White Man Seduces Mulatto Woman Using Just TWO WORDS


This little story of looking for love with the wrong woman is all over the British tabloids.

I’m calling the unappealing female above a mulatto, but really I don’t know for sure. Maybe we should call her ugly mystery meat.

I can tell you that if I was worth $46 million, she’s not the girlfriend I would pick.


A WOMAN claims she was seduced by a brickie-turned-multi millionaire Lotto winner after he turned up at her bar and told her: “Google me!”

According to The Sun, mum-of-four Donna Desporte says Gareth Bull used his $A69 million fortune to woo her after he met her when he strolled into her Tenerife bar in Spain with some pals.

That marked the beginning of a nine-month fling — which has ended with him ignoring and avoiding her, the 48-year-old told The Sunday Mirror.

Gareth, 45, had separated from his wife Catherine and throughout this time took Donna to Anthony Joshua fights, the BATFAs and holidays abroad, she says.

In April The Sun revealed how Gareth and Catherine were living in separate houses and were no longer Facebook friends after the curse of the lottery struck again.

He is now in a three-bedroom cottage 1.5 miles from the family home where Catherine still lives with their two teenage boys.


Donna told the Sunday Mirror that Gareth tried to keep their fling secret amid fears Catherine might try to “use it against” him.

She said: “He was starting to worry about people knowing he was having an affair. That he might somehow lose money.

“But I told him: ‘Well, I’m not an affair’. He was worried it was going to cost him.”

In December they watched Anthony Joshua KO Eric Molina in Manchester, where they met Ricky Hatton and Gareth bought her a $A16,762 signed boxing glove for her bar.

But cameras at the event happened to zoom in on the pair celebrating — and Catherine, watching at home, discovered their fling.

In February Gareth took her to the BAFTAs for her birthday, and they also spent a romantic week together in Tenerife.

Now she claims he’s stopped returning her calls and is ignoring messages.

“I’m so upset with him. We had a special relationship. He told me he loved me, and he ought to respect that and not brush me under the carpet.”

Gareth and his wife Catherine joked they were the most “boring multi-millionaires” when they won the Euromillions in 2012.

She said she wanted a new carpet for the six-bedroom home he had just built and have her hair done twice a year.

But he splashed out on a huge hospitality box at Old Trafford and another at Wembley.

They also bought a holiday villa in Tenerife.

She gave up her job and he wound down his building company.

Well guys, do we have any advice to give Gareth? I’ll start the ball rolling: Gareth, go have yourself checked for STDs, pal.”



Jigaboo Who Impregnated White Girlfriend’s 10 Year Old Daughter is Arrested


The gentleman of color pictured above is being held in jail on $500,000 bond after a 10 year old girl that I assume is white, not fathered by the rape ape above, was found to be pregnant. Obviously, someone, possibly a teacher or nurse reported the girl’s condition to the police. Kudos to the unknown hero.

Muh Nigga went on the run when the police began looking for him, but another Good Samaritan reported his whereabouts to them.

Now, if the legal system does its job, the rape ape will spend a long time in prison. It’s so sad that castration is not an allowable punishment.


A man who went on the run after allegedly getting his girlfriend’s 10-year-old daughter pregnant has been arrested.

Nicholas Deon Thrash, 34, reportedly from New York, was arrested yesterday afternoon after a plea was put out on the Marion Police Department’s Facebook page.

Officers originally believed the 34-year-old had left Marion and were urging anyone who spotted him to call 911.

But he was found at a property nearby on South Selby Street.

The owner of the property, a woman who did not wish to be identified, said she had just started dating Thrash and had no idea he was wanted.


Thrash is now facing 10 counts of child molesting.

Dantay Smith, a neighbour, told WTHR: ‘It’s just sad to see somebody do something like that to a child, so young, so little. Why would you even think about doing something like that?’

The girl’s 32-year-old mother was arrested on Tuesday on two counts of felony neglect of a dependent.

She is being held at Grant County Jail on a $100,005 cash bond, according to WANE.

According to the woman’s social media, she and Thrash appear to have been in a relationship for the past two years.

Thrash is now facing 10 counts of child molesting and is also being held at the Grant County Jail.

After some sleuthing, I found this photo of the lowlife mother of the child. The press isn’t revealing her name, probably to protect the child victim.

Mom must lose custody of her children permanently. If found guilty, she’ll be going to prison for a few years anyway.

Burn the coal, pay the toll.

Sadly, in this case a little girl is going to pay a bigger price than the filthy, rancid whale who took up with scum.

White Father Condemns Daughter for Ape Prom Date


The virtue signaling designed to show tolerance for the unnatural is bigly at the Daily Mail and in the comments there.

Everyone in the universe approves of interracial relationships except the white dad in this story. That’s what the press would like us to believe anyway.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Anyone who doubts that racism is still alive and well in America need only to look at the shocking text exchange between one white Arkansas father and his teenage daughter regarding her prom date.

