German Far-Right “Reich Citizens” Organize Militia As Membership Skyrockets Ahead Of “Day X”

Germany’s Jews need to be thinking about packing up and heading to Israel.

The slumbering giant is awakening in the heart of Europe and the world knows what happens when you make the white race angry.

Be wary, Angela Merkel. They’re coming after you. Carrying ropes.


A far-right movement of Germans who have labeled themselves “Reich Citizens” (Reichsbürger) has grown to nearly 16,000 members, an increase of more than 50% over the last year – with a core group of armed militia members eyeing their own army to prepare for what they call “Day X,” reports Focus.

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Foreign Born Make Up Three-Quarters of Terrorists Convicted in Federal Courts

Leftist heads are exploding today.

The left is nitpicking the DHS report at the center of this post.

It is never legit to critique reports by the impossible standard, that of perfection.

If American immigration policy allows even ONE foreign born terrorist into the country, that policy should be reexamined for national security implications.

Excerpt from Immigration Reform

A new government report released today reveals that as many as 73 percent of individuals convicted of international terrorism-related charges in U.S. federal courts after Sept. 11, 2001 were foreign-born.

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Canadian Police Expose 11-Year-Old Kebab Hoaxer Who Claimed Evil Whitey Cut her Hijab


When you’re a Muslim in a formerly white country run by a soft cock loser like Justin Trudeau, you don’t have to worry about serious punishment when you break the law.

That the lesson learned from a story about a school girl who claimed a man cut her hijab.

Justin Trudeau is going to have to do something with the police who exposed the hoax.

His agenda is served when hoaxes are treated as real hate crimes.

ABC News

Police are now disputing a report by an 11-year-old girl that a man cut her hijab while she was walking to school.

On Friday, Toronto Police Service officials said in a press release that the girl, later identified as Khawlah Norman in a press conference, reported that she was en route to school when a man came up behind her and cut her hijab with a pair of scissors.

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Iran Situation Fluid as Violence Erupts and Trump Says the World is Watching

Whether there will be regime change in Iran is anybody’s guess.

Certainly, President Trump has spouted anti-Iran rhetoric for as long as he started running for president, and even before then. I suppose it never occurred to the Donald to just stay out of Iran’s affairs.

Although there’s no proof of Israeli involvement in sparking opposition to the Iranian government, it really wouldn’t be going out on a limb to suspect the Jewish state.


Some of the anti-government protests happening in Iranian cities have turned violent, footage appears to show.

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Muzzie Barber Allegedly “snipped” Customer’s Ear Out of Pure Meanness


A customer in a barber’s chair is lucky that his throat wasn’t slit instead of his ear.

Chicago Tribune

Madison police say they arrested a State Street hairstylist accused of snipping a 22-year-old customer’s ear on Friday.

Police spokesman Joel DeSpain says the victim told officers the hairstylist began twisting his ear to get him to stop fidgeting and moving his head before nicking the ear. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that DeSpain says the hairstylist then ran the clipper with the shortest attachment down the middle of the customer’s head, “leaving him looking a bit like Larry from the ‘Three Stooges.'”

“While it is not a crime to give someone a bad haircut, you will get arrested for intentionally snipping their ear with a scissors,” DeSpain said.

DeSpain says officers arrested 46-year-old Khaled A. Shabani on suspicion of mayhem and disorderly conduct while armed. DeSpain says Shabani told officers it was an accident.

The customer had his head completely shaved by a different stylist before Christmas, according to the State Journal.

Shaving your head during the winter isn’t the best thing to do. Head hair helps hold the heat in your body. Accepting a haircut from a Middle Eastern barber isn’t smart either.

Diversity is our strength.

Poll: Majority of Americans Do Not View Christmas as Religious Holiday

The liberal Pew poll is at it again, as is the Washington Post. They are offended by a “white” Holiday revolving around a white Jesus. So, they want you to believe you’re a racist if you don’t go along with the evil Jewish scheme to secularize the most holy of days.

Excerpt from Washington Post via NOLA

Christmas was a big day for President Donald Trump. His first Christmas as president gave him the opportunity to fulfill a campaign promise -technically.

Trump had promised his supporters – many of whom are upset at the increasing secularization of the Christmas holiday – that they would be able to say “Merry Christmas” again if they elected him.

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White Ex-Marine Turned Muzzie Allegedly Plotted Christmas Day Terrorist Attack on San Francisco

Islam is a cancer that rarely infects white people. An ex-Marine, Everitt Aaron Jameson, pictured above, is an exception.

He allegedly was eager to die for Allah. Which makes him a traitor and a fool.

Fox News

A Northern California tow-truck driver was arrested this week and accused of planning an ISIS-inspired Christmas Day suicide attack on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

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