Daily Stormer’s Latest Incarnation Only Lasted A Day

Dailystormer.top has been removed from the Internet. I’m monitoring Andrew Anglin’s gab to see what comes next.

The private sector’s silent partnership with politically correct (((globalists))) has been fully exposed by the tech industry’s obsession to make sure that we have no chance to read the Daily Stormer and decide for ourselves the validity of the information presented.

The old style totalitarian silencing of social critics came from government, such as the Soviet government arresting dissidents, but in the West today government can pretend to be democratic, while turning the dirty work of censorship over to the private sector.

Government today can claim to be liberal and democratic while silencing dissidents via tech industry surrogates.

Obviously, the tech industry is vested in a partnership with treasonous governments dedicated to race replacement of pesky whites. Race replacement’s purpose is to enrich the (((oligarchs))) who rule America and the West. Thus, guys like Andrew Anglin, Ron Paul, and Pat Buchanan are marginalized to one degree or another by the conspiracy.

Although I’m alt-right and don’t claim to be a “Neo-Nazi,” those Nazis should have every right to push whatever message of hate, love, peace, war, genocide, antisemitism, white identity, or white nationalism, without interference from anyone.

At least we’ve seen very clearly this last year the intolerance by the (((Deep State))) for dissidents. When civic nationalists are tagged as evil racist “deplorables” you know the conspiracy is real.

The discussion now must be focused on how to fight back. We’ve had a big victory taking down the NFL. I think we also inflicted some damage on Target over the bathroom issue.

Andrew Anglin needs to be back on the Internet at Dailystormer.com, free of any interference by the Deep State.

Update: Socialite Who Attacked Jew Charged with Hate Crime, Facing SEVEN YEARS IN PRISON


George Lincoln Rockwell’s murderer was released from prison after eight years.

Yet a woman who swung her purse at a Jew is going to prison for seven years?

Although we don’t like spoiled,entitled heiresses, it is true that Jackqueline’s victim escalated the situation.

I would say that about 30 hours of community service plus attendance at an anger management class would be about the right punishment for her.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The millionaire heiress who is accused of hurling anti-Semitic slurs at a 77-year-old grandmother before attacking the woman’s son outside a restaurant on New Year’s Eve appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court on Thursday.


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White Socialite Arrested for Antisemitic Attack on Jew Lawyer


Oy vey. Everyone’s a Nazi now.

Dey vant to gass us, Sholomo.

This is comedy gold: “Get a nose job.”

Page Six

Jacqueline Kent Cooke — the millionaire socialite daughter of former Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke — was arrested for assault Wednesday after allegedly making an anti-Semitic slur to a stranger at a fancy Manhattan restaurant and then bashing him with her heavy glass purse on New Year’s Eve, sources told The Post.


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Andrew Anglin’s Lawyers Ask Court to Dismiss (((Tanya Gersh))) Lawsuit on First Amendment Grounds



Motions and countermotions fly back and forth in lawsuits. In my case against the university, there were about 50 or more, each one costing me around $3,000 to file. The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin has $150,000 to play with. Money doesn’t go far when there are lawyers around.

If Anglin is controlled opposition, then perhaps the purpose of the Daily Stormer has been to obtain a legal ruling that narrows the protections offered by the First Amendment.

Gersh is a sympathetic defendant, claiming that Anglin’s words and those of his followers have left her frightened, unable to sleep, unable to work, and so forth.

Most of the time these kinds of lawsuits are dismissed, as Anglin is requesting through his lawyers. However, if it goes to trial, that’s a bad sign for free speech in America.

Washington Post

The founder of a popular neo-Nazi website who was sued after he called on his readers and followers to “troll storm” a Jewish Realtor from Montana is arguing that his actions are protected by free speech.

Andrew Anglin, founder of the Daily Stormer, has asked a federal court in Montana to dismiss a lawsuit that Tanya Gersh filed against him last spring. In court records filed last week, Anglin’s attorneys said that the First Amendment “is blind to viewpoint” and that the Constitution protects Anglin’s right to express his views about Gersh, “no matter how many people find those views intolerable.”

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UC Berekely Instructor APOLOGIZES to Jews for Sharing Anti-Jewish Memes


Actually, from the small amount of research I did on Bazian, I don’t think he likes white Americans any better than he likes Jews.

He does have a sense of humor, however.

Jewish Forward

A professor at the University of California, Berkeley has apologized for sharing Twitter memes that the university said “crossed the line” into anti-Semitism.

Hatem Bazian, a lecturer in the department of ethnic studies, retweeted a status with two offending images. One showed an Orthodox Jewish man smiling and raising his arms above the caption: “I can now kill, rape, smuggle organs & steal the land of Palestinians.” The other showed North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un wearing a kippah, saying that he had converted to Judaism with the caption: “Donald Tlump: Now my nukes are legal & I can annex South Korea & you need to start paying me 34 billion a year in welfare.”

Bazian told J., the Jewish News of Northern California that he had not carefully examined the text of the tweet before retweeting it while traveling. “As a Palestinian, my issue is with Zionism … and not with Judaism or Jews,” he added.

“The image in the tweet and the framing relative to Judaism and conversion was wrong and offensive and not something that reflects my position, be it in the past or the present,” Bazian told J. “In the future, I will make sure to include that retweets don’t represent an agreement or support for the ideas that are shared and only my own postings reflect my positions on issues.”

University spokesman Dan Mogulof criticized Bazian for the tweet.

