United Nations officials charged with accepting massive bribes from China businessmen

John-Ashe-united-nations ambassador

The United Nations is corrupt. There’s big money in its operation. It’s the perfect place for a greedy man or woman to find a job.

Excerpt from the Telegraph

A former president of the United Nations General Assembly and several other officials were charged on Tuesday with accepting more than a million dollars in bribes from Chinese businesspeople including a billionaire property mogul.

John Ashe, a former UN ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda who presided over the General Assembly from 2013 to 2014, was arrested at his home in Dobbs Ferry, New York State. He was accused by US prosecutors of turning the world body into a “platform for profit” by taking bribes in exchange for paving the way for lucrative investments.

In one case, Mr Ashe allegedly accepted more than $500,000 from Ng Lap Seng, 68, a property developer, who was seeking a contract to build a UN-sponsored conference centre in Macau. In exchange, prosecutors said, Mr Ashe recommended to the secretary general that the multi-billion dollar proposal go ahead.

In total, Mr Ashe is said to have accepted $1.3 million in bribes from various Chinese businessmen, which he used to line his own pockets and to curry favour from the then prime minister of Antigua.

Although I don’t have a link to share, some months back I read a story quoting a high Chinese government official stating that the Chinese people were so horribly dishonest and corrupt that they were almost impossible to govern. There are certainly enough stories out of China to believe her.

White countries are by far the most honest. The white race evolved to generate a high level of honesty. Liars expelled from our ancient clans were not likely to survive the brutal winters. European Christianity also promotes honesty.

As the U.S. and Europe are flooded with blacks and browns, honesty is likely to become one of our lost values, just as chastity has been lost, as well as a great deal of trust in each other and our institutions.

Live Tweets: Putin Spends HOURS at Annual Question and Answer Session–Very Humorous Man

This picture of Russian president Vladimir Putin is from his April 17, 2014 question and answer session.

This picture of Russian president Vladimir Putin is from his April 17, 2014 question and answer session.

The tweets below were made off-the-cuff by Guardian reporter Shaun Walker. They reveal a highly intelligent, reasonable world leader who can run rings around US president Barack Obama.

Putin has a bad cough today, but carries on his clever, but responsive answers to questions from reporters and real Russians. The questioning must have gone on at least four or five hours.

Will the West ever produce as great a leader as this man? Not that he’s perfect, but his desire to turn Russians back to Christianity and his rejection of Western gay and feminist political correctness are enough to make him the greatest.

No wonder the West seeks to destroy him, his economy, and his people. Look for the Western press to twist and distort this event when the stories are written and published in a few hours from the time of this post.

China Puts Obama with the Wives

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There was China’s president, Xi Jinping, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin to his right, next to Philippine president Aquino and the uberwealthy Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah.

And then there is Barack Obama, right in the middle of the “wives club”…

Hat tip: Dawid v E

Source: Ozzie Saffa

Disgrace Obama should have been put in the faggots gallery!

Possible Damaged RUSSIAN SUBMARINE Detected in SWEDISH Waters

A distress signal in Russian preceded the submarine alarm in the archipelago of Stockholm. When the military search operation started radio communication between a transmitter in the archipelago and a transmitter in Kaliningrad was detected. This indicates that there could be a damaged russian submarine in Swedish waters.

The Swedes are sending out their navy to search for a possible Russian submarine in trouble in Swedish territorial waters.

The Swedes are sending out their navy to search for a possible Russian submarine in trouble in Swedish territorial waters.

This story is breaking news as I write these words. If a confirmed Russian sub is found in Swedish waters, there will be the usual outrage of indignation from the West, directed toward Vladimir Putin, a man with a jealousy-inducing approval rate of around 80 percent among his people.

The reality is that American subs are prowling Russian waters just as the Russians are prowling American waters. Just don’t get caught doing it and everybody ignores it.

If Russian sailors are trapped in an inoperative submarine I would hope the West takes the humanitarian approach and tries to rescue them. Ditto if American submariners were to be trapped in Russian waters.


Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet can now reveal new sensational information about what happened before and during the ongoing military operation in the archipelago of Stockholm, where the military – in their own words – are searching for “suspected foreign activity under water”.

In the official version the operation started due to the reports from a “credible source” that had seen a suspicious object on friday.

But what has not been revealed is that the National Defence Radio Establishment (“Försvarets radioanstalt”, FRA) detected radio communication in Russian a day before the operation started. It was transmitted on a special frequence, used by Russia in emergency situations.

About 14 hours later, Friday the 17th october around noon, the underwater vehicle was detected and the search operation begun.

Friday night signal intelligence once again intercepted radio communication. This time it was encrypted but it was possible to determine the position of the transmitter and the reciever. The transmitter was situated somewhere in Kanholmsfjärden in the archipelago of Stockholm, and the reviever was situated in Kaliningrad, Russia.

