters; Andrä said that eyewitness reports forced police to presume that more than one person was involved. Two people had left the scene at speed in a car, prompting suspicion, but police investigated them: “They have nothing to do with the incident,” police chief Andrä said.

Several other unsubstantiated rumors punctuated a chaotic evening in Munich, including multiple reports of secondary shootings at key sites in the city, which proved not to be true. Similarly, conflicting reports on the shooter, what he was wearing, and what he might have said at the scene circulated.

The motive is unclear? You dumb flatfoots, what the hell is wrong with you? You damn well know the motive. It’s jihad. Holy war. Kill an infidel for Allah.

F*ck you police traitors. Germany deserves better than you. It deserves HONESTY.

Released Muslim Terrorist Shaker Aamer to Receive £1,000,000 from British Government in Disgusting Show of Weakness

shaker ameer

There is no more rule of law. That’s the theme in several posts this evening. There is political correctness, however. And leaving a f*cking Muslim terrorist feeling butthurt is simply not allowed.

Aamer will get his money just like other released terrorists have been paid off. In American dollars, the amount is around $1,400,000.

If someone in Britain decides to kill these bastards, I doubt that the put upon, impoverished white citizens of Britain, sold out by their traitors in government, will mourn. After all, the scumbags can’t take their ill-gotten wealth with them.

Sky News

Shaker Aamer could receive up to £1m in compensation from the British government following his release from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Britain’s final detainee is spending his first weekend with his family in nearly 14 years after he arrived back in Britain yesterday following his release from the US prison.

Mr Aamer, 46, may now pursue legal proceedings which were initiated on his behalf, against the British security services and government departments for their alleged complicity in his transfer to Guantanamo Bay, and their failure to prevent it and his ill-treatment.

In Britain 15 former detainees have received compensation.

They include Jamal al Harith who was freed in 2004 and is now believed to be fighting for Islamic State; Moazzam Begg who was released in 2005; and Omar Deghayes – the uncle of two British jihadis who’ve been killed in Syria in recent years.

All three received out of court settlements thought to be in the region of £1m each.

Islamic Terrorist Shot Dead in Berlin After Stabbing Policewoman

islamist shot dead

Once a terrorist, always a terrorist. They can never be released from prison because when they are the go back to their terrorist ways very quickly. Ban these monsters from the West.

Excerpt from The Telegraph

A known Islamic extremist has been shot dead by police in Berlin after he stabbed and seriously wounded a woman officer in an apparent terror attack.

The assailant has been identified as Rafik Y., a 41-year-old Iraqi citizen who had already served a prison sentence in Germany for his part in a 2004 terror plot.

Police were called to Berlin’s Spandau district on Thursday morning after concerned members of the public reported a “madman with a knife” in the area.

Rafik Y. attacked a woman police officer as she got out of her patrol car, stabbing her in the neck just above the top of her protective vest.

So, if Rafik Y. was an Iraqi citizen shouldn’t he have been deported after serving time for his first terror plot?

What’s wrong with Germany that the government refuses to protect its own Euro people. Is the left really that strong or is the silent majority too silent for its own good?

For several hours after the incident, police were treating it as a random act of violence by a mentally disturbed man.
It was only after Rafik Y. was identified in the late afternoon that it became clear that it was a terror attack

“The person killed is an Iraqi citizen known to us who was convicted in 2008 of membership in a foreign terrorist organisation and sentenced to eight years imprisonment,” Dirk Feuerberg, Berlin’s chief prosecutor, said in a statement.

Rafik Y. reportedly threatened police officers and a judge at a hearing after his release in 2013.

LOL. Can’t hide the truth for long in situations like this, can you Mrs. Merkel?

angela merkel pensive

White British Woman Married to Toyboy Jihadist Mourns His Death in Drone Strike

sally jones junaid hussain

When Sally Jones went retard, she went full retard. Over a dune coon terrorist that she says she will love forever and ever. Gurgle. Pardon me, but that was the sound of me throwing up in my mouth.

Sally’s threat to behead Christians rises to the level of criminal actions. She is probably in Syria now, out of reach of British law. She should be permanently banned from re-entering Britain or any other Western country.

She made her bed with a Muslim terrorist. Let her lie in it for the rest of her life.

Excerpt from the

A SICK widow of an ISIS jihadi who was killed in a drone strike in Syria has spoken gushingly of her love for the slain terrorist.

Former punk rock guitarist Sally Jones, 45, married toyboy Junaid Hussain, 21, after meeting him online and converting to Islam.


Hussain, a computer hacker and recruiter for ISIS, was killed by an American drone in the terrorists’ stronghold of Raqqa last month.

Now he has been praised by the middle-aged mum in a sickening twitter post in which she said she was “proud my husband was killed by the biggest enemy of Allah”.

She continued: “May Allah be pleased with him, and I will beaver every love anyone but him.”

sally jones nun outfit

The messages from the jihadi’s wife, who has also travelled to Syria and threatened to behead Christians, were posted last night but the account was deactivated just hours later.

She also ranted: “The crusaders think they win when they kill us. They don’t WE WIN.”

Well, Sally, if killing you is a victory for the jihadists, then go kill yourself and WIN!

First French Train Shooting Video After Gunman Hogtied, Hollande Thanks “heroes”

anthony sadler alek sskarlatos chris norman

If French president Hollande really wanted to thank the American heroes who subdued and hogtied a Moroccan jihadist yesterday, he might think about making France safer for tourists.

As in deporting all Muslims from France.

That would be a real thank you.

A few words of bullsh*t and maybe a medal, not so much.


Two of the American men who overpowered the gunman, Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos, are members of the Air Force and the National Guard respectively.

They were travelling on the train from Amsterdam to Paris on Friday evening with a childhood friend, Anthony Sadler, who also helped restrain the attacker.

When a French passenger tried to enter a toilet on the train, he encountered the gunman, tried to overpower him and the gun was then fired, Mr Cazeneuve said.

A French-American passenger was injured by the bullet, and the American passengers intervened shortly afterward, he said.

“Spencer got to the guy first and grabbed the guy by the neck,” Mr Skarlatos told Sky News.

“I grabbed the handgun, got that away from the guy and threw it. Then I grabbed the AK-47, which was at his feet, and started muzzle-bumping him in the head with it.

“Everybody just started beating the guy while Spencer held the chokehold until he went unconscious.”

When he checked the AK-47, Mr Skarlatos said it had jammed and would not have been able to fire. The cartridge for the handgun had also been dropped, he said.

Mr Sandler said: “I came to see my friends on my first trip in Europe, and we stopped a terrorist. Kinda crazy.”

Mr Cazeneuve said Mr Hollande had thanked the men by telephone and will meet them in the coming days.

Chris Norman, a British man living in France, was also hurt while trying to subdue the attacker.

“I came in at the end of it all and helped get him under control,” he said at a news conference in Arras.

And so the poor planning of the attack plus the bravery of the above named heroes foiled what could have been a mass shooting. A good jihadist would have made sure that his weapon would not jam.

As usual when there are terrorist attacks, it’s reasonable to raise the question of whether we have a patsy here, a Muslim encouraged to attack by an agent of the CIA or Mossad.

Certainly, it’s an insane immigration policy that allows members of a violent political movement masquerading as a religion to live in a country that is hated by those professing that religion.

Muslims out. Now!