Two White Female Officers Suspended Over Arrest Based on Coin-Tossing App


The seven minutes of police bodycam footage embedded below is well worth watching.

There’s something dumb about the way the officer speaks to the white female speeder. I can’t quite pin down why it’s dumb other than it sounds like the officer is lecturing a five year old.

In any case, women police officers who do more than issue parking tickets are a huge mistake. Inclusion and diversity say we must have black cops, women cops, and every type of nonwhite cop you can imagine, tossing the best MAN for the job aside, the white male.

Two Georgia police officers have been placed on leave after video showed them using a coin-toss app before determining whether to arrest a woman caught speeding in April, and the police chief said he is “appalled” by the move.

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Wyoming University Slogan about Cowboys Triggers Leftard Feminist Hate Toward White Males

Wyoming has been The Cowboy State for a long time, ever since I was a kid at least.

But Cowboys are white males.

That’s not acceptable to “women and people of color.”

So, we have one of the most ridiculous stories ever posted here.


A marketing campaign adopted by the University of Wyoming in Laramie centered on the slogan: “The world needs more cowboys” has run into trouble as faculty members and Native American groups say it excludes women and people of color.


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White Apartment Manager FIRED After She Demanded Black Boy Not Put His Sock Clad Feet in Pool


Pools are the battleground for Black Lives Matter this long, hot summer.

Blacks are invading pools, they’re breaking into pools (and drowning), and they’re refusing to abide by reasonable requests.

This incident in the War on White People is called the Socks in the Pool Incident.

Again, the outcome is one step closer to African chaos for America and a white woman now unemployed and unlikely to ever be able to find another job.

Let’s call this what it is: soft white genocide.


A Tennessee woman says she and her boyfriend were racially discriminated against while hanging out at her apartment building’s pool on July Fourth, according to KTLA sister station WREG in Memphis.

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Hypocritical Anti-Racist Starbucks Closing Down 150 “urban” Fuxated Stores


Urban = Negros + homeless bathroom users + chaos

Urban = Closed.

Lots of blacks and homeless people are going to be losing their free public bathrooms as the hypocrites who operate Starbucks have decided in one short month that being nice anti-racists doesn’t pay.

If memory serves me correctly, it was May 29 that 8,000 Starbucks locations closed for the better part of a day so that employees could be indoctrinated into liberal anti-racism.

Excerpt from Bloomberg

The coffee behemoth is retrenching in its home market as it contends with sales growth that Chief Executive Officer Kevin Johnson acknowledges isn’t fast enough.

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Key Figure in UFO Sightings Group MUFON Sparks Division Over “Racist” Remarks

First, this bit of race realism started the virtue signaling by other MUFON members.

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Harvard Hospital Taking Down Portraits of White Men


The soft genocide of the white race marches on in a hospital in Massachusetts.

Dr. Betsy Nabel, who has a Jewish look to me, is leading the charge to remove portraits of American medical pioneers because they’re all white males and that offends the chocolate and brown medical students of today.

F*ck the students and f*ck Betsy, who’s also served as the chief medical adviser to the NFL.

The medical pioneers whose portraits are being dispersed inspired generations of medical students. Since hatred of the white race, especially males, has replaced the old Caucasian drive for excellence, no student today wants inspiration from a race that the browns can’t even remotely begin to compare with.

Excerpt from Washington Free Beacon

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, is taking down its prominent display of its past medical legends because too many are white men.

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NFL and MLB Marching in NYC Faggot Pride Parade for First Time

Gay Pride = OK.

White Pride = Not OK.

Professional sports is already so nigger fuxated that white fans are turning off to it. If it becomes equally as faggot fuxated, it’s hard to see how a further erosion in fan support wouldn’t be in the offering.

Shoving LGBT degeneracy down the throats of people who aren’t faggots is just giving everyone an excuse to avoid sports.

NBC New York

This year’s New York City Pride March will be a historic one as several sports leagues march in the parade for the first time ever.

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