White Man Seduces Mulatto Woman Using Just TWO WORDS


This little story of looking for love with the wrong woman is all over the British tabloids.

I’m calling the unappealing female above a mulatto, but really I don’t know for sure. Maybe we should call her ugly mystery meat.

I can tell you that if I was worth $46 million, she’s not the girlfriend I would pick.


A WOMAN claims she was seduced by a brickie-turned-multi millionaire Lotto winner after he turned up at her bar and told her: “Google me!”

According to The Sun, mum-of-four Donna Desporte says Gareth Bull used his $A69 million fortune to woo her after he met her when he strolled into her Tenerife bar in Spain with some pals.

That marked the beginning of a nine-month fling — which has ended with him ignoring and avoiding her, the 48-year-old told The Sunday Mirror.

Gareth, 45, had separated from his wife Catherine and throughout this time took Donna to Anthony Joshua fights, the BATFAs and holidays abroad, she says.

In April The Sun revealed how Gareth and Catherine were living in separate houses and were no longer Facebook friends after the curse of the lottery struck again.

He is now in a three-bedroom cottage 1.5 miles from the family home where Catherine still lives with their two teenage boys.


Donna told the Sunday Mirror that Gareth tried to keep their fling secret amid fears Catherine might try to “use it against” him.

She said: “He was starting to worry about people knowing he was having an affair. That he might somehow lose money.

“But I told him: ‘Well, I’m not an affair’. He was worried it was going to cost him.”

In December they watched Anthony Joshua KO Eric Molina in Manchester, where they met Ricky Hatton and Gareth bought her a $A16,762 signed boxing glove for her bar.

But cameras at the event happened to zoom in on the pair celebrating — and Catherine, watching at home, discovered their fling.

In February Gareth took her to the BAFTAs for her birthday, and they also spent a romantic week together in Tenerife.

Now she claims he’s stopped returning her calls and is ignoring messages.

“I’m so upset with him. We had a special relationship. He told me he loved me, and he ought to respect that and not brush me under the carpet.”

Gareth and his wife Catherine joked they were the most “boring multi-millionaires” when they won the Euromillions in 2012.

She said she wanted a new carpet for the six-bedroom home he had just built and have her hair done twice a year.

But he splashed out on a huge hospitality box at Old Trafford and another at Wembley.

They also bought a holiday villa in Tenerife.

She gave up her job and he wound down his building company.

Well guys, do we have any advice to give Gareth? I’ll start the ball rolling: Gareth, go have yourself checked for STDs, pal.”



Colored Chiropractor Offs White Girlfriend and Self

A respectable, edjumacated Negro stalked a white woman for months, terrorizing her, and then murdered her. When the police were closing in on him, he killed himself.

Two elementary-school-age boys were left behind by the white victim.

I’m sure that somewhere along the way that someone warned Renee Sue O’Neal to avoid the groid, but these independent modern women think they can ride and tame the tiger. As is often the case, she was wrong.


Renee Sue O’Neal, the Lincoln woman found shot to death Wednesday morning in her garage, had filed a restraining order against the man now suspected of killing her, Lincoln police Chief Doug Lee said Thursday.

Jerrod Devery Hill, 31, of El Dorado Hills, also pleaded no contest in April to a felony stalking charge filed against him in January, Sacramento Superior Court records show.

Hill apparently shot himself to death as officers pursued him Wednesday on Interstate 80 near Truckee, police said. Hill was found in his car after officers used spike strips to try to stop him from fleeing.

Hill and O’Neal, 35, were identified Thursday by coroner’s offices in Nevada and Placer counties.

Lee said O’Neal was found in a vehicle in the garage of a home in the 2400 block of Lincoln Airpark Drive after a witness called to report hearing possible gunshots and seeing a man fleeing from the home about 8:20 a.m. Wednesday. The man left in what was described to police as a white Hyundai.

Public records show O’Neal lived in the home where her body was found.

Months before the shooting, Sacramento Superior Court records show four felony charges were filed against Hill in Sacramento. Two of those charges were for alleged burglary, one for stalking and the last for petty theft. A no contest plea for the felony stalking charge was entered in April. Court documents indicate a hearing to dismiss the other charges in the case was held early Thursday.