This information has been confirmed by several persons with knowledge about the ongoing search operation, altough they can’t confirm that there is a damaged submarine in Swedish waters.

– We are now focusing on determining if there is ongoing foreign underwater activity or not, one of the sources tells Svenska Dagladet.

Putin Still on Top of His Game: Russia Won’t Pay for French Mistral Warships Until Second Delivered

France's Mistral class assault ship the Dixmund in the French port of Toulon.

France’s Mistral class assault ship the Dixmund in the French port of Toulon.

Dumbass Obama and his bullying neocons at the State Department apparently thought that Russia would roll over and play dead when the US imposed economic sanctions on Russia, based on phoney, bullsh*t accusations.

Putin may go down, but he’s never out. The cunning Cossack can outsmart a golf-obsessed, cocaine addled, sodomite, illegal POTUS any day.

Moscow will not deliver the final payment for two French-built Mistral-class warships until the second vessel is delivered to the Russian navy, the head of Russia’s state arms import and export agency told ITAR-Tass.

“The final payment on the contract will be made in November 2015, after the delivery of the second ship,” Rosoboronexport head Anatoly Isaikin said in an interview with ITAR-Tass published Tuesday.

French President Francois Hollande said in July that the decision on whether to deliver the second Mistral would “depend on Russia’s attitude,” alluding to Moscow’s widely censured policy in eastern Ukraine, Reuters reported.

Washington and several of its NATO allies continue to pressure France into canceling its delivery of the first of two Mistral-class warships later this year, which the alliance fears would further enable Russian aggression, but Paris is wary of reneging on the high-profile 1.2 billion euro ($1.6 billion) contract.

Russia has repeatedly insisted that France honor its commitments while downplaying speculation that Paris is warming up to the idea of canceling delivery of the second Mistral.

Source: The Moscow Times

The Bear Strikes Back: Russia Bans Polish Fruit and Vegetables in Apparent Retaliation for Sanctions

putin riding a bear

Never count Putin out!

(Reuters) – Russia announced a ban on most fruit and vegetable imports from Poland on Wednesday and said it may extend the restrictions to the rest of the European Union, its first apparent retaliation to new Western sanctions imposed over Ukraine a day earlier.

Moscow, which buys more than 2 billion euros worth of EU fruit and vegetables a year making it by far the biggest export market for the products, said the ban was for sanitary reasons.

Polish fruit growers said the ban was political, although Russia denied this. Moscow has frequently been accused in the past of using sanitary inspections to restrict trade from countries with which it has political disputes. The EU said it was studying the announcement, describing it as a surprise.

Read more at Reuters.

War Drums, Part 3: David Stockman’s “On Dominoes, WMDs And Putin’s ‘Aggression’: Imperial Washington Is Intoxicated By Another Big Lie

ob v putin

Imperial Washington is truly running amuck in its insensible confrontation with Vladimir Putin. The pending round of new sanctions is a counter-productive joke. Apparently, more of Vlad’s posse will be put on double probation, thereby reducing demand for Harry Macklowe’s swell new $60 million apartment units on Park Avenue. Likewise, American exporters of high tech oilfield equipment will be shot in the foot with an embargo; and debt-saturated Russian state companies will be denied the opportunity to bury themselves even deeper in dollar debt by borrowing on the New York bond market. Some real wet noodles, these!

But it is the larger narrative that is so blatantly offensive—that is, the notion that a sovereign state is being wantonly violated by an aggressive neighbor arming “terrorists” inside its borders. Obama’s deputy national security advisor, Tony Blanken, stated that specious meme in stark form yesterday:

“Russia bears responsibility for everything that’s going on in Eastern Ukraine” and “has the ability to actually de-escalate this crisis,” Blinken said.

Puleese! The Kiev government is a dysfunctional, bankrupt usurper that is deploying western taxpayer money to wage a vicious war on several million Russian-speaking citizens in the Donbas—-the traditional center of greater Russia’s coal, steel and industrial infrastructure. It is geographically part of present day Ukraine by historical happenstance. For better or worse, it was Stalin who financed its forced draft industrialization during the 1930s; populated it with Russian speakers to insure political reliability; and expelled the Nazi occupiers at immeasurable cost in blood and treasure during WWII. Indeed, the Donbas and Russia have been Saimese twins economically and politically not merely for decades, but centuries.

On the other hand, Kiev’s marauding army and militias would come to an instant halt without access to the $35 billion of promised aid from the IMF, EU and US treasury. Obama just needs to say “stop”. That’s it. The civil war would quickly end, permitting the US, Russia and the warring parties of the Ukraine to hold a peace conference and work out the details of a separation agreement.

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