Repulsive Olympian Who is the Model for Hijab Barbie is a Vicious Jew Hater


Back in August 2016 American Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad was exposed as an anti-semite by the Daily Caller. Anti-Muslim Jew Pamela Geller also exposed the swordswoman about the same time.

Muhammad’s Tweets speak for themselves, below.

Our job, assuming you’re opposed to multiculturalism and the importation of more Muslims into the U.S., is to use her Tweets against Mattel for making a hijab Barbie doll modeled on her.

I assume that if you’re reading this as one of the site’s regular readers, then you have no warm feelings for Israel either. That’s OK. Pretend you’re outraged that a vicious Jew hater has been set up as a role model for little girls.

Shame Mattel into dropping the multicultural nonsense. Call for a boycott of the company.

Daily Caller

Media-darling Ibtihaj Muhammad has made headlines as the first female Muslim-American wearing a hijab to enter the Olympics on behalf of Team USA, but despite her support of tolerance and diversity, she seems to have a serious anti-Israel bent.

Muhammad, who is ranked 8 in the world for sabre fencing, wears the hijab in accordance with her Muslim faith. This move has caused a major stir in the media since the presidential election has raised questions about the role Muslims play in American society.

“A lot of people don’t believe that Muslim women have voices or that we participate in sport,” Muhammad told USA Today. “And it’s not just to challenge misconceptions outside the Muslim community but within the Muslim community. I want to break cultural norms.”

And she certainly has broken cultural norms, but perhaps not the ones she had in mind.

For starters, Muhammad has a history of anti-Israel posts on Twitter, a large number of them from July 2014. Many are links to news articles.

In another tweet, Muhammad noted that #Israel gets more U.S. aid than all of Africa. She also pointed out that Israel doesn’t have the right to defend itself because it’s “militarily occupying someone else’s land. #GazaUnderAttack.”

H/T to regular commenter Flanders for pointing out this story. Here’s the link to a recent post on Muhammad’s Jew hating supplied by Flanders.


America Breaks Ground on New War Base–INSIDE ISRAEL!!!

I smell the possibility of a dark conspiracy developing as America embarks on placing a military base under the American flag on Israeli soil.

First the story.

Defense News

TEL AVIV, Israel — U.S. and Israeli officers broke ground in Israel on Monday for a permanent U.S. Army base that will house dozens of U.S. soldiers, operating under the American flag, and charged with the mission of defending against rocket and missile attack.

The American base, officers in Israel say, will be an independent facility co-located at the Israel Defense Forces Air Defense School in southern Israel, near the desert capital of Beersheba. Once completed, the base will house U.S. operational systems to identify and intercept a spectrum of aerial threats, along with barracks, recreational and other facilities required to support several dozen American air defenders.

“A few dozens of soldiers of our American allies will be stationed here permanently. They are part of an American task force that will be stationed here,” said Israeli Air Force Brig. Gen. Zvika Haimovich, the IDF‘s air defense commander.

According to Haimovich, the co-located, permanent U.S. presence will enhance Israel’s ability to detect and defend against the growing rocket and missile threat. “The purpose of their presence is not for training or for exercises, but rather as part of a joint Israeli and American effort to sustain and enhance our defensive capabilities.”

Maj. Gen. John Gronski, deputy commanding general of the Army National Guard in U.S. Army Europe, led the U.S. delegation participating in Sept. 18 ceremonies.

Referring to the site as Site 883 Life Support Area, Gronski said the planned base “signifies the strong bond” that exists between the United States and Israel.

“This life support area represents the first ever stationing of a U.S. Army unit on Israeli soil,” he said. “The U.S. and Israel have long planned together, exercised together, trained together. And now, with the opening of this site, these crucial interactions will occur every day. We’ll have Israeli airmen, US soldiers living and working side by side.”

While the new U.S. base marks the first to be co-located within an Israeli base and the first in which active interceptors are to be deployed, the U.S. military has operated an independent facility for nearly a decade in the same general area of Israel’s Negev desert. That facility — which is operated only by Americans without an Israeli presence — houses the U.S. AN/TPY-2, an X-Band radar that is integrated with Israeli search and track radars to augment early warning in the event of ballistic missile attack from Iran.

In his briefing to reporters, Haimovich said the IDF has been working with its U.S. counterparts for nearly two years to establish the new facility. He emphasized that the American presence “would not hamper the IDF‘s ability to act independently against any threat to the security of the State of Israel.”

I think we all know that mad bomber John McCain and his cohorts in Congress desire a war with Iran in order to cement Israeli control of the Middle East.

With the construction of an American military base inside Israel, the country is one step closer to being able to pursue an attack on Iran.

Picture a false flag attack on the American base blamed on Iran. Picture an outraged Congress declaring war on Iran, as dead American soldiers killed in the false flag attack are brought home in body bags.