Anna Hayes, a high school senior from Lake Village, Arkansas attended prom last week with a male friend, Phillip Freeman — who happens to be black.

When her father — whom she does not live with — saw the photos, he was livid, and sent her a long tirade of racist, sexist text messages telling Anna that he was disowning her and calling both her and her date heartbreakingly offensive names.

In photos shared on Facebook, Anna and Phillip look picture-perfect on their way to the big dance. Anna wore rad lipstick to match her lacy scarlet mermaid gown, and Phillip layered a matching red suit jacket over a black button-down and slacks.

Anna said that though Phillip is just a friend, he’s also ‘really funny’ and ‘super cute’, so she snatched him up as her prom date.
Unfortunately, Anna’s dad — whom she says has always been vocally racist — saw the snaps online and wasted no time sharing his disappointment with her in an incredibly abusive manner.

‘We are done,’ he texted her. ‘I won’t be coming to your graduation. Nor will I pay for your college. Go live with the n*****s.’

Anna explained to BuzzFeed that she and her dad have had a strained relationship for years. Her parents are divorced, and though she lived with him briefly as a child, she’s been in her mom’s house since her early teens.

His tirade, however, seems to have gone beyond any uncomfortable words they’d shared in the past.

Responding to his initial texts, Anna wrote: ‘I went to prom with a black guy so that’s a problem … racist much.’

‘Yes I am,’ her dad wrote back unabashedly before continuing with the grammatically incorrect pronouncement: ‘Your dead to me.’

‘Don’t ever contact me again we are through,’ he added. ‘Go ahead be a F***IN wh*** leave me out of it. [sic].

He also told her that he was cancelling her cell phone and her car insurance, to which she replied, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong.’

‘Shut the f*** up you have no right to talk to me anymore. Go live with the F***IN n*****s. Your pictures are already off my walls.

‘You can go to hell. What the f*** is wrong with you? … You want to mingle with Subhumans I’ll treat you accordingly. [sic]’

Anna knew of her father’s opinions, though she still found it ‘incredibly sad’ when he reacted so vitriolically.


Anna is waiting for her first pair of mudshark sunglasses.

Coal Burning Dirty Whore Extols the Virtues of Marriage to a Negroid Male


I saw a thread on the writings of the disgusting mudshark pictured above at GLP. I borrowed the phrase “Coal burning dirty whore” from one of the commenters there.

Is the language too strong? I don’t think so.

Apparently, she’s unfamiliar with the term “mudshark sunglasses.”

Some women have to learn the hard way.

By the way, the white boy is apparently from her first marriage to a white man.

For Every Mom

It was a little over two and a half years ago, right before I was about to be married that I was asked the question, “Are you prepared for what you and your family will experience seeing as how you are marrying a black man?” Being a white girl raised in Salt Lake City, Utah I was offended. The man I was speaking with took notice to my offense and simply said “I don’t mean to hurt you, I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that things will be different than I think you are expecting. Things will be harder.” I explained that I was fine and that things were going to be great.

As you read on, be prepared for some heavy moralizing about how anyone who finds the mixed marriage revolting and disgusting is a hater.

Continue reading

Canadian Family Speaks Out After ‘N–ga lover’ Spray-Painted in Teen’s Room


Who knew that big young jigaboos like Jayden were so fragile and sensitive. Read the story. You’ll see. It’s so bad he doesn’t want to go to school.


At first, Tim Benner thought it was just a break-in. He found his furniture trashed, computers stolen and walls spray painted.

But three hours into the police investigation, officers alerted him to a message written on the wall in his daughter’s room. Someone had spray-painted “N–ga lover” in large letters.

“I was pretty shaken up. I sat down on the bed and cried. I’m still in shock,” said Benner about the incident, which occurred on Feb. 15. “It was a big decision to show [my daughters] this. This has to be brought out and brought forward to let my kids know this is not right.”

Someone who knows the kids

Benner said whoever wrote the racist message knows his family or his daughter, Ruby, 16. It happened in broad daylight and over the course of 45 minutes, according to Benner.

The family lives on a farm outside Port Colborne, which is near the Welland Canal on Lake Erie in the Niagara Region about 147 kilometres south of Toronto. Because of a long, unpaved laneway, the house is not visible from the road.

“It’s obviously somebody that knows my kids,” Benner said. He told CBC Toronto he’s “dead set” against racism and hate crimes like this one.

“Otherwise, she would not be dating a black boy,” he said

That boy is Jayden Hannigan, 15. Ruby and Jayden, both in Grade 10 at Lakeshore Catholic High School in Port Colborne, have been going out for half a year.


“Some nights, she’s crying and I’m just trying to say it’s all right,” Jayden told CBC Toronto.

“I just think to myself not everyone is racist or not everyone thinks of me different, or her, because she’s dating a different colour,” he said.

“It’s hard to think about, to imagine who would do this,” said Ruby quietly through tears. “It’s crazy.”

