Britain: Kebab Barber Jailed for Eight Months for Shaving Boy’s Head

A barber who shaved a boys head with a #1 cut is going to jail.

This seems more a civil case rather than a criminal case.

Sky News

A barber who shaved a 10-year-old boy’s head as “punishment” has been jailed for eight months.

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Fire Her Now! Woman Professor’s Barbara Bush “amazingly racist” Tweets Spark Outrage

A weird, fat, ugly, misshapen feminist professor has sparked outrage across America for calling Barbara Bush a racist on Twitter.

She’s not the least bit contrite after being smacked down by normies. In fact, she claims that since she has tenure she cannot be fired. That was the gasoline on the fire.

Adding to her affirmative action points that come from being a leftist, feminist female, she’s also a MUZZIE!

One great thing about the reporting by the Fresno Bee is that the reporter who wrote the story contacted Randa Jarrar’s ex-husband. It seems he doesn’t think much of her either.

Fresno Bee

All options are on the table in dealing with the Fresno State professor who called Barbara Bush “an amazing racist” hours after Bush died at age 92, university president Joseph Castro said Wednesday.

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Breaking! Van Ploughs into Crowd in Germany, 3 Dead, 20 or More Injured

Sh*tposting liberals are already preparing their “We Stand with Muenster” signs.

The blood is on Angela Merkel and company’s hands.

Blame Merkel is the theme the alt-right must push.

The left will be pushing the theme that the West doesn’t do enough to integrate it’s newest citizens.

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Illuminati Jew Psy Op: Queen Elizabeth is a Descendant of the Prophet Muhammad


To facilitate the Muslim invasion of Britain, genocide the white population of Brits, and de-Christianize Europe, the claim is now being made that the Queen is a natural bridge between Britain and Islam.

This claim is surely a Jewish-inspired psychological operation (psy op) intended to smooth the transition from a white Christian Britain to a brown Islamic state.

Times of Israel

Is Queen Elizabeth descended from the Prophet Muhammad?

New study revives old claims tracing the British monarch’s lineage back 43 generations to the founder of Islam

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Kebab Shoots Colorado White Man in Head Five Times in Dispute Over Roaming Dog


Another white man would be alive today if only the United States had sane immigration laws.

Middle Easterners are volatile. At my university, many employees were afraid of a Palestinian professor because he was so scarily loud and unpredictable. I wonder how many white, Asian, and black people live in constant fear of a Middle Eastern neighbor or co-workers. The number must be huge.

Police say they can’t figure out a motive for the murder of Dustin Schmidt. The police are stupid or lying. A Middle Eastern male needs no motive. They’re mentally unstable and dangerous, but don’t expect the police to tell the truth about it.

Excerpt from Fox News

A Colorado man shot and killed his neighbor Tuesday after an argument about how the victim disciplined his dog, the victim’s fiancée said.

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Father of Orlando Muslim Terrorist Was On Comey’s FBI Payroll


Honest, awake people often bring up the possibility that some of the mass shooters that darken American’s collective psyche could be groomed by the FBI (or other Deep State institution) to kill in order to advance the gun control agenda.

We have a right to be suspicious.

None of these sand niggers should even be in the United States or anywhere else in the West.

Fox News

The Orlando nightclub shooter’s dad – revealed to be an FBI informant – told authorities who were investigating Omar Mateen before the attack that pro-terror comments the would-be gunman made to coworkers were just examples of him “being stupid,” an agent testified Monday.

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Colorful, Vibrant African Fellas Arrested by Belgian Police for Drugging, Gang Raping Two Dutch Tourists

Two women decided to party with nogs. The rest is pretty darn predictable.

Any sympathy one might normally have for the victims is diminished by their apparent mudsharking with the filthy, stinking darkies pictured above.


Four men “of African descent” have been arrested on suspicion of subjecting two Dutch tourists to a “horrifying” three-hour gang rape ordeal, local media reports.

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