South Dakota lawmaker: Let businesses ‘turn away people of color,’ later apologizes


White people are thinking in terms of segregation after a failed social engineering experiment of forced integration in America. Blacks are thinking of it too, demanding their “safe spaces” away from whites while following whites to the ends of the earth.

Naturally, the (((powers that be))) will see to it that you’re swatted down if you utter the words you’ve been thinking about.

Is a man really free if he must accept all customers who come knocking on the door of his business? There is no plausible argument for “civil rights” as currently defined in American law, if freedom is your highest value.

Argus Leader

A South Dakota lawmaker on Monday said businesses should be able to turn away customers based on race.

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White Man Accused of Trying to Hire “White Supremacist” Hit Man to Kill Negro Neighbor


You contact a white supremacist group (unnamed in the story) and the person you speak to is an FBI undercover agent who has you arrested.

Who would have thunk it!!!???

This story illustrates several points. First, what happened:


A South Carolina man is accused of trying to hire a hit man through a white supremacist group to kill his black neighbor.

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Black Ex-NFL Player Violently Arrested by Police After Mistaking Cell Phone for Gun, Officer Put on Desk Duty

You can watch the arrest of Desmond Marrow above or within the story in his Facebook post.

The headlines published by the mainstream press about Desmond’s arrest leave out a significant fact, which you can read below.

For now, his arrest is being pushed to the public as a case of police brutality, aimed by racist white cops at a poor defenseless Negro armed only with a cell phone.

However, there’s more to the story than that.


A former college football player was slammed to the ground and choked until he said he was unconscious during an arrest by Henry County police officers in a shopping center parking lot, cellphone video of the attack shows.

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Parents of 7 Year-Old White Girl Remove Her from School Because She Played a Racist Character in an Anti-Racist School Play Populated with Blacks Only


There’s been so much news today, it’s proven hard to get to all of it. Maybe tomorrow we can talk about Trump’s sanctions on Russia, his blaming Russia for the spy poisoning, and Stormy Daniels continued attention seeking.

For today’s final post, let’s look at the seven year old white girl whose parents are hard to figure out.

Before going into the story of the seven year old and the school play, let’s ponder the question of what seven year olds are doing in a classroom performing in a play about the evils of segregationists.

Children that young have no ability to conceptualize the issues involved in racial issues except in a very shallow way.

The play itself is child abuse perpetrated by a black teacher.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A seven-year-old girl’s parents have pulled their daughter out of her Georgia elementary school after they watched her play a racist character in a student play.

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Billy Graham, evangelist pastor, New World Order stooge, and counselor to presidents, dead at age 99

A celebrity wolf in sheep’s clothing has died.

The Reverend Billy Graham passed on to his heavenly reward this morning at his home in North Carolina.

Graham was an ardent integrationist. No one can deny that.

He sold the pipe dream of racial unity to southern Christian white people who otherwise would have more fiercely opposed the so-called civil rights agenda. In short, he divided the white race, which was this New World Order stooge’s mission.

NBC News

Billy Graham, the charismatic North Carolina pastor who took his evangelizing crusades around the country and the globe, died on Wednesday morning, according to officials of his organization. He was 99.

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Toyota’s Blatant Superbowl Propaganda (Video)

One minute. Indoctrination writ large.

This is what you get with a Jewish ad agency creating your ad.

Mystery Meat Woman NCO in Uniform Calls Out N*ggers in the Military in Viral Video

This isn’t going to go well for the woman in the short video, but the truth is that blacks bring their entitled mentality along with their incompetence into the American military.

Neither blacks nor women should be allowed in the military, except possibly as was the case during World War II when they had their own branches of the services.