Judge Declares Mistrial in Horrific Burning Murder of Jessica Chambers After Jury of Seven Blacks and Five Whites Deadlocks


I’ve pulled two sources in for this post.

NBC News describes the jury’s confusion relating to what it means to agree on a verdict. The NBC report suggests that blacks are too amazingly stupid to serve on juries.

The Daily Mail describes how the black defendant, Quentin Tellis, probably got away with the murder of his mudshark girlfriend.



Excerpt from NBC News

The jury in the tense murder trial of a Mississippi man charged with setting a 19-year-old friend on fire and leaving her to die handed a bailiff a note: They have reached a verdict.

What followed was confusion.

Before the decision was read, Judge Gerald Chatham asked if the 12-person panel had unanimously agreed on a verdict. A male juror spoke the shocking words: “We didn’t all agree.”

After the verdict disagreement, the judge asked the panel to continue deliberating. Shortly afterward, a court clerk read what was believed to be the final verdict: Not guilty.

Then, the judge polled the jury. Seven for guilty, five for not guilty.

Spectators looked at each other in dismay. How could the verdict be not guilty, if seven people said guilty?

The jury had been instructed by the judge that, under the capital murder charge, all 12 of them must agree on a guilty verdict. But the instruction did not say that the entire panel of seven blacks and five whites also must unanimously agree on a not guilty verdict.

With corrected instructions in hand, it didn’t take long for the jury to tell the judge that it was hopelessly deadlocked. A mistrial was declared.


Wow! That’s some level of stupid. How can blacks be allowed to serve on juries with that level of dumbness prevailing.

The Daily Mail story on the mistrial ignores the stupidity angle that NBC thought significant in order to focus on the testimony and evidence during the trial.

Tellis, in my opinion, got away with murder. Here is an excerpt:

Tellis did not take the stand in his own defense during the trial that began last Monday.

Prosecutor John Champion said during the trial that Tellis thought he suffocated Chambers while they were having sex before he drove her car to a back road.

Champion said that Tellis ran to his sister’s house nearby, jumped in his sisters’ car, stopped to pick up gasoline from a shed at his house and torched Chambers’ car and her.

Firefighters testified that Chambers told them someone named ‘Eric’ or ‘Derek’ set her on fire.

Champion said Chambers’ throat was damaged and she could not pronounce the letter T. He said she could have been trying to say ‘Tellis.’

Investigators said they questioned about 10 to 15 people named Eric or Derek, and all were cleared.

The horrific circumstances surrounding Chambers’ death garnered national attention amid concerns about violent crime in rural communities.

The trial was emotional, with witnesses breaking down and spectators crying as jurors were shown graphic photos of Chambers’ burned stomach and face.

A burn doctor testified Chambers had so much damage to her mouth, throat and chest that she would be unable to properly say and pronounce words while she was speaking to firefighters.

Agents studied more than 20,000 cellphone numbers and interviewed more than 100 people during their investigation.

Prosecutors used cellphone location data and video surveillance footage from a store across the street from Tellis’ home in an attempt to prove he was with Chambers the night she was burned.

During early interviews with law enforcement agents, Tellis said he only saw Chambers on the morning of the day she died.

After being confronted with more evidence during another interrogation more than two years later, Tellis acknowledged that Chambers picked him up in her car at about 5.30pm that night, and said they spent about 1 ½ hours together, according to videotaped interviews played for the jury Friday.

Trial Set to Begin for Negro Monster in Gruesome Burning Murder of Mississippi Mudshark Jessica Chambers



There are at least seven prior posts on this case on this site. Nothing new can be said. So, let’s repeat the mantra: Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.

It’s too bad Jessica Chamber’s father didn’t teach it to her.

Fox News

Jury selection began Monday in the trial of a man accused of dousing a 19-year-old former high school cheerleader with a flammable liquid, setting her ablaze and leaving her to die along a north Mississippi back road.

Quinton Tellis, 29, has been charged with the murder of Jessica Chambers on Dec. 6, 2014, and faces life in prison without parole if convicted. Tellis has pleaded not guilty.


Opening arguments and testimony are expected to begin Tuesday morning, with prosecutors expecting to call more than 40 witnesses in a trial that could last up to two weeks, the Commercial-Appeal reported.

Firefighters in Courtland, Miss., found Chambers beside her burning car on a remote road near a tree farm. Chambers was quickly taken to a Memphis hospital, about 60 miles to the north, with burns over 98 percent of her body. She died hours later.

District Attorney John Champion of Panola County said that he believed it was a “personal crime” as Tellis and Chambers knew each other, and not related to drug or gang activity, even though 17 suspected gang members were arrested as a result of the investigation. The prosecutor has not revealed to reporters what Chambers told firefighters when they found her.

Investigators were stymied early on because they received no information from “street sources,” leading them to theorize that the killing was committed by one person who told no one what happened, Champion had said.

Surveillance video showed Jessica Chambers at a gas station less than two hours before she was found. Wearing a sweater and pajama pants that looked like sweatpants, she put $14 worth of gas in her car, more than the $5 or so she usually purchased, Ali Fadhel, a clerk at the gas station, told The Associated Press in the days after Chambers’ death.

“I asked her, ‘Why are you putting so much gas?’ She said, ‘I’m going somewhere,'” Fadhel said.

On her way out, Chambers got a call on her cellphone, Fadhel said.

