Drunk or Crazy (((Sam Nunberg))) Chickens Out on Dare to Have Mueller Arrest Him

Ex-aide to candidate Donald Trump had a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth on Monday while being interviewed on live TV.

Among the other foolish things he said was that he wouldn’t comply with the subpoena issued by witch hunter Robert Mueller.

He dared Mueller to jail him.

Today, perhaps having sobered up or gotten back on his meds, he’s singing a different tune.


Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg is backing down from his brazen declarations less than 24 hours earlier that he planned to defy a federal subpoena issued by special counsel Robert Mueller.

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Facebook Bans Laura Loomer for Exposing Liar David Hogg

Laura’s 30 day ban from Facebook comes on the heels of a weeklong ban from Twitter.

Not even a Jew who comes close to telling the truth is being allowed to speak the truth on our dominant social media platforms.

Many of you know that Alex Jones is one strike away from being banned from youtube. And Mike Cernovice and Loomer, along with Jack Pesobiec, were banned from publishing platform Medium

The ban on the Daily Stormer, more severe than any other, along with these bans on the alt-light and merchant right, show that the totalitarian left controls the agenda for now. The only solution I’ve seen is to declare them public utilities, where the First Amendment would apply.

Big League Politics

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer received a 30-day banishment from Facebook Monday after she wrote a post calling student and gun control activist David Hogg a liar.

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Harvey Weinstein Attacked in Arizona Restaurant (Video)

My how low the big Jew has fallen.

This one minute video has almost a million views in the day it’s been on youtube.

The youtube comments show that the Goyim know. Samples:

TRUE STORY: For a group that’s only 2% of the US population, Jews represent 69% of the public figures accused of sexual assault, rape, or harrassment in 2017.

fire up the ovens!

Well done! Slap a shlomo

HA! From Hollywood God to such a low-life he can’t even step foot in public without being harassed. You reap what you sow! Weinstein and all the other Hollywood enablers (including Oprah and Streep) deserve every bit of this.

Oh no. This is how the pogroms always start.

Rose McGowan calls out Golden Globes black dress protest, “Hollywood fakery”

For all but brain dead die-hard fans of celebrity, the Hollywood mystique is dying.

Rose McGowan destroyed the Golden Globes narrative with her “Hollywood fakery” Tweet, which has been widely reported on Monday.

CBS News

Rose McGowan is still unimpressed with the black dress protest at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. The outspoken actress claimed that all of the stars at the Golden Globes wearing black in protest against sexual harassment would not have done so if it weren’t for her.

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Vice Apologizes for “boys club” Culture of Sexual Harassment

There’s nothing like bringing in an 83 year old feminist Jew to fix things. No, I don’t mean Ruth Bader-Ginzberg.

The Guardian

The founders of Vice magazine have apologised for allowing a “boys’ club” culture that allowed sexual harassment to flourish.

After it was revealed that the company had made four settlements over allegations of sexual harassment or defamation against Vice staff, its co-founders, Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi, released a statement acknowledging that the company had taken action over “multiple instances of unacceptable behaviour”.

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Aspiring NYC Model Desiree Gibbon Found Murdered in Jamaica

Attractive mixed race Negroidish looking Desiree Gibbon was identified as “Caucasian” in an article I saw in the Jamaican press.

To the darkies in dangerous Jamaica, Desiree would be a white woman. Her beautiful appearance would set off intense local interest there.

Whoever killed her (the Daily Mail reports that two women are suspects) believed they were killing a white woman.

CBS Local New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The family of an aspiring Queens model and filmmaker who was killed on the island of Jamaica is searching for answers about her death, but their efforts suffered a setback as relatives got ready to head to the Caribbean.

The family of Desiree Gibbon was in their home Friday without closure. The 26-year-old’s body is 1,500 miles away in Jamaica, where she was found slain Saturday in a small town outside the resort her grandmother owns in Montego Bay.

“Why did they beat her? Why did they slit her throat?” the victim’s aunt, Peggy Brunner, told CBS2’s Magdalena Doris.

CBS2 spoke to her mother, Andrea Gibbon, Thursday night.

“In a bush in the country, where she would never have traveled, not ever,” she said. “It was an isolated, desolate area, nothing there.”

Gibbon is convinced her daughter, who was looking for work on the island, was killed by someone known to her.

“My belief is that it was a cold, calculated, planned-out murder,” she said. “It wasn’t a random act of violence. It somebody she knew, and it’s somebody she trusted.”

Brunner is hoping that in the struggle, the suspect’s DNA was left behind.

“Desi is a strong girl. She’s very street smart,” she said. “She fought. She fought until her last breath.”

As the investigation into her killing continues, the family is now working to expedite the process to get a death certificate and bring her back to New York.

“I need her home,” her mother said. “I need to lay her to rest, and I need her here.”

Unfortunately, after being bound for Jamaica, Gibbon’s parents walked back into their apartment building, bags in hand. Their early-morning flight was canceled, delaying the most difficult trip of their lives.

The family will try again Saturday to fly to Jamaica in search for more answers, saying investigators have only said there is no one in custody for her killing.

The Gibbon family established a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral expenses and reached their $20,000 goal in just two days.

At the CBS National website, there are numerous comments calling out the family as scammers for setting up a GoFundMe. The family is clearly wealthy and should pay for her funeral expenses, which should NOT amount to $20,000.

Here are two news reports on the case.

More at Heavy.

Actress Uma Thurman Rips into Harvey Weinstein in Thanksgiving Day Message

As I’m getting ready to publish this post it looks like every news outlet in America and Britain is devoting space to this story.

Uma Thurman (rated not a Jew on various Internet sites) doesn’t reveal anything new of significance about Harvey Weinstein.

Wouldn’t it be true though that Thurman and the others through their years or even decades of silence enabled Weinstein to keep doing the foul things he’s alleged to have been doing?

Although I don’t know the movies she did with Weinstein, I have a vague sense that they were not exactly wholesome family entertainment.

As they say, “With Jews, you lose.”

The Guardian

Uma Thurman has broken her silence on Harvey Weinstein, saying of the ongoing stream of allegations against him: “I’m glad it’s going slowly – you don’t deserve a bullet.”

The actor, who worked on seven films with Weinstein including Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill movies, posted a picture of herself as The Bride from Kill Bill.

In the post, ostensibly about Thanksgiving, she said she was “grateful today, to be alive, for all those I love, and for all those who have the courage to stand up for others”.

Referring to a video interview from October in which she said she was too angry to discuss the Weinstein scandal, she seemed to confirm she had been a victim of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood.

“I said I was angry recently, and I have a few reasons, #metoo, in case you couldn’t tell by the look on my face.”

In words reminiscent of the revenge thriller, in which Thurman played a woman bent on avenging her unborn child and methodically torturing and murdering her abusers, she went on to say she was pleased to witness Weinstein’s downfall.

Maybe it’s just me but I suspect that Thurman had sex with Weinstein to get movie roles and now she’s feeling those morning after regrets decades later.