Picture Fox News leading the charge for war. Picture the Democrats joining with Republicans in support of the war.

Join the U.S. military and get to fight Israel’s wars for her.

What a deal!

City Council Candidate Quits After Firestorm Caused by Zionist “Cockroaches” Comment


Tweet under a screen name.

That’s what Joe Briggs should have done.

Or come to sites like this one that are essentially free speech zones and have your say there.

Gwinnett Daily Post

A candidate for one of three Suwanee City Council seats withdrew from the race Monday after controversial Tweets he made about Jewish people, slavery and a transgender celebrity, among others, surfaced.

Joe Briggs was challenging incumbent Councilwoman Beth Hilscher in the City Council Post 4 race. With his withdrawal, Hilscher is now uncontested in her re-election bid. The contested races for City Council Posts 3 and 5 remain unchanged.

Briggs said his withdrawal was in the best interests of his family and the city after the controversial Tweets surfaced, including ones that compared Israelis to the Nazis and called Zionists “cockroaches.”

“It’s been an incredible ordeal for myself, my family and the community and it only would have gotten worse,” Briggs said. “I’ve crawled into a hole since it all started and I don’t know where everything is, but realistically I didn’t want there to be all of this outrage about an anti-Semitic guy on the council. It’s just bad for the community and bad for me — not that I’m anti-Semitic.”

Briggs, a former New Hampshire school board member, had run against Hilscher on a platform that the pace of residential development in Suwanee was unsustainable and created concerns about traffic and crowded schools. He wanted residential development stopped, and all undeveloped land rezoned for commercial uses, until infrastructure and schools could catch up with the demand.

The surfacing of his Tweets about Jewish people became the dominant issue in the race over the last week, however, after the wife of a Suwanee councilman who represents a different council post compiled them online.

A five-page spreadsheet of the Tweets was sent to the Daily Post over the weekend.

In one tweet, Briggs said “@buberzionist A “Jewish” democracy is no different from a Nazi one.”

In another post, Briggs responded to someone who called confederates “racist traitors” with, “You are way off. Slavery was cheap labor to big business. Like diamond mines and NAFTA. A temp solution that created big problems.”

In response to a FOX and Friends Tweet promoting an interview Tucker Carlson did with Caitlyn Jenner, Briggs said “Waste of good air.”

Briggs told the Daily Post he regretted posting the Tweets. They were an attempt to express his thoughts on race relations, particularly in the Middle East, he said.

“The problem there just gets worse every year,” he said.

Patch reports on more of the Tweets the local paper didn’t have the guts to print.

In another he wrote the words “zionists in Israel far worse than anything described in Mein Kampf,” referring to Adolf Hitler’s book about his political and social ideals. “Get the Jews out of the White House and out of POTUS’ ear,” he wrote in another, according to the AJC.

Another said: “The problem is that Jews don’t care about racism — because they are racist. They only care about racism directed towards them.” Another described slavery in the United States as “cheap labor for big business. Like diamond mines and NAFTA.”

Briggs’ Twitter account is protected, meaning it can only be followed by users he approves. But, the AJC reported, his tweets came to light when the wife of a current Suwanee council member, Dick Goodman, who is Jewish, posted about them on online community site NextDoor.

Can’t a man have an opinion any more???!!!

Christian Zionists Partner with Jews to Bring About Prophetic Destiny

Calling all Christians who believe the Jews will lead the world into peace and prosperity after the big war and after Jesus returns to save what’s left.

George W. Bush did his part to make the big war closer. Or was his Christian Zionism all an act?

My grandmother on my father’s side was a Christian Zionist. The Jews were God’s Chosen People and she wanted to see Jesus. Well, actually she told stories about Jesus, in the flesh, visiting her little country church in North Carolina, the blood dripping from the nail marks in his hands. Was she taken in by Christian con men?

According to Bible prophecy this year is supposed to be a momentous year for Israel. We still have two months for World War III to unfold. Pray for Armageddon.

Christian Zionist beliefs are set out here:

Jerusalem Post

It has been 50 years since the Six-Day War, 100 years since the Balfour Declaration and 150 years since Mark Twain first visited Palestine.

These are just a few of the big Israel-related anniversaries of 2017. To the Jewish state’s most die-hard Christian supporters, the barrage of milestones is not mere coincidence but rather prophecy being fulfilled.

Every half century, many Christian Zionists believe, history makes a concerted push toward its endpoint: the return of the Messiah to Jerusalem. According to this pattern, something momentous should happen to Israel before the end of the year.

“Reading Israel’s modern history, there seems to be something unusual in 50-year cycles,” said David Parsons, the vice president of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. “It means we should expect something incredible to happen this year to further propel Jerusalem and Israel into its prophetic destiny.”