“While we do not believe that all criticism of Israel’s governmental policies is inherently anti-Semitic, the social media posts in question clearly crossed the line, and we are pleased they have been deleted,” Mogulof said.

(As of Sunday, the retweet is still up.)

As a graduate student, Bazian co-founded Students for Justice in Palestine, the leading pro-Palestinian campus group.

Bazian drew controversy for an anti-Israel protest he led as a graduate student in 2002, when he asked Berkeley students to “to take a look at the type of names on the building around campus — Haas, Zellerbach — and decide who controls this university.”

This is what Jews think of Bazian:

And then we have this:

And this:

Repulsive Olympian Who is the Model for Hijab Barbie is a Vicious Jew Hater


Back in August 2016 American Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad was exposed as an anti-semite by the Daily Caller. Anti-Muslim Jew Pamela Geller also exposed the swordswoman about the same time.

Muhammad’s Tweets speak for themselves, below.

Our job, assuming you’re opposed to multiculturalism and the importation of more Muslims into the U.S., is to use her Tweets against Mattel for making a hijab Barbie doll modeled on her.

I assume that if you’re reading this as one of the site’s regular readers, then you have no warm feelings for Israel either. That’s OK. Pretend you’re outraged that a vicious Jew hater has been set up as a role model for little girls.

Shame Mattel into dropping the multicultural nonsense. Call for a boycott of the company.

Daily Caller

Media-darling Ibtihaj Muhammad has made headlines as the first female Muslim-American wearing a hijab to enter the Olympics on behalf of Team USA, but despite her support of tolerance and diversity, she seems to have a serious anti-Israel bent.

Muhammad, who is ranked 8 in the world for sabre fencing, wears the hijab in accordance with her Muslim faith. This move has caused a major stir in the media since the presidential election has raised questions about the role Muslims play in American society.

“A lot of people don’t believe that Muslim women have voices or that we participate in sport,” Muhammad told USA Today. “And it’s not just to challenge misconceptions outside the Muslim community but within the Muslim community. I want to break cultural norms.”

And she certainly has broken cultural norms, but perhaps not the ones she had in mind.

For starters, Muhammad has a history of anti-Israel posts on Twitter, a large number of them from July 2014. Many are links to news articles.

In another tweet, Muhammad noted that #Israel gets more U.S. aid than all of Africa. She also pointed out that Israel doesn’t have the right to defend itself because it’s “militarily occupying someone else’s land. #GazaUnderAttack.”

H/T to regular commenter Flanders for pointing out this story. Here’s the link to a recent post on Muhammad’s Jew hating supplied by Flanders.


“Jew Haters” Trending on Twitter as Facebook Exposed for Running Ads Aimed at People Who Hate Jews

Fools or trolls are actually calling Jew Mark Zuckerberg a Nazi for wanting to make a few sheckels by selling ads to people who have some distaste for our Jewish friends.

When I put this post together about 8 P.M Central time U.S. “Jew Haters” was trending on Twitter. And Mark Zuckerberg was getting hammered.

Huffington Post

Want to market Nazi memorabilia, or recruit marchers for a far-right rally? Facebook’s self-service ad-buying platform had the right audience for you.

Until this week, when we asked Facebook about it, the world’s largest social network enabled advertisers to direct their pitches to the news feeds of almost 2,300 people who expressed interest in the topics of “Jew hater,” “How to burn jews,” or, “History of ‘why jews ruin the world.’”

To test if these ad categories were real, we paid $30 to target those groups with three “promoted posts” — in which a ProPublica article or post was displayed in their news feeds. Facebook approved all three ads within 15 minutes.

After we contacted Facebook, it removed the anti-Semitic categories — which were created by an algorithm rather than by people — and said it would explore ways to fix the problem, such as limiting the number of categories available or scrutinizing them before they are displayed to buyers.

“There are times where content is surfaced on our platform that violates our standards,” said Rob Leathern, product management director at Facebook. “In this case, we’ve removed the associated targeting fields in question. We know we have more work to do, so we’re also building new guardrails in our product and review processes to prevent other issues like this from happening in the future.”

Facebook’s advertising has become a focus of national attention since it disclosed last week that it had discovered $100,000 worth of ads placed during the 2016 presidential election season by “inauthentic” accounts that appeared to be affiliated with Russia.

Like many tech companies, Facebook has long taken a hands off approach to its advertising business. Unlike traditional media companies that select the audiences they offer advertisers, Facebook generates its ad categories automatically based both on what users explicitly share with Facebook and what they implicitly convey through their online activity.

Traditionally, tech companies have contended that it’s not their role to censor the Internet or to discourage legitimate political expression. In the wake of the violent protests in Charlottesville by right-wing groups that included self-described Nazis, Facebook and other tech companies vowed to strengthen their monitoring of hate speech.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote at the time that “there is no place for hate in our community,” and pledged to keep a closer eye on hateful posts and threats of violence on Facebook. “It’s a disgrace that we still need to say that neo-Nazis and white supremacists are wrong — as if this is somehow not obvious,” he wrote.

But Facebook apparently did not intensify its scrutiny of its ad buying platform. In all likelihood, the ad categories that we spotted were automatically generated because people had listed those anti-Semitic themes on their Facebook profiles as an interest, an employer or a “field of study.” Facebook’s algorithm automatically transforms people’s declared interests into advertising categories.

Artificial intelligence hasn’t been taught political correctness yet. It’s antisemitic. But it doesn’t know it’s antisemitic.

Twitter is overreacting to this minor incident which harmed no one.