“Explosive”, “Shocking” And “Alarming” FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, “End Mueller Investigation”


The American public has been waiting for the smoking gun that would send a significant number of Deep State players to the defendant’s box in a criminal court. Today, there is high excitement over a report allegedly documenting criminal activity by key Obama administration players.

We’ve been disappointed before in spite of the never ending chant, “Lock her up!” That chant embodies the hopes and dreams that somehow the rule of law can be restored in America, at least partially.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

All hell is breaking loose in Washington D.C. after a four-page memo detailing extensive FISA court abuse was made available to the entire House of Representatives Thursday. The contents of the memo are so explosive, says Journalist Sara Carter, that it could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice and the end of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.

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Trump Seeks to Quash Fire and Fury Book, Threatens Defamation Lawsuit


All books eventually end up in the remainders section of the Dollar Tree and similar outlets. Most of the claims made in books are quickly forgotten, although they do shape public opinion temporarily. Lots of people don’t read books today anyway, preferring to get their information from TV or the Internet.

Author Michael Wolff has a checkered history as an author. He’s also a Jew.

The Merchant Right’s Gavin MacInnes also proposes that Wolff is a closeted queer man.

Better yet is New Republic’s expose of Wolff’s past misques.

Trump haters are in love with this book. It’s doubtful that the deplorables are going to be swayed by it. In fact, they may chalk it up as another attempt at fake news.

This just published New York Times article includes Steve Bannon’s statement today that Trump is a “great man.”

Excerpt from the New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump escalated his attack on a new book portraying him as a volatile and ill-equipped chief executive on Thursday as his legal team demanded that the author and publisher halt its release and apologize or face a possible lawsuit.

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Witness: Russian Probe Grand Jury Like Something Out of a ‘Black Lives Matter Rally’

It’s unclear why President Trump has said that he will get a fair shake from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Not only are Mueller and his team Trump haters, but the grand jury Mueller has empaneled to hear evidence seem to be frothing at the mouth to get Trump, like the woman pictured above.


A witness with knowledge of the Russian probe says participants in the grand jury look like a “Bernie Sanders rally” or something taken from a “Black Lives Matter rally in Berkeley.”
According to Page Six, the witness noted that there are 20 jurors, 11 of which are black and two of which wore “peace T-shirts.” The witness said, “there was only one white male in the room, and he was a prosecutor.”

The grand jury meets every Friday, and the witness said, “That room isn’t a room where POTUS gets a fair shake.”

Robert Mueller’s grand jury charged former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in October “with money laundering and failing to register as foreign agents.” Manafort’s partner Rick Gates was charged as well. Future charges against Manafort are anticipated.

In mid-December, the Chicago Tribune reported the White House legal team intended to meet with Mueller’s office for assurances that any focus on President Donald Trump in the seemingly unlimited investigation has run its course and will soon end. Trump has continued to cooperate with Mueller while simultaneously “[accusing] the Justice Department and FBI of bias and overreach.”

Sol Wachtler, Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals, derided grand juries, warning that they “would “indict a ham sandwich” with the right persuasion.

“Treasonous bad sh*t”: Drudge Headlines Bannon Criticism of Trump Jr. et. al., But is it Fake News?

Following the sensational Bannon quotes in the story are some thoughts that suggest that the effort to sell a new book, Fire and Fury, is behind this breaking “scandal.”

FYI: The author of the quoted book is Jewish.

While I’ve been putting this post together, the White House has fired back at Bannon, with a personal statement from President Trump himself. I’ve added it to the end of the post with a few brief words.

Huffington Post

Steve Bannon suggested President Donald Trump was aware of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian operatives at Trump Tower in June 2016 ― because he met with them that day, too, according to an explosive new book by acclaimed journalist Michael Wolff.

The former White House strategist was quoted by Wolff as saying there was “zero” chance Trump Jr. didn’t walk the Russian meeting attendees “up to his father’s office on the 26th floor.”

Wolff met with Bannon during the nine months he was granted far-reaching access to the West Wing and senior administration officials to write a tell-all book about the White House, Fire and Fury, set for release on Jan. 9.

The revelations appeared to contradict Trump’s repeated claims that he was unaware his eldest son, as well as his son-in-law Jared Kushner, had met with the Russians.

