Neo-Nazi on Trial for Mudshark’s Murder Pleads Not Guilty


Yes, interracial couples are disgusting to see, but blasting away at them isn’t helping our cause and it can get you put on trial for murder.

Travis Ricci is facing the death penalty.

New York Daily News

PHOENIX — An interracial couple was walking near a Phoenix park when authorities say a shirtless neo-Nazi began angrily yelling a racial slur and harassing the black man in the couple over dating a white woman.

There’s a lack of clarity in this case, but I believe that the story came from the black boyfriend. The wheelman, already in prison, may also be testifying against the defendant. The story doesn’t say for sure what the evidence against him is.

There’s one giant HOLE in the state’s case, however. Read on to see what you think.

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Negress Sentenced for Running Over White Sugar Daddy When the Money Stopped


Race mixing rarely has a good outcome.

Read on to see why I believe the victim of Junmakia’s angry outburst is a white man.

New York Daily News

A Georgia woman convicted for running over her “sugar daddy” after he wanted to stop spending money on her was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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Patriotic Mudshark Killer O. J. Simpson Goes After Communist Traitor Colin Kaepernick, Praises Trump

Colin Kapernick better hope there are no knives around if he ever meets American patriot O. J. Simpson.

Simpson, famous for his football feats and his celebrity, is an American hero.

In one night he rid the world of a disgusting mudshark and a Jew.

That’s a pretty damn impressive night of work.

What is he? A secret member of the KKK???!!!

Those are the assassinations we know about. Who knows how many other race traitors, Jews, and Communists O. J. might have sent to their graves. He’s a true patriot, I’m tellin’ ya.

Simpson is now criticizing NFL kneelers, most specifically the very Jewy looking Colin Kaepernick It probably means that O. J. is looking to execute the traitor who disrespects the flag and the National Anthem.

If O. J. buys some new gloves and a knife, I’m afraid Kap’s days are numbered. Coal burning race mixing women also ought to be concerned.

Make sure you buy them one size too small, O. J.: If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.


O.J. Simpson is sharing his thoughts on some of the nation’s most controversial figures.

In a rare interview after his release from prison in October, Simpson spoke to The Buffalo News, the hometown paper of the NFL team he once played for.

Simpson addressed several topics in the story published Friday, including his opinion on football player Colin Kaepernick and on his onetime buddy and now president, Donald Trump.

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Pretty Race Mixing Student Dead at the Hands of Jealous Mestizo Hook Up Who’s Fled the U.S.


Haley Anderson must have cut class when her history professor explained the cruel, bloody history of the Aztecs.

She was probably too busy screwing around to spend any time on Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance learning about racial differences in culture and temperament.

She won’t get a second chance.

Excerpt from the New York Post

The Binghamton University student found murdered Friday was mired in a love triangle with her jealous alleged killer, according to the dead woman’s roommate, who told The Post she discovered her pal’s decomposing body in the man’s bed on Friday.

Roommate Josephine Artin found the corpse of Haley Anderson, 22, carefully arranged in the bed of accused killer Orlando Tercero, 22, who had been obsessed with Anderson after she spurned him for on-again, off-again boyfriend Kevin Ocampo, Artin said.

After he’s spermed you, you can’t spurn him. That’s the Mestizo way.

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Based Florida Teacher Tells White Kids Not to Date “Niggers”


David Swinyar has received a 10 day suspension for saying what any white teacher in the South would have advised about interracial dating when I was in school. You have to believe he would have been fired except for teacher’s union protections.

The old slogan, “Loose lips sink ships” comes to mind. Only today, loose lips sink careers.


A Florida teacher has been suspended after his school district concluded he repeatedly used the N-word in class, and told his 7th and 8th graders not to date African-Americans “because they are not worth it,” among other violations.

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Crazy Negro Quincy Jones Claims He Dated Ivanka Trump 12 Years Ago

An elderly black celebrity claims that Ivanka Trump is a mudshark with a taste for old black meat.

Photos, or it didn’t happen.

New York Daily News

Ivanka Trump wanted to have dinner with Quincy Jones and the pair wound up dating, the legendary music producer claims in a new interview.

The supposed relationship happened 12 years ago when the “Thriller” producer was in his mid-70s and Trump in her mid-20s.

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Race-Mixing Young Texas White Guy Allegedly Murdered for Wallet by Latina New Year’s Date

A dumb ass white teen with a case of beaner fever probably thought his New Year’s date with Yvonne Raquel Ramirez, age 19 and naturally a single mother like all Latinas her age, was going to end with some wild and woolly jalapeno sex.

Instead, Josh McKinney ended up dead.

The story is confusing because the shooter’s story doesn’t add up, according to police.


A Texas woman is charged with murder after she allegedly shot her New Year’s date, then snatched his wallet as he lay dying.

Yvonne Raquel Ramirez, 19, of Baytown had recently met Josh McKinney and hatched a plot to rob him of his guns, prosecutors say.


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