‘They’ve robbed our family’

Jayden’s mom, Shannon Hannigan, is worried the incident will affect her son for a long time to come.

“He doesn’t want to go to school. He doesn’t want to go to hockey. He doesn’t want to leave my house,” she said. “That’s not fair to a kid who should be worried about what he’s doing Friday night, what video game he wants to play.

“That’s not Jayden. They’ve done something to his psyche. They’ve taken my innocent child and made him into something he’s not. They’ve robbed my family.”

Ruby, we all hope you enjoy your mudshark sunglasses.

Poor Jayden. Such a sensitive lad. We cry for you, muh nigga.

pepe tears

Chris-crocker-crying gif

bodybuilder crying gif

crying man gif2

crying man gif

Black Mother-Daughter Prostitution Team Busted in Florida


Since the ladies of the evening arrested for prostitution in this story are black, as pictured above, there’s a about a 50 percent chance of them having the old HIV or other less serious STD. Did I remember that statistic correctly?

Facts are racist, right?

There’s no word on whether the clients of these two lovelies are white or black. Sadly, some white men come down with jungle fever.

Which sometimes results in sores appearing in private places.

New York Post

A mother-daughter duo from New Jersey was busted in an undercover prostitution sting at a Motel 6 in Florida, a report says.

Tanja Gammon, 57, and Darcel Gammon, 31, were both arrested last Tuesday in Kissimmee after authorities stumbled upon an ad for their “services” on backpage.com, according to The Smoking Gun.

Court records obtained by the website showed the pair had placed the ad using the name “Tamara” — claiming she was a “Sexy MILF” with an “Awesome Attitude & Personality” and an immense hatred for the “taste of Latex.”

After an undercover cop contacted the number they listed, the alleged hookers directed him to the Motel 6 and arranged a $100, 30-minute encounter.

“When I arrived…I knocked on the door and was greeted by Tanja, who was wearing lingerie,” the officer wrote in the charging affidavit.

“Tanja said to get comfortable and retrieved a condom from her purse,” he added.

A few moments later, the elder Gammon pounced — grabbing the cop’s hand and reportedly thrusting it towards her vaginal area.

“You got to make sure I don’t have a d–k,” she told him, according to the affidavit.

After briefly exposing the officer’s penis, authorities swooped in and immediately placed her under arrest.

“I didn’t take the money yet, I didn’t take the money yet!” Tanja yelled repeatedly, while being placed in cuffs. “So it really doesn’t matter!”

Cops eventually stumbled upon Darcel in the bathroom, saw that she was also wearing lingerie, and took her into custody as well, the Smoking Gun reports.

“It was clear that she was inside the bathroom listening and looking out for Tanja,” the undercover cop said.

Property records list the Gammons as being from the Asbury Park area. It is unclear what they were doing in Florida.

$100 a half hour? You get what you pay for, I guess.

See eight more naughty photos of Tamara at Everyjoe.

Mudshark Dating Site: White Women Say NO To White Men


Yes, sorry to have to state reality, but there are white women who want only the black male as a romantic interest. That screen capture above is from pof.com.

Let’s take a look at a few of the so-called ladies who are looking for a chocolate daddy.


If you aint black I wont write back 🙂

Hey I’m Suz. I’m 25 and I live in Morehead. I’m a pretty simple person, very laid back and open minded. I am very easy to get a long with. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I wear my heart o
Morehead Kentucky SuzJames08 26 Woman Seeking Men

eyewash gif

Let’s check out another winner.


This one looks good, but is crazy as a loon. She’ll end up missing a few teeth, with blurred vision and mild brain damage from drink, drugs, or a series of beatings from those “dirty dirty” niggas she likes.

black guys only

I hate being called ma. I hate annoying niggas. I hate niggas from up north… I like dem good ol hood niggas from the dirty dirty south who got a county ass swag…. I hate annoying white men….. I
jacksonvile Florida taraRooo 23 Woman Seeking Men

But wait, we’re not done.


Where’s dat nigga that done put dat wattamelon in her belly?

Haha. Single mom and another one on the way.

Go after what you want and dont give up

My name is Kayla. 8 months pregnant .Single mom. I mostly work and stay at home on free time. I love animals. Love music .Want something real not fake. Want some
Auburndale Florida babyKaay24 20 Woman Seeking Men

There’s more of these parasite race traitors at the link, but not really that many of them when you consider the steady drumbeat from schools, universities, TV, music, Hollywood, and churches: “Fuck a nigga and be happy.”

Just for kicks, let’s look at one more.

This one would have better luck finding a pink unicorn that finding what she says she wants. I think she just wants BBC. Muh niggas be sayin’ I tap dat azz.



Hey guys im here looking for a single down to earth gentleman. The one that knows respect and kindness. Im short thick but fit. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Im so sick of the games and b.s.
Warner robins Georgia nreneeh1991 25 Woman Seeking Men

Check em all out. There’s three pages with about 20 or 30 winners listed.