Leaked Twitter Shadowban List Shows Bias Against Truth, Conservatives

Richard Spencer, Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Brittany Pettibone, Lew Rockwell, and a host of other “racists,” truth tellers, and conservatives are on the list.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is destroying his own creation with his insane leftist nonsense. Be aware that this is only a partial list. More shadowbanned users are yet to be revealed by the leak.

Breitbart explains how a Twitter shadowban works.

Just in case Twitter suspends Tennessee GOP, here’s another Tweet that has the list.

Unsolved Mystery: Why was David Duke Briefly Suspended by Twitter?

These kind of Tweets by David Duke undoubtedly p*ss off Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s founder and the man who has turned his company into a giant social engineering experiment hostile to the white race.

The leftist sewer that is Twitter routinely engages in speech suppression. Although David Duke is back up on Twitter, his suspension allegedly reduced his following and probably scared the Hell out of other honest conservative Tweeters.


The Twitter account of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke was briefly suspended on Monday. Twitter has not responded to a TIME request for comment.

Reporters noted Duke’s suspension earlier on Monday.

But by Monday afternoon, the account run by the former member of Louisiana’s state House and perennial candidate was back up.

Duke appeared to have lost a substantial number of followers while his tweet was temporarily suspended, but he thanked his followers for supporting “free speech.”