Lee said the witness who made the call Wednesday morning told police he recognized the man who fled the home as Hill. O’Neal had a restraining order against Hill, but Lee said he did not know when or where it was granted, and whether it stemmed from a previous romantic relationship or friendship between the two.

The criminal complaint filed in the Sacramento County court case alleges Hill entered a residence, where someone referred to as Renee Doe and another woman lived, with the intent of stealing belongings on July 19 and July 20 of last year, and again on Oct. 3.

The files also say Hill repeatedly harassed Renee Doe during that time, making credible threats that would cause her to have a reasonable fear for her safety and the safety of her family.

Hill was listed as a licensed chiropractor on the state Board of Chiropractic Examiners website. Court documents for the felony stalking case include a move by prosecutors to bar Hill from using his chiropractic license, saying, “A licensed chiropractor holds a position of trust with his employer and consumers. Here, Defendant has shown, by his act of burglary, stalking, and theft against his previous girlfriend, that continuing to allow him access to patients in this position of trust is contrary to the best interests of the public.”

Rachell Walker, a neighbor living in the newly developed neighborhood near the city’s airport, said O’Neal moved to the area a few months before the shooting and was a mother to two elementary-aged twin boys.

“She just seemed friendly,” Walker said. “I think everybody’s kind of shocked.”

A Facebook page under O’Neal’s name, posted hours after the shooting, was described as “a grassroots campaign to change privacy laws for victims of Domestic Violence in honor of Renee O’Neal and the countless women who were killed before her.”

Efforts to reach O’Neal’s family and friends were not successful Thursday. A message from the Facebook page published under O’Neal’s name declined an interview request from a Sacramento Bee reporter Thursday.

“Her family has requested privacy and for us not to speak to the press at this time,” the message said. “As you can see we are all trying to make sense out (of) the impossible.”

The Board of Chiropractic Examiners’ website listed Hill as working at Back to Health Chiropractic, Simms Family Care, in El Dorado Hills. The chiropractic facility did not immediately return a call for information Thursday, though a cached version of the chiropractic office’s website says Hill studied at the Southern California University of Health Sciences. Hill graduated in April 2012 and was his class’s valedictorian. He went on to earn a master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, according to the website.

Hill’s chiropractic license expired at the end of March and a disciplinary action dated April 3 was listed under his name, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners’ website showed. Documents filed under the disciplinary action portion of Hill’s profile linked to the Sacramento Superior Court case files submitted to bar the 31-year-old from using his license.


From the youtube information box:

Published on Feb 17, 2016

Please watch the entire video, you may miss the gist if you don’t. ***The title is controversial only if you don’t watch the whole of the video.

Relevant comment:

I’m incredibly suspicious of this channel. It comes out of nowhere with first-rate production qualities, illustrating the problem well, but then ending with a defeatist narrative. This feels a lot like controlled-opposition. The enemy wants you to give up the fight, they want you to believe you can’t win. The truth however, is that woman are much more pliable than men and vote much less than men do also. We can still win this. With the right organization and effort we can make serious electoral gains and claw our nations back. Don’t let anyone tell you that we can’t.

There are over 1,800 expressions of opinion at youtube on this video, which has 47,529 views as of this writing.

Follow a discussion of the controversy about women’s role in our decline at GLP. (If you encounter the GLP contract page, just click “Let me in.”)

Hindu Rapist-Murderer Blames Woman for Her Death

Mukesh Singh was speaking from prison where he awaits execution

White woman, listen to me!

The Jewish cultural Marxist feminist theory tells you the white man is your oppressor.

You want oppression? Move to any nonwhite country and you’ve got it.

You know you’re not oppressed by the white man, but the seeds of hatred toward white men have been planted in many of you and you don’t even know it.

So, you mate with the nonwhite man.

Which reminds me of one Katherine P., who worked at the university as a secretary and married a Hindu professor. She was a beautiful fair-skinned, auburn-haired beauty. He made her keep the marriage secret. He had married beneath himself you see.

No one can understand you, white woman, like your good white man.

Reject feminism. Reject diversity. Embrace your good white man.


One of the Delhi bus rapists has said his dead victim was to blame for the rape because ‘decent girls don’t roam around at 9pm’.

Mukesh Singh claims he was driving the bus when a 23-year-old physiotherapy student was violated with metal bars as she travelled home from the cinema with a male friend.

