Dr. Phil: Kanye Needs to Stop Empowering Hate Groups

When a nigga sets foot off the liberal plantation, there might be more than one way to get him back.

In the case of Kanye West, the strategy appears to be to claim that he has mental issues.

He probably does have mental issues, but that doesn’t impair the truth of some of the things he’s been saying lately.


Dr. Phil believes Kanye West saying whatever he thinks and feels is either an attention grab or a serious impulse control problem, but either way … it needs to stop because he’s fueling hate.

“fueling hate” = waking up some of his fellow blacks

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Angry Trump? POTUS’s 30-Minute High Energy Fox & Friends Interview Shocks Liberals

JEWS were out in force on Twitter this morning, hurling pig sh*t at President Donald Trump for his highly entertaining interview on Fox & Friends.

President Trump’s chat with the hosts of his favorite TV show is giving the fake news media a chance to slander the president again.

There’s zero evidence that the claim in that Tweet is true. There’s also no evidence that Trump was angry. The press is used to having a lazy, soft spoken black president, not a free wheeling white one.

There’s also the liberal claim that Trump melted down. More nonsense.


At the end of President Donald Trump’s, angry, freewheeling interview on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, host Steve Doocy remarked on the mile-a-minute clip Trump was talking at.

“I think he was awake and he had a lot to say,” Doocy quipped.

Watch! Decide for yourself if the claims by liberals are true or fake news.

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Comey’s ABC Smear Job on Trump Draws Half the Viewers Who Saw Stormy’s Interview

Disgraced FBI Director James Comey weighed in on a variety of well-known people with ABC News last night during a long interview with George Stephenapolous. President Trump was harshly criticized. Since he fired Comey, I wouldn’t expect otherwise.

I’m wondering when Comey will be investigated and indicted for leaks and possible other crimes.

This post uses several mainstream media sources to put together a picture of the interview and reaction to it.

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Interview: Microchip Decides to Take the Reins of Leadership of the Alt-Right


Have we found a leader?

I’m not sure how seriously to take this interview.

Excerpt from Anime Right News

The right is desperately looking for direction. They’re in luck, after a few days of soul searching Microchip has decided he is uniquely available to undertake this task.

I sat down this morning to discuss the journey through his transformation and his plans to start winning.

The Change Of Heart
AnimeRightNews: Micro in the past you have always refused to be a leader. Why are you willing to lead now?

Micro: Before I’m formally doxed, I want to come out in part to begin building a coalition so we can move past this mess and help Trump win in 2020.

AnimeRightNews: Was there a specific event that drove this decision?

Micro: Not specifically, the right has no focus. We have people doxing each other, following magical phantoms off a cliff, and hanging on the every word of date rapists and stupid motherfuckers who fuck their stepmother.

The latter is a reference to Matt Heimbach, as you should recall. The doxing refers to Paul Nehlen and Chris Cantwell doxing Rickey Vaughn.

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Cashing in! Disgusting Whore Stormy Poses Nude, Gives Tell-All Interview to Penthouse

No one but Stormy Daniels knows why she’s doing what she’s doing, but her actions give the appearance that she’s after fame and money, while hoping to impede the MAGA agenda.

Recall that her pupils were extra large when she gave her 60 Minutes interview last month. Which raises the question of how trustworthy is a whore on drugs>?

Robert Mueller must be desperate to grab her coattails to try to engineer a soft coup against the POTUS.

New York Post

Stormy Daniels — who is milking her alleged one-night stand with Donald Trump for maximum exposure — has given an interview to Penthouse magazine covering some areas that were untouched on “60 Minutes.”

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Half Street Sh*tter, Half Nog Kamala Harris Jokes About Killing Trump (Video)

The quick death joke comes at about the 8 minute mark. It’s more stupid than evil.

Democrats are seriously talking about this creature as the next president of the United States.

Fox News

Sen. Kamala Harris, D- Calif., a rising Democratic star and potential 2020 presidential candidate, raised eyebrows during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday for one of her answers to a hypothetical question.

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Arrogant, Full of Sh*t Michelle O Bashes Trump, Praises Hillary as “most qualified” in History


A week or two ago I was reading something by Steve Sailer that called out Michelle (Michael) Obama’s low IQ. As Steve or one of his commenters put it, her university thesis was written at a fifth grade level, as I recall.

In short, she’s too stupid to know she’s stupid, except even stupid people have inklings of how stupid they are once in a while.

Everything about Michelle reeks of Affirmative Action. She’s a waste of air. Secretly, I’m sure the Clintons agree that she’s just another nigger who as Bill said should be carrying their bags.


Former first lady Michelle Obama called her husband “the good parent” during his presidency and compared Trump’s presidency to having “the other parent” who feels “fun for now” but makes irresponsible decisions. Obama also weighed in on why she thought Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election during a Thursday night interview at a Simmons leadership conference in Boston.

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