Authorities have said about 20,000 telephone numbers were analyzed as part of the investigation, more than 150 people were questioned and investigators traveled to Iowa and Chattanooga, Tenn.

Relatives have described Chambers as friendly and outgoing. She had been a cheerleader and softball player at South Panola High School.

Chambers’ mother, Lisa, has said her daughter liked to smile and playfully stick out her tongue at people. She was trusting of others, making her mother wonder if her outgoing personality had gotten her into trouble.

“She didn’t think anybody could harm her or would want to,” Lisa Chambers has said.

But as the trial approached, Lisa Chambers declined to discuss the case. She has told reporters she spoke with her daughter by phone about an hour before she was found.

When Tellis was indicted, Champion said, investigators worked to figure out where the victim was between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. the day she was burned and they had “absolutely filled that hour in.” The 19-year-old was found shortly after 8 p.m. that night.

Tellis has prior convictions for burglary and fleeing police. He was released from prison in October 2014 — two months before Chambers’ killing.

Tellis faces another murder indictment in Louisiana, where he’s accused in the torture death of Meing-Chen Hsiao, a 34-year-old Taiwanese graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. That indictment alleges that Tellis probably stabbed Hsiao more than 30 times in her face and body with a knife to get her to reveal her debit card’s PIN number before killing her on July 29, 2015. He was extradited to Mississippi from Louisiana in June after pleading guilty to fraudulent use of Hsiao’s card.

Ugly Negro Monster Indicted for Burning Death of White Jessica Chambers in Mississippi Last Year


jessica chambers

Invesigators say they were in a “relationship” before her death. What more can I say other than the usual: “The nigger did it.”

Bring back lynching. Hang the black devil from a tree and let the buzzards have at him after he’s been burned alive.

More commentary after the story.


For 14 months, a town of 500 in northwest Mississippi grappled with the mysterious burning death of one of its daughters, Jessica Chambers, a 19-year-old who left her mother’s house in pajama pants, reportedly to clean her car. She never returned.

When police found her later the night of December 6, 2014, not far from her mother’s Courtland home, her car was on fire and Chambers had burns over 98% of her body. She said something to a firefighter — authorities wouldn’t say what — before she was rushed to a hospital, where she died the next day.


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17 Filthy Apes Arrested in Jessica Chambers Murder Probe

Jessica-Chambers mudshark

Jessica Chambers played with fire and she got burned. Bad.

She’s the girl who had black boyfriends who was found burned to death in Mississippi a year ago. She had been doused with lighter fluid, had it poured down her throat, and then she was set afire.

Since her heinous murder, 17 groids have been arrested due to the investigation. But no one has been charged with murder yet.

USA Today

JACKSON, Miss. — An investigation into the death of a teenager burned alive last year has resulted in the arrests of 17 men — but none has been charged with killing Jessica Chambers, the FBI said Tuesday.

The crimes were uncovered as authorities probed the 19-year-old’s death, and that case is continuing more than a year after Chambers was doused with gasoline and set afire a little after 8 p.m. CT Dec. 6, 2014, near Courtland, Miss., about 150 miles north of Jackson. She got out of her car, was found on the road with burns over most of her body and died hours later at a Memphis hospital.

Since the killing, officials have interviewed more than 150 people and sorted through more than 20,000 phone records trying to find her assailant, Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby said. That’s when investigators turned up evidence of other suspected illegal activity ranging from narcotics sales, possession of stolen firearms and possession of counterfeit currency.

FBI agents targeted suspected members of the Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and Sipp Mob street gangs and began arrests at around 4 a.m. CT in Oxford, Miss. The men arrested ranged in age from 18 to 40 and have been indicted on for federal and state crimes.

Jessica should have heeded the mantra: Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.

avoid the groid crazu

“My own niece (white girl) hates her own race … “

race mixing barbie


I found the following post on the GLP forum tonight. One responder to it relates the tattoo craze among women to their hatred of their whiteness.


This is no joke. I had to block her on Facebook because all she can talk about is white privilege and how we (all white people) should be ashamed and disgusted with our race.

EVERY SINGLE POST just goes on and on about how much she loves the black race and how much she hates her own “people” and why the black race is superior to our own.

I used to invite her to my house but I can’t take it anymore.

BTW, this young woman has a doctorate and is highly intelligent and teaches at a big university.

I’m so disappointed in her.

WHen did it become okay to despite your own race?

BTW, she’s also very wealthy and lives in the north-western part of the country in a tiny town where there are no blacks, no Mexicans and only other rich whites.

This comment on GLP is thought stimulating, whether you agree with it or not.

Media, especially social media, has been used to brainwash white women all over the world to hate themselves, have guilt and to feel uncomfortable because of their pale skin. That’s part of what the tattoo trend has been about.

This is the height of successful programming and influence as it relates to TPTB’s goal to degrade the white race, and interbreed them with dark skinned races until they are gone.

The trends perpetrated on the masses of white population have been sparked by their enemies, who only work behind the curtain.

This video covers some aspects of cultural decline related to mudsharking:

When you put everything we know about mudsharking together, it becomes clear that it’s a form of mental illness. It’s very unhealthy both mentally and in terms of personal safety to start down that road. You may remember that mudshark Jessica Chambers was burned alive, a crime still unsolved.

Jessica-Chambers mudshark