Microsoft’s Turd World CEO Responds to Employee Demands to Terminate ICE Contract by Blasting Trump


100 Microsoft employees signed an open letter demanding that the company terminate doing business with ICE.

The company’s Indian-born CEO responded. Full text:

Business Insider


Like many of you, I am appalled at the abhorrent policy of separating immigrant children from their families at the southern border of the U.S. As both a parent and an immigrant, this issue touches me personally.

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Muslim Slaughters 10 Year Old Daughter as Offering to Allah During Ramadan

The ugly subhuman pictured above did his duty to the “religion of peace.”

This POS could be the poster boy for turning back Muslim immigration in the West to ZERO.

Daily Mail

A father has admitted cutting his four-year-old daughter’s throat as a sacrificial offering to God during Ramadan, Indian media have reported.

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Britain: Nonwhite Doctor Who DECAPITATED BABY Allowed to Return to Work


That doctor that you may have read about because she decapitated a baby during delivery qualified to become a doctor in India.

She’s now practicing her craft in Britain. National Health Service authorities have cleared her to go back to work following an incident in which she pulled a baby’s body off its head, presumably to kill more babies.

The Asian Parent

Grisly news about a decapitated baby recently made the rounds across social media. According to the report, a breech baby was decapitated when the child was delivered through a normal delivery.

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Euro Woman Went to India to Feel Better, Ends up Drugged, Raped, Beheaded, Hung Upside Down in Forest


Women who travel to third world countries should not expect that the same level of safety and decency applies there as in the West.

Liga’s stated reason for traveling thousands of miles to India was to be treated for her depression. She had to be a bit of a nutjob to think that the Hindu holy men could treat her successfully.

Rather than find help, she found two turban tops who deserve the death penalty for their crimes.

Daily Mail

A woman who travelled to India to treat her depression was drugged, raped and beheaded before her body was found hung upside down in a forest.

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Mystery Meat High School Water Polo Coach Charged with Molesting Seven Girls


A slimy looking overweight dark-skinned creep is facing 13 years in prison and 10 years in the county jail after the girls on his water polo team reported him to police.

The press never identifies the genetic origins of these swarthy perps who love to mess with underage white girls, but I believe this one is a Pajeet (an Asian Indian). However, he could be a Muslim from that same neck of the woods.

It’s beyond ridiculous that white parents would let their early teen daughters go to private pool lessons with anyone looking this creepy. However, one of the press reports I saw said that parents highly recommended him to the school where he was coaching. They need lessons in race realism.

Daily Mail

A water polo coach who worked at several southern California high schools and ran his own water polo club has been charged with molesting seven girls.

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Jews Demand Ban on Desi Children’s Book That Names Hitler as Inspirational Leader

Apparently, the Punjabis love Hitler.

Why not? He loved their swastika.

A children’s book that names AH as a great leader has come under fire from Jews, who want its sale banned.

New York Times

NEW DELHI — An Indian publisher came under fire this week for including Hitler in a children’s book about world leaders who have “devoted their lives for the betterment of their country and people.”

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Hillary Clinton Suffers FRACTURED WRIST Falling in Bathtub One Day After Stairs Slip

The comments at the Daily Mail are hilariously anti-Hillary–at least the ones I read. Everyone knows she’s a drunken mess.

The bathtub story is just a cover.

Imagine her in the White House, leader of the “free world.”

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Hillary Clinton will bring home a most undesired souvenir from India – a fractured wrist.

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