Seven Amazing Photos From December 7, 1941

That last photo shows the man who wanted war with Japan, no matter the cost in American lives. Let’s never forget General Smedley Butler’s dictim: All wars are banker’s wars.


The Pearl Harbor photos were sourced from Buzzfeed. There are 23 more equally dramatic photos at the link.

Trump Calls Out Obama Over Ignoring Pearl Harbor During Japan Trip


Amerian President Barack Obama has embarassed the USA again during his trip to Japan. While he rightly would not openly apologize for the use of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima (and Nagasaki), he nonetheless gave the appearance that America had much to guilty about.

As someone whose uncle (Roy Thomas White) went down with the ship in the Pacific during World War II, I can testify that families never get over the loss of their loved ones.

Thus, our supreme troll, Donald Trump, has raised a politically incorrect issue that is staggering in its implication. Here’s Trump’s Tweet:

If you don’t like the Don’s style on this one, you need a few testosterone shots to build you up.

While I like Trump’s style, it’s clear to me that Roosevelt provoked the Japanese into the attack and knew about it in advance.

Short excerpt from Henry Makow

The Dec 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack was instigated by Communist Jews in FDR’s administration to save Stalinfrom potentialattack by Japan. 36 million goyim died.

The Cabalist bankers enslave us by attacking the four legs of our human identify – race (migration, miscegenation), religion (God), nation and family (gender.) Due to their control of government, media and education, they mask this gratuitous diabolical assault as “progress” and “human rights” and make us partners in our own downfall. Truly they play “cat and mouse”.

Our “freedom” and democracy are a charade. Most candidates are members of this satanic cult – Freemasons. For example, Donald Trump talks a good line but I’d be pleasantly surprised (and relieved) if he altered the course of human enslavement. But, in an ersatz world, false opposition is better than none at all.

A diabolical bloodsucking parasite has taken control of humanity and deceived us to think war is natural and resistance is “bigotry.”

I believe that Henry will be pleasantly surprised, but of course, I could be wrong. Whether Trump is the answer to the issue of our enslavement or not, he’s brought about an awareness that was heretofore lacking. Everyone I know is sufficiently awake that the most common question you hear is, “When will they assassinate Trump?”