She suffered horrific internal injuries and died two weeks after the attack that shook India and sparked a wave of protests.

But Singh has shocked people by saying ‘girls are far more responsible for rape’ during an interview with the BBC as he awaits execution.

He said: ‘A decent girl won’t roam around at nine o’clock at night. A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy. Boys and girls are not equal.

‘Housework and housekeeping is for girls, not roaming in discos and bars at night doing wrong things, wearing wrong clothes.

‘About 20 per cent of girls are good.’

He added: ‘When raped, she shouldn’t fight back.

‘She should just be silent and allow the rape. Then they’d have dropped her off after doing her and only hit the boy.’

Singh claims he did not take part in the attack but has been convicted of gang rape along with five others.

Hindu women protest rape.
hindu women protest rape

Mudshark Mom Tortures Children Eight Years, Black Stepdad Does Nothing, Both in Orange Jumpsuits

Jamie Hicks--mudshark mom tortured and starved children while black husband did nothing

Jamie Hicks–mudshark mom tortured and starved children while black husband did nothing

Vernon Lovell--married to mudshark mom; did nothing for eight years as children were tortured and starved

Vernon Lovell–married to mudshark mom; did nothing for eight years as children were tortured and starved

A mother starved, beat and tortured her two-16-year-old children for more than eight years, police have said.

Jamie Marie Hicks, 43, allegedly inflicted cruelty on the two children at her home in North Tampa, Florida while their stepfather, 53-year-old Vernon Courtney Lovell, looked on and did nothing.

She hit them with various objects, choked them to the point of unconsciousness and held their heads under water, according to a police report reported in the Tampa Bay Times.

She also withheld food from them for up to three days at a time, they told police, and on other occasions, she fed them spoiled food or made them regurgitate food and then eat it again.

Despite the bullshit proclaimed by the Jewish Illuminati controlled mainstream media in the USA that Americans just love to see White women paired off with black men, the truth is the opposite.

Most Americans know that lowlife scumbags like Jamie Hicks are the kind of White female that pairs off with a black male. Many Americans view such matches at about the same level as a woman f*cking a horse–bestiality. It’s not politically correct of me to point this out, but we’re about sabotaging the lies with truth here on this website.

Thus, when a mudshark mom is arrested for torturing her own children, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. A woman who would lie down with a black male is violating an ancient, natural taboo. And, of course, such a woman is capable of anything, including child torture.

Old black stepdad is getting his ass kicked by the legal system too. He’s under arrest, just like his mate.

Although no mention is made of the children in this case, it’s safe to assume that they are better off in foster care, where they will presumably be treated decently.

Hopefully, mudshark mom never sees them again.

Read the whole disgusting story of mudshark mom here.

Google “white woman” and Look at the Shocking Illuminati Propaganda You’ll See

The Illuminati New World Order (NWO) hates the white race especially. Blacks and other races are hated too, but viewed as easier to control and enslave, so those races are not so much the target of NWO propaganda. White racial identity must be destroyed, which is done through a variety of means, such as denigrating white history and racial pride.

How best to get rid of the white race so that one world government can be installed? Miscegenate it out of existence.

I did a Google search using the term “white woman.” The images that came up include the following crude, obvious attempts at brainwashing weak-minded white women who might view them. Scroll down through the vile pictures and read a final word of comment.

nignog14 black-man-white-woman-21

nignog15 Black-Man-White-Woman

nignog13 black-man-and-white-woman-ise-this-one

nignog12 white-woman-black-man

nignog10 black-man-and-white-woman

nignog6 7A0fLg7

nignog5 Black-and-white-couple-on-vacation-6107NSR0694


nignog3 black-man-white-woman-7283999

nignog2 white-woman-black-man-10385497


Two thoughts need to be added. First, I saw no pictures of Hindu men or Mexican men with white women. The black male is the Illuminati’s obvious choice to destroy the gene lines that took thousands of years to create. Mexican men really should demand that they too be shown pairing off with white women. I’m sure their Illuminati masters will cave.

Second, the real face of a white woman who pairs off with a black man is not the shallow, glitzy propaganda that the mainstream media feeds white women. To see the real face, see the picture below:

"Stop beating me, you goddam n*****"

“Stop beating me, you goddam n*****”