Christian Zionists, most of whom are part of the world’s 700 million-strong evangelical community, view themselves as the Jews’ partners in God’s plan. Like many Orthodox Jews, they believe that after a world war, the Messiah will take the throne of a Jewish kingdom in Jerusalem and lead the world to peace and prosperity.

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British paper got anonymous tip before JFK was assassinated


The bizarre news that a British newspaper received an anonymous tip 25 minutes before American President John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas was revealed to the public for the first time thanks to yesterday’s document dump signed off on by President Trump.

Strangely, British reporting on the 9/11 attacks included news that Building 7 had collapsed BEFORE it actually happened. Watch:

Someone wanted to keep his identity hidden while letting the world know that there was a conspiracy world-wide in its scope in the Kennedy murder. He probably thought that his call would be reported upon by the newspaper, but it wasn’t, presumably because British intelligence quashed the story until today.

The most likely candidate for complicity in the killing that resides outside the United States is not the Cubans or Russians, but rather Israel’s Mossad.

The Jews proved in the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty a few years later that they had no restraints when it came to a bold operation that involved killing Americans.

New York Post

Just minutes before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, a British newspaper received an anonymous call about “some big news” in the US, according to newly released documents.

A memo to the director of the FBI revealed that the call was made to the senior reporter at the Cambridge News at 6:05 p.m. Nov. 22, 1963, the day Kennedy was shot in Dallas.

The missive from CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton read: “The British Security Service (MI-5) has reported that at 1805GMT on 22 November an anonymous telephone call was made in Cambridge, England, to the senior reporter of the Cambridge News.

“The caller said only that the Cambridge News reporter should call the American Embassy in London for some big news and then hung up,” the news outlet reported Friday.

According to the document, dated four days after the assassination, MI5 calculated that the call came about 25 minutes before Kennedy was shot as he rode in a presidential motorcade in Dealey Plaza.

Anna Savva, a current Cambridge News reporter, said Friday that the paper has no record of who took the call – adding that learning about it was “completely jaw-dropping.”

The memo was included in a batch of more than 2,800 declassified documents released Thursday to satisfy a 25-year deadline set forward by the Oct. 25, 1992, enactment of the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act.

President Trump held back the release of many files after the CIA and FBI asked for more time to redact information that could cause “potentially irreversible harm.”

The document from Angleton added: “After the word of the President’s death was received the reporter informed the Cambridge police of the anonymous call and the police informed MI-5.

“The Cambridge reporter had never received a call of this kind before and MI-5 state that he is known to them as a sound and loyal person with no security record.”

The memo also says that “similar anonymous phone calls of a strangely coincidental nature have been received by persons in the UK over the past year,” particularly in the case of a Dr Ward.

That reference may have been about Dr. Stephen Ward, one of the central figures in the Profumo affair, a 1961 British political scandal about a sexual relationship between politician John Profumo and 19-year-old model Christine Keeler.

Ward was a physician and socialite who had taken Keeler under his wing.

The memo ends: “The British Security Service stated its desire to assist in every way possible on any follow-up investigations required within the United Kingdom.”

On Friday, reporters at the Cambridge Evening News said they were sifting through its archives to investigate the mysterious call.

Neocon Jew Max Boot Advocates Mass Invasion of Nonwhites to Man America Military


Steve Sailer exposes the dangerous mindset of a neocon Jew, a Hillary supporter who has a history of influencing American foreign policy.

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

“The military would do well today to open its ranks not only to legal immigrants but also to illegal ones and, as important, to untold numbers of young men and women who are not here now but would like to come.

No doubt many would be willing to serve for some set period in return for one of the world’s most precious commodities — U.S. citizenship.”

– Max Boot, Feb. 2005, LA Times

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Pro-White Leaders Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor endorse Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s black separatism

Typically, the alt right supports nationalism for all people. Thus, it’s not surprising that two leading pro-white figures are seeking to dialogue with Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Raw Story

American Renaissance, the self-styled “race realists” that count Richard Spencer among their ranks, on Friday re-tweeted Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan in support.

Farrakhan’s tweet advised black people to “be more convinced that it is time for us to separate and build a nation of our own.”

Retweeting Farrakhan, the white supremacist foundation said his sentiment is an example of “the sort of self-determination we and the broader Alt-Right support.”

“Would you like to discuss this in a public forum?” American Renaissance asked of the controversial Nation of Islam founder.

Right-wingers have a history of support for Farrakhan’s message of black separatism — and many share his virulent anti-Semitism as well. Farrakhan has been on Alex Jones’ InfoWars show, where he praised then-candidate Donald Trump’s plans for a “Muslim ban” because it united Muslims around a common enemy. Jones, at the time, called Farrakhan “the second most influential black man in the world.”

Farrakhan is well-known not only for his anti-Semitism, but also for his belief that the white man is the devil.