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Trump Tweets About HUMA, Calls DOJ “Deep State”


Donald Trump is dropping a hint to Jeff Sessions.

Huma the honey pot got Hillary’s attention the same way that Monica the Jew got Bill’s attention.

The MSM won’t go into the lesbian angle though, and neither will the POTUS. However, everyone knows.

Fox News

President Trump went after “Crooked” Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin on Tuesday, appearing to call on the “Deep State” Justice Department to look at potential security issues in her handling of classified material after a recent email dump.

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Winning! Corrupt FBI Deputy Director McCabe Announces Retirement as Trump Tweetstorm Erupts


The FBI’s Andy McCabe took the hint and followed his pal James Comey out of the FBI. Unlike Comey he quit before he was fired.

President Trump took to his favorite social media platform:

Trump tried to give Crooked Hillary a break, but she kept badmouthing him. You have to think that she’s having some sleepless nights these days, anesthetized by her old friend John Barleycorn (or vodka, whatever the case may be.)

Excerpt from the Washington Post via Archive.is

Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s deputy director who has been the target of Republican critics for more than a year, plans to retire in a few months when he becomes fully eligible for pension benefits, according to people familiar with the matter.

McCabe spent hours in Congress this past week, facing questions behind closed doors from members of three committees. Republicans said they were dissatisfied with his answers; Democrats called it a partisan hounding.

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Trump’s Weekend Tweets Critical of FBI Spark Criticism

The usual swamp creatures, excepting John McCain, have reacted negatively to the three Trump Tweets below that make note of recent news events concerning the politicization of the FBI.

The criticisms of Trump from the political establishment seem very weak to me. Obviously, something was amiss with the FBI’s free pass to Hillary Clinton on her email scandal. More recent news casts the neutrality of the FBI into question, which prompted the Tweets by Trump.

Nonetheless, some heavy hitters stepped up to the plate to defend the FBI.

Excerpt from CNN

Trump’s tweets about the FBI garnered criticism on social media and elsewhere. Comey posting a defense of the FBI on Instagram Sunday night, quoting his own testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee in June.

‪”‘I want the American people to know this truth: The FBI is honest. The FBI is strong. And the FBI is, and always will be, independent.’ ‪Me (June 8, 2017),”‬ Comey wrote.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder tweeted: “The FBI’s reputation is not in ‘tatters’. It’s composed of the same dedicated men and women who have always worked there and who do a great, apolitical job.

You’ll find integrity and honesty at FBI headquarters and not at 1600 Penn Ave right now(.)”

And fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, said to tread lightly.

“There’s an ongoing criminal investigation. Comey may be part of it,” Graham told CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “You tweet and comment regarding ongoing criminal investigations at your own peril. I’d be careful if I were you, Mr. President.”

The FBI Agents Association also defended the bureau, posting a statement from the group’s president, Thomas O’Connor, on Twitter.

“Every day, FBI Special Agents put their lives on the line to protect the American public from national security and criminal threats,” the statement read. “Agents perform these duties with unwavering integrity and professionalism and a focus on complying with the law and the Constitution.

“This is why the FBI continues to be the premier law enforcement agency in the world. FBI Agents are dedicated to their mission; suggesting otherwise is simply false,” it said.

Sorry, Mr. FBI Guy, but the corrupt recent leadership of the FBI reflects poorly on the honest agents you defend. You guys were done in by Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. And of course, your former director, James Comey.

One more thing. The disinformation in the comments section at the British paper The Independent are appalling. They were either written by paid stooges or every ignorant people.


Dutch Dude
Apparently they managed to rattle the cage of this miserable creature which is of course very nice. He makes things only worse by trying to blame everybody else. We all know he is a despicable twerp by now and, judging by his remarks, he certainly is not very intelligent. His IQ, in my opinion, cannot be higher than 70. So what does that tell us about the people who voted him into office?

IQ of 70? Trump’s business success requires a superior IQ, not the IQ of a retarded Dindu. Trump has been Tweeting for years the same things he’s saying now about government corruption. Apparently, liberals don’t believe in the idea that government can be corrupt.

That belief isn’t going to serve them